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Selasa, 03 Juli 2012

[6 jib] Sexy, Free and Single Press Conference

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8 July:

Promotions are well underway for Super Junior and its new album “Sexy, Free & Single“. The group recently held a press conference where they were asked many questions about the future of its career.
One reporter asked the group if there were any foreign artists they would like to collaborate with. Leeteuk responded withAKB48.
Why? Because they have many members in their group and we have ten,” he explained.
I think he has a different purpose,” Sungminjokingly said in response.
Would you like to see two of Asia’s largest groups working together on music?
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Super Junior recently made their comeback with 10-members with the return of Kangin, who was released from his military services earlier this year, with their 6th Korean album, “Sexy, Free & Single.”
Following the physical release of the album in stores on July 3rd, Super Junior held a press conference, answering many of the reporters questions including how they felt about the album and more. In addition, Super Junior also finally released the music video for their title track, ”Sexy, Free & Single,” after days of waiting. The video reached over a million views under 24 hours.
SM Entertainment has uploaded the making of video for Super Junior’s title track, as well as a five minute clip of the group’s press conference, held days earlier.

After releasing their comeback music video for “Sexy, Free & Single” earlier this week, Super Junior has now released their behind the scenes “making of” video today.
In the video, we get a completely different view of the set. In between some parts, the members give their thoughts on the MV shooting.
The full music video has already reached nearly 4 millions views coming in from around the world. Earlier today, they made their comeback performance on MBC Music Core. Tomorrow they set to perform on SBS Inkigayo to complete their first weekend of comeback promotions.
Hopefully they will release a dance version or dance practice video soon so more fans can easily learn the dance.
Also released today on SM Entertainment‘s YouTube channel is their press conference for the release of their “Sexy, Free & Single” album. (Unfortunately, it is not subtitled in English.)
Credit: Soompi
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5 July:

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“Sexy, Free & Single” documents the past seven years of Super Junior’s singing career. They are no more simple and no more sorry, but what they have for us this time is the sexiness of ten successful, mature single men; or maybe nine, leaving out Shindong. The boys have moved on from sticking to the funky electronica genre to widening the scope of their music, and ready to repay for the support of fans who have long waited Super Junior as one, with Kangin.
At the outset of kicking off their new activities, the members have opened up about their past and next seven years as Super Junior, at a press conference held in Seoul on July 3.
Super Junior talks past and next 7 years - Donghae, Kangin, Kyuhyun

QWhat’s special about “Sexy, Free & Single” in musical aspect?
Kyuhyun:We’ve worked with some of the most famous composers and choreographers from abroad, so it will satisfy the audience visually as well. We’ve tried to make it modern to meet the expectation of both local and overseas fans.
QDoes it mean that you guys were targeting the global market from the early production stage?
Kyuhyun:The purpose was not targeting the global market per se, but we wanted to show something special that other idol groups don’t have. It was to show Super Junior’s style.
QUsing repetitive lyrics in electronic pop music was highly addictive. But it seems like the album’s genre slightly changed this time.
Kyuhyun: We’ve been walking up the ladder with SJ Funky genre [The term used for Super Junior's style of a musical genre, coined by Super Junior and their fans] from “Sorry, Sorry” to “BONAMANA” to “Mr. Simple.” Partially, we wanted to show something different, and partially, there were worries about keeping the same musical style for new albums. We’re trying to make a different appeal.
QThe group’s career is greater than ever. Do you feel a pressure about trying something new?
Kyuhyun: Well, I don’t feel pressured. Rather than thinking about how many copies of our album we’re going to sell this time or how high we want to rank on music charts, we’re telling each other to savor every moment. So I don’t necessarily have a burden on my shoulders and think it’s going to be fun this year.
QThe album’s title is “Sexy, Free & Single.” Can you point out the sexiest part in the dance moves?
Kyuhyun: I don’t think there’s anything sexy (laugh).
Kangin: The thing is, we’re not dramatically exposing our skin or anything. But you know, a guy can look sexy just with a hairstyle and black suit. That’s what you call sexy, isn’t it? Several years ago, when female singer Ivy released “Sonata of Temptation,” she shot to stardom as a sexy icon without wearing nude outfits. It’s sort of like a male version of that.
QKyuhyun, you’re really on a roll these days on KBS’ variety show “Radio Star.” To look more attractive for the album’s concept, is there anything you’re trying or working on?
Kyuhyun: I’m…I’m not sexy (laugh). I’m thinking of rather making myself look like a sexy dracula for “Sexy, Free & Single” by wearing pale makeup. Something like a foundation color code 19? (laugh)
QKangin, what is it like being back in the group?
Kangin: It has been a long time since I was on the stage and honestly, I feel a bit awkward and worried. What I mean by worrying is that I don’t want to be an obstacle on the team’s career path because they’re doing so well these days. I’m worried that I might make a mistake. To be more honest, I’m happy. I’ve been wanting to get back on the stage and I’m happy.
QWhat was it like watching Super Junior from a far distance?
Kangin: I was at a position where I can look at Super Junior as a third party. Seeing the team prosper, I was truly happy. I was thankful that Super Junior was doing so well and supported them from behind. I’ve also noticed that they have matured so much, in terms of their musical and performance level, and thought Super Junior is not an easy team.
QAny advice to other members who haven’t finished their duties in the army yet?
Kangin: As long as you don’t have a special excuse not to go, every man should serve their duties in the army. I think Super Junior members will do great and become role models for other men. They’ve been living in a group life for such a long time (that adapting to the environment will be not a problem). I have no doubt that they will return as real men.
Kyuhyun: Are you already expecting us to leave? (laugh)
QTill when are you guys going to sing and dance together as Super Junior?
Donghae: I’ve seen other senior idol groups pursuing their singing career for about four and five years and quit. Five years felt really long when I wasn’t in this business but looking back the seven years we have spent together, it seems so short. We jokingly tell each other that we should keep our title as performance-based singers but… (I don’t know how that will turn out). Aside from our singing activities and holding concerts, we’re going to put our utmost effort in different fields such as acting and hosting TV shows.
Super Junior talks past and next 7 years – Siwon, Eunhyuk, Yesung, Shindong

