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Minggu, 02 Januari 2011

Wonder Girls

14 January:
The Wonder Girls recently volunteered to teach Hangul, or the Korean language, to children of multicultural families in South Korea.

According to a charity PR notice, the Wonder Girls paid a visit to ‘Global Sharing Love‘, an organization that supports multicultural families. While there, the members gave lessons on the Korean language to thirty children by explaining several Korean onomatopoeias.
Though it was for only one day, the children enjoyed the lively atmosphere created by the Wonder Girls’ warmth and enthusiasm.
Commenting on the experience, member Yubin expressed, “Children are our future and our hope. It’s not important where they come from, nor what skin color they have. Living together equally is what’s important.”
The girls decided to choose Hangul as the subject for their one-day course because they realized the importance of the Korean alphabet while performing all over the world. Hyerim expressed, “Korean is a very warm language, it creates a bond with people. It relaxes you.”
Source + Photos: Osen - allkpop

3 January:

The Wonder Girls who are actively promoting their second full-length album ‘Wonder World‘ performed their song “Long, Long Time” for the very first time.
At MBC TV‘s ‘Beautiful Concert‘, lead vocals Sunye and Yenny performed their old school R&B duet track “Long, Long Time”, showcasing their explosive vocal talent.
Fans have been anxious to see them perform this song live, as it is one personally written by producerJ.Y. Park who was more than satisfied with the way his disciples handled the song.
The girls did not disappoint, and the five members continued to steal the hearts of the audience members after putting on their performance of “Girls Girls“.
Check out their performances below!
Source: TVReport via Nate - allkpop

16 November:

After a long absence from the Korean music scene, the Wonder Girls are back to prove themselves as one of the nation’s top girl groups. With the release of their 2nd official album ‘Wonder World’, the girls have been dominating the charts and experiencing much popularity back on their home turf.
In addition to the ‘Wonder World’ autographed album giveaway, the girls decided to reach out to allkpop readers for all the support with a special shoutout, and answered a few questions we had for them. The members opened up about their favorite songs from the new album, the inspiration behind the lyrics, potential solo activities, and their upcoming projects.
So, without further ado, enjoy allkpop’s exclusive interview with the Wonder Girls below!
Source: allkpop

25 October:
The Wonder Girls are famous for their addictive choreography, and fans have been dying to know what the girls have up their sleeves next. It’s been revealed that for their comeback next month, the girls enlisted the help of Beyonce‘s choreographer, Jonte!

Jonte is the choreographer behind Beyonce’s “Freakum Dress” and also performed as a back-up dancer in ”Single Ladies“, and he’s also worked with top stars like Amuro Namie and Lady Gaga. Representatives of JYP Entertainment revealed, “The members are currently receiving lessons from Jonte. With the help of such a world renowned choreographer, we’re sure that their stage will be a highly impressive one.”
Jonte also participated in the ‘2012 S/S/ Seoul Fashion Week‘ on October 18th by opening the fashion show for designer Kang Ki Ok.
Stay tuned for the Wonder Girls’ comeback on November 7th! The girls will be holding their comeback stages the following week.
Source + Photos: Star News via Naver - allkpop

News of the Wonder Girls‘ comeback has been out for months now, but until now there has been no official date.  Today, all that has changed as the girls have finally just confirmed an official comeback date!
Digital music distributors revealed, “The Wonder Girls’ second official album will be available startingNovember 7th.”
The confirmation has music fans wondering how they’ll fare against SNSD, who recently made their comeback with their third album, ‘The Boys‘.  They’ve already begun their performances, which leaves roughly three weeks of room between the two comebacks. Fortunately, it’s enough time to see some friendly competition between the two groups.
The Wonder Girls will only be promoting for a month, however, before they prepare for their Asian promotion tour in December.  The girls will also be returning to the States in time for the release of their movie, ‘The Wonder Girls at the Apollo‘.
Source: MK via Naver - allkpop

Preparations for the Wonder Girls‘ much-anticipated Korean comeback are now well underway, as the girls have just rolled out their first teaser event!