We’re seeing the peaking trend of electronica music here. It seems like Super Junior is trying to make some change from what you guys have been calling, ‘SJ Funky’ [The term used for Super Junior's style of a musical genre, coined by Super Junior and their fans]. How would you define Super Junior’s music?
Eunhyuk: From “Sorry, Sorry” to “Mr. Simple,” we’ve been focusing a lot on the SJ funky music. Those songs pretty much set templates of our musical style so it was a bit worrisome to try something totally different from the past works; probably one of the reasons why we have put more emphasis on the stylistic and technical aspects of performance. Likewise, when you listen to our new title track, you might think ‘hey, it’s pretty much similar to their past songs.’ That’s understandable because our title tune needs to go well with what we pursue on stage. And when you go through all the tracks in “Sexy, Free & Single,” you’ll notice that Super Junior has tried out many different genres this time.
Siwon: Majority of people recognizes us as a dance group. I personally hope we could try more ballads. Since we’re all artistically sensitive, we’re good in expressing our feelings.
What differentiates Super Junior from other K-pop idol groups to keep the strong fandom?
Siwon: We don’t hesitate reaching out to our fans first. Some artists avoid that (direct communication with fans) but we try to get along with our fans freely; talking through social networking services and when we receive funny posts on Twitter, we retweet them too. I guess people are fond of how we are different on and off stage.
Shindong: I think we owe a lot to the modern social trends. It’s now common for people to search videos (of their favorite stars) on YouTube. And whatever Korean show they’re watching, it’s funny that at least one of our members is on the show. For example, Leeteuk is the co-host on SBS “Star King” and I’m on MBC “Show Champion.” This is probably because we’re active in all fields (of the entertainment business). We’re on duty 24/7, 365 days a year. Whether it’s a good stuff we’re doing or bad, I think it helped (receiving attention from the public) that we were open to people whatever we do.
Any burden on your shoulders of meeting fans’ expectation for this album?
Siwon: I have no burden. I’m thinking positive that people will like it if we do our best. It’s more like challenging myself than being weighed down with pressure.
Shindong: What was most burdensome is learning foreign language. I’m learning Chinese and Japanese at the same time and it’s really confusing sometimes. Let’s say I’m being interviewed by a Chinese reporter and without noticing, I say, ‘Hi’ [a Japanese word for 'yes']. And when talking with a Japanese reporter I say ‘Nihao’ [a Chinese greetings meaning 'how do you do?']. But that began to change a little bit because people were starting to learn Korean. So I thought, this is it. People were starting to learn Korean and wherever I go, I sometimes don’t even need translators and people were singing along to our Korean songs. I feel like a member of a national sports team in that regard (promoting Korea and the culture).
How are fans’ reactions different in other countries?
Eunhyuk: We read Twitter messages by using the translation service, and it’s pretty much similar everywhere when judging solely by (the messages people send us on) social networking websites. But every single country is different when we actually go there for concerts. Japanese fans are very calm and they are in order, while European fans are actively expressing their excitement at concerts. Someone tried to kiss me by grabbing my face at Paris concert.
Yesung: She was a true sexy and free single (laugh).
Siwon: In the past, French musicians were flying to Seoul to perform and they had received so much love from Korean fans. And it’s overwhelming that now we’re going to France and French people are giving us so much attention and love. When we had just arrived at the airport, it didn’t feel real (that we were going to stage a show there). But once we were up on the stage, gosh. It’s an indescribable feeling. You get goose bumps and the moment we appear on the stage lifts right after the opening, I feel electrifying excitement. It’s the best. So you were electrified (laugh).
Shindong: Yes. Very.

In which country do you receive the strongest fan reaction from?
Shindong: We’re too humble to say…It’s the earth (laugh).
Siwon: (The nationality of fans is meaningless now because) People come to Korea now to see us. We’ve gone through a number of problems since releasing “Sorry, Sorry” and since then, we’ve noticed our fans gathering in Seoul, like a safe house, as a cohesive unit. Just because we’re promoting our album in Korea, it doesn’t mean that it’s only for Korean fans. Wherever we go, whether it’s KBS’ “Music Bank” or other music programs, we see overseas fans supporting us.
Shindong: We’re more known as singers in other countries, whereas in Korea, we’re more recognized as TV personalities that are active in various areas. We’ve been doing radio DJs and TV show emcees too, which are probably difficult for us to do so abroad.
Siwon: We just came back from Taiwan and someone had complimented us there that there’s no Taiwanese singer who is as funny as Super Junior. I guess what we show on TV has helped us to be perceived as humorous and entertaining artists abroad.
Super Junior talks past and next 7 years – Ryeowook, Sungmin, Lee Teuk

You’ve been receiving the outpouring love of Taiwanese fans. Why do you think Taiwanese people are attracted to Super Junior?
Leeteuk: I think it was because we were living in Taiwan for a short period during our promotional period there.
Ryeowook: We were in Taiwan for three to four months last year. People have told us that we’re familiar though we’re Koreans. Learning language was another merit and our songs are easy to sing along. I guess these elements mixed well and worked for us (to earn popularity). And people were watching our concerts and Korean variety shows on YouTube. So that also helped us to gain the honor of 100 straight week win.
What are the biggest worries you have these days?
Sungmin: I guess it varies from person to person. For me, I worry a lot about my future. As the members all have their own worries, we chat (to get rid of stress). The uncertainty of the future; what I should do from now on; what I’m really good at; how people see me and so on. I have many concerns about my life and I haven’t found the answers to them. I’m good at a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but nothing particular.
Ryeowook: I made my debut when I was 19 and now me and my friends are either 26 or 27. We’re at the point of our lives when we start to become part of the society. Me and other members debuted around 19 and 20, and I feel we’ve kept that mindset we had at the beginning of our career. As celebrities, we’ve gained success, fame and wealth, but at some point, I began to question myself whether I’m a mature human being. The members all have helped me when I was tormented by the thoughts.
Sungming: Because our age is all a year apart from each other, we share common grounds. When someone talks about problems he’s going through, the other members are like, ‘I had that last year!’ We’re walking up the road together.
Leeteuk: The biggest worry for me these days is…waking up early in the morning (laugh). (Back to the story,) I think we were able to work hard because we all had the uncertainty about the future. Working hard in our 20s will pay off in our 30s. I was blue and depressed at the early days of our debut but later I thought everything in my mind. Overcoming that stage has made my personality brighter and even influenced people around me.
Do you have any foreign artists or groups you’d like to collaborate with?
Leeteuk: AKB48 [Japanese girl group] (laugh). Why? Uhm… They have many members in their group and we’re ten.
Sungmin: I think he has a different purpose (laugh).

What’s your key in keeping the team together?
Leeteuk: It’s out teamwork that has made everything possible. I don’t know about other idol groups, but we fought a lot and went through a slew of (good and bad) events together. Those all have allowed us to create stronger bond. If we weren’t desperate and had much (wealth) in our hands, then it wouldn’t have lasted this long. Each member was desperate to succeed (as singers) and we were able to bring out more powerful teamwork when going through difficult times.
Ryeowook: It’s been seven to eight years and we’ve faced a countless number of problems. I was going through a slump last year and Leeteuk helped me. Because we have many members in our team, at least one person is there to help the other.
Leeteuk: We all know how to enjoy the moment. A genius can’t win a desperate one and a desperate one can’t win someone who knows how to savor and appreciate things.
Sungmin: Every member in our group is pure in mind. No one in Super Junior is difficult to get along with.
Source: http://www.kstar10.com (1), (2), (3)
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4 July:

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Super Junior’s Leeteuk recently announced that he will join the Army later his year.