On October 24th, the official teaser site for their comeback was released through wondergirls.jype.com. Upon enterting the site, fans are greeted with the message, “R U Ready?” For fans that have waited nearly a year and a half for their comeback, everyone is more than ready for what the girls will be bringing out.
The JYP Entertainment building has also been wrapped in banners asking the same question, adding anticipation for their comeback.
The teaser event continues on the Wonder Girls’ official Facebook. Until the 31st, 10 fans that visit the Facebook page, like it, and leave a witty reply to the “R U Ready?” question will be chosen to win a digital camera, Wonder Girls polaroids, autographed CDs, and other fun prizes.
Source: allkpop

17 October:
As earlier reported, the Wonder Girls are returning to Korea for the quintet’s long-awaited comeback this week!

The ladies’ agency JYP Entertainment announced that the pop group will release their new album on October 19th.
After filming their TV movie for ‘Teen Nick‘ titled ‘Wonder Girls at the Apollo‘, the girls returned to Korea on October 9th, taking a short break before launching into their comeback preparations. The film has inspired the girls to approach the preparations for this comeback from a film-like perspective, so the album is expected to take on the form of a colorful movie OST.
On October 16th, JYP Entertainment stated, “We are still thinking about whether it will become a full album or a mini album, but it will consist of “Tell Me“, “So Hot“, and “Nobody“, in addition to urban pop songs different from their retro songs. It will be good to expect Wonder Girls’ transformation.
Source: SPN via Nate -allkpop

9 October:

With their highly-anticipated comeback inching ever closer, the Wonder Girls will finally be returning to Korea within the week!
A representative of JYP Entertainment stated, “The Wonder Girls are currently spending busy days filming for their TV movie, ‘The Wonder Girls at the Apollo‘. If there aren’t any additional schedules to be added, they will be returning to Korea within the weekend and begin preparations for their comeback.”
The Wonder Girls are up against several girl groups like SNSDOrange Caramel, and T-ara.  As such, an eye-catching concept is a must in order to stay in the spotlight.  The Wonder Girls are known for their retro concepts now, so many are wondering what they’ll be bringing out next.
The representative revealed, “The album will be produced in a movie OST format. We’ll be planning our concept to fit around the feel of the song, so as opposed to retro, we feel that it will be more pop.  The Wonder Girls will definitely be coming out with a new image, so please look forward to it.”
Source: Sports Chosun via Daum - allkpop

15 September:

Five-member girl group, Wonder Girls will be seeing more of the spotlight soon as it’s being reported that they will be releasing a new movie and album in the states next year.
The Wonder Girls will be starring in their own film ‘Wonder Girls at the Apollo‘ on well-known cable network channel Teen Nick. They’re also reported to be releasing an album around the same time.
Though their American album was originally planned for release somewhere between mid to late 2011, filming for their movie caused a delay. To adjust, they created a new timeline so the film and album could be released around the same time and promoted together. The Wonder Girls are expected to finish filming for the movie at the end of October.
The new Wonder Girls album is being produced by Claude Kelly who has worked with artists such asBritney SpearsDavid Stewart, and Kelly Clarkson. Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers is also said to be featured in the album.
The Wonder Girls will also be making a short one month comeback in Korea in November as they plan to release a new single. It will be a year and a half since they last held their comeback in Korea with “Two Different Tears.”
In order to finish recording their album and filming their movie, the Wonder Girls are reported to have spent Chuseok in America. Fans can expect promotions for ‘Wonder Girls at the Apollo’ to begin this December.
Source: Donga via Naver - allkpop

21 August:

Following the announcement yesterday, regarding the Wonder Girls‘ upcoming Teen Nick US movie and US album release, JYP Entertainment has also announced that the Wonder Girls will be releasing a new Korean album this November!
JYP Entertainment stated:
“The Wonder Girls will finish filming in October 2011 and will start their US promotions in December 2011. During the month of November, the Wonder Girls are planning to release their Korean album and participate in various activities in Korea. Therefore, we hope our Korean fans will also be excited for the Wonder Girls’ future endeavors.”

1 August:

Billboard offers fans a unique opportunity via “Mashup Mondays” to vote on which song their favorite artist will cover. Last month, the Billboard website put up a poll for the Wonder Girls.
Out of the three choices of The Band Perry’s “Hip To My Heart“, Miley Cyrus‘ “Party In The USA“, and “Nothin’ On You” by B.o.B. feat. Bruno Mars.
It’s been revealed that B.o.B. feat. Bruno Mars “Nothin’ On You” won with 47% of the votes. Miley Cyrus’ “Party In The U.S.A.” was a close second with 43% and The Band Perry “Hip To My Heart” only had 10% of the vote. Check out the wonderful cover session below!