On July 3, Super Junior attended a press conference for their sixth album Sexy, Free & Single at Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul.
When Leeteuk was asked about his plan for joining the Army, he replied, “I’m planning to join the Army later this year.”
He added, “I think joining the Army is the biggest assignment and the longest schedule for me. I’ve worried a lot about joining the Army because there will be lots of things I don’t know about. But I want to enter the Army soon and come back as a member of Super Junior to release our next albums.”
“I hope that we can become a group, which is not limited to the number of members. Each member can do their own businesses freely like a house, which is frequented by many visitors.”
When Leeteuk was asked which member he would choose as group leader after he joins the Army, he made people laugh by saying, “The post will remain vacant. I’m not that good at singing and dancing and the only thing that I’m good at is being a leader. I think I will feel sad if one of the members becomes a powerful leader.”
Super Junior will return to performing on July 5 by appearing on Mnet’s M Countdown.
Source: Xportsnews, en.korea
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Credit: Exentrique1106 @ youtube

Philippines news programs :)

Credit: elfishyminnie @ youtube
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Credit: @iccy20
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Member of Super Junior Kyuhyun attracts the media attention with his witty comments. At 11am today at Imperial Palace the press conference for 6 Jib was held. During the press conference, Kyuhyun was asked with questions like “I heard that in order for you to portray a sexy image in today’s press conference, you prepared something special?” Kyuhyun replied “Frankly speaking I’m not sexy at all hence I emphasise on the image of a strong and handsome youngster.” He continued on to say ” In order to give people a feel of the sexiness of a Dracula, I’m currently considering whether should I wear my makeup even whiter. For the foundation, I would like to put a whiteness of 19.
Kyuhyun participated in last year’s KBS 2TV Immortal Song 2 and was praised greatly for his excellent singing. He says “The image that I want to show people is the image of me being a singer.” “In a group that dances, there is not much place for me to be able to stand out and hence being able to participate in Immortal Song 2, I felt really happy. If I had a chance again, I would want to be on show again.” In his conversation it expresses out his inner feelings.
After 11 months, this time Super Junior comes back with their album which includes their title song “Sexy Free & Single”, the other song that they are singing in their comeback stage “From U and other songs of R&B, dance, soothing genres, totalling to 10 songs in the album Title song ” Sexy Free & Single” not only that it has a modern feel , what attracts people’s attention was that this soulful house genre song plus it’s addictive chorus, its lyrics actually talks about the men that are free and single and sexy., They prepared a very organised dance that is special, a very powerful stage and planned a elegant feeling and performance which will once again rule all the fans around the world.
SJ will make their comeback on M Countdown on the 5th July ^^
Source: Sina, ThsKyu
Translation by: Sherlyn @ OurGyuhyun

At a press conference for Super Junior’s sixth album “Sexy, Free & Single” in Gangnam, southern Seoul, yesterday, Kangin spoke out about his assault scandal from three years ago.
“After I went into hiding, I was so worried that the band would be labeled as the band that Kangin ruined. I wanted the band to rise to prominence as the band that rules Asia,” said the 27-year-old boy band member, who was recently discharged from the Army.
Kangin was involved in a drunken assault incident that saw him become an inactive member of K-pop band Super Junior.
While serving his two years of mandatory military service until April, Kangin said that he’d ask for permission to surf the Web for videos and the latest news on Super Junior.
“I’d cheer the group on, wishing each member all the best, but I never once thought I deserved to be there with them,” said Kangin. His presence in the band would have created negative publicity as it was his fault for “screwing up,” the singer added.
Source: http://entertainment.xin.msn.com
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3 July:

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At the press conference for the release of their 6th album ‘Sexy, Free & Single‘ on July 3rd KST, theSuper Junior members revealed that they’ve decided to take turns enlisting for their mandatory military service.
Shindong stated, “Once, all the members discussed our plans for military enlistment all day. Should we all enlist at once, one at a time, half and half, we considered a lot of options and decided that it’s best to go one at a time in order to maintain Super Junior.”
Yesung“I’m curious about what will happen after Leeteuk hyung goes, but it’s a relief that no matter who leaves for the military, we’ll maintain our team. I think it’s good that the other members can still be active despite one or two enlisting.”
Eunhyuk“I’d like for Super Junior to exist for a long time. No matter what individual members do, they’ll still be part of Super Junior.”
Finally, Leeteuk, who’s enlisting after promotions for ‘Sexy, Free & Single’ are over, commented, “I think [military service] will be my biggest homework assignment and longest ‘schedule’, but it’s not important when I go to the army, it’s important that I go and finish so I can return and be part of the next album. I’ll return and show a splendid side of myself.”
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