Source: Billboard - allkpop

9 July:

Wonder Girls recently took off for Athens, Greece to attend the “2011 Special Olympics World Summer Games“.
Before an audience of 50,000, the girls performed their hit tracks “Nobody” and “Tell Me”, and raised awareness on the beauty of Korean culture through their special performance of “Arirang“.
The girls proved themselves to be Hallyu idols, as everyone in the audience got up to dance along to their signature “Nobody” dance.
The girls later participated in media interviews and introduced Korea and Pyeongchang to the outlets.  They said, “We would like to congratulate the Special Olympics from Korea. It’s such an honorable and meaningful stage and we’re glad to have been able to meet so many people from all over the world.  Thank you so much for inviting us to such a meaningful event.”
Netizens commented, “They have such warm hearts”, “It’s so nice to see them working so hard overseas! I’ll always support them”, “I love how hard working they are”, and “We are waiting for you!”
Source: allkpop

7 July:

Every Monday, Billboard offers fans a unique opportunity via “Mashup Mondays” to vote on which song their favorite artist will cover. It’s been recently revealed that the next poll for Mashup Mondays features the lovely ladies of the Wonder Girls!
Currently, the Mashup Mondays website offers three choices on which song the Wonder Girls will cover and they include:
The Band Perry’s “Hip To My Heart
Nothin’ On You” by B.o.B. feat. Bruno Mars
Miley Cyrus‘ “Party In The USA“.
You can vote for what the Wonder Girls’ Mashup Mondays Cover should be via the Billboard Mashup Mondays website! Voting ends on July 25th and the winner will be announced on August 1st!
Source: allkpop

5 July:

The Wonder Girls recently rocked the ‘2011 Special Olympics World Summer Games’ in Greece with a fun performance of “Nobody“, “Tell Me“, and “Arirang“.
The girls were picked up to be South Korea’s representatives at the event.
To begin the recap, member Ye Eun shared some photos from the Special Olympics ceremony on July 4th, including one with fellow Wonder Girls member Sunye. She tweeted, “I came back from awarding,” and uploaded a picture of herself draping a medal over a winners’ neck.

Later, the Wonder Girls performed at the closing ceremony in Athens. The event holds great significance, for it promotes the acceptance of disabled peoples in society and gives them the opportunity to actively participate in sports. The audience cheered enthusiastically as the girls worked it for “Nobody” and “Tell Me”, before diving into a spectacular stage performance of Korea’s traditional anthem, “Arirang”.
The Wonder Girls will return to the States to record for their upcoming album.
Check out the performances below!
Source + Images: Newsen via Nate, Sports Chosun via Nate via allkpop
4 July:
Wonder Girls members Ye Eun and Yubin were recently spotted having fun in the sun at a Greek beach. A few Polaroid shots were uploaded onto Yubin’s Twitter under the captions, “I went to the beach with Ye Eun”.

Donning bright smiles and cute sundresses, the girls can be seen playing on the shore amidst a bunch of other tourists.
The five-member troupe are currently staying in Greece to perform at the Special Olympics’ closing ceremony.
Source: Newsen via Nate via allkpop
2 July:
The Wonder Girls have arrived in Greece!

On July 2nd, Ye Eun tweeted several photos of the group having a fun time in Athens, Greece. In the pictures, SoheeHae LimSunye, and Ye Eun are seen hanging out at the Acropolis (sans Yubin).
In response to the pictures, netizens replied, “The Wonder Girls get prettier every day”, “The lovable girls~”, and “I like that they look like they’re having fun.”
The girls are in town to perform at the Special Olympics closing ceremony on July 4th.
Source: Money Today Star News via Nate News via allkpop
30 June:
The Wonder Girls have been featured in the July 2011 issue of U.S. fashion magazine, Nylon!

The July issue is specifically music-oriented, delving into the depths of the music industry withFlorence and the MachineLady Gaga, and a lineup of Hallyu groups, such as Big Bang and 2NE1.
One of the main articles, “It’s All About Seoul“, concentrates on the Wonder Girls and other Korean pop stars that have contributed to the K-pop phenomenon which has been spreading throughout the world like wildfire.
When the Wonder Girls were asked on what their thoughts were about the Hallyu movement, Yubinreplied, “It’s exciting to see how people who come from opposite sides of the globe can be so different, yet truly enjoy the same thing.
Photos: Wonder Girls World & Wonderful Wonder Girls via allkpop
27 June:

The Wonder Girls have been invited to represent Korea at the 2011 Special Olympics closing ceremony in Athens!
A representative of JYP Entertainment revealed, “The Wonder Girls have been invited to attend the closing ceremony of the Special Olympics in Athens, Greece on July 4th. They’ll be heading off on June 30th to embark on a congratulatory performance as Korea’s representatives, in addition to performing at the closing ceremony.” “
The Wonder Girls will be performing their hit tracks, “Tell Me” and “Nobody“. For their closing ceremony, they’ll be expressing the beauty of Korea with a performance of “Arirang“.
The girls said, “We’re both grateful and happy that we can be a part of such a meaningful event. We hope that people will feel joy with our songs and feel closer to Korea with our ‘Arirang’. We will do our best to present the best stage possible.”
After their performances in Athens, the girls will be returning to the States to prepare for their album.
Source: allkpop

26 June:
As fans know, the Wonder Girls have been busy with an all-around schedule in recent months, from attending fashion shows and events in New York to winning awards in China. But when it comes down to it, these five idols are performers — and it looks like they just might be preparing for a return to the stage!

Vigilant Wonderfuls have been awarded with the sight of the pop quintet concentrating on new choreography in their practice room. The official Wonder Girls Twitter (@followWG) recently posted the following photo with the enigmatic caption, “The Wonder Girls are practicing now! ;)

Although this photo doesn’t reveal much, it’s more than enough to get fans talking back in the home country and beyond. Aside from their minimal promotions for “2 Different Tears” last year, the ladies haven’t released new music in years, so any return to the stage would be highly anticipated by many.
Meanwhile, cutie member Sohee celebrated her nineteenth (20 in Korean age) birthday today, with Wonderfuls bringing her name into Twitter’s Trending Topics earlier today.
With the Girls hard at work with their debut album in America, it’s unclear whether their next title track & album will be promoted in Korea. Stay tuned to allkpop for more info on this matter!
Source: Twitter via allkpop

25 June:

The lovely ladies of the Wonder Girls were in attendance for the 5th annual “China Mobile Wireless Music Award” in Beijing, China.
With a total of 5,371,903 digital downloads in 2010, the Wonder Girls won the award for having the highest digital sales for a foreign artist.
In addition, they performed their hit tracks ‘2 Different Tears‘ and ‘Nobody.’ Congratulations to the Wonder Girls for this achievement!
Source: sina.com via allkpop

22 June:
It’s just been revealed that the Wonder Girls will debut as actresses later on this year!

The five girls will star in the upcoming movie, “Wonder Girls At The Apollo“. Though the Wonder Girls made a cameo appearance in director Shim Hyung Rae’s “The Last Godfather“, they’ll be taking up a more substantial role this time around.
It turns out that the producer for the film is none other than American superstar, Nick Cannon, who picked up the Wonder Girls to battle it out with School Gyrls, a girl group under Nick Cannon’s entertainment agency. The two girl groups will determine who’s the best through a classic singing and dance battle.
JYP Entertainment’s J.Y. Park commented, “The Wonder Girls and Nick Cannon are scheduled to film a movie together… And of course, we are planning to have the Wonder Girls and School Gyrls release a joint album.”
J.Y. Park and Nick Cannon reportedly met when the former was planning the Wonder Girls’ advancement into the U.S. market. After a couple of exchanges, they decided to collaborate on this exciting new film.
Source: Money Today Star News via Nate News via allkpop
14 June:

On May 18, the Wonder Girls attended the 160th year anniversary party for Kiehl, a cosmetic retail brand renowned for its high-end beauty care products. The invite-only philanthropy event took place near the company’s flagship store in Manhattan, New York, attracting Kiehl’s newest Global Ambassador Pharrell WilliamsSusan SarandonKevin JonasLeigh Lezark, Korean actor Lee Sun Gyun and more.
Today, as part of its ‘Real Wonder Girls’ series on Youtube, JYP Entertainment released behind the scenes footage following the five ladies to the event, from the red carpet right into the party itself. Dolled up in floral dresses fit for the summer, the gorgeous quintet looks sharper than ever.
To wrap up the video, Yubin greeted, “It’s been a long time. We are having a great time here in New York and are living well! There are times like tehse when we dress up and attend events. We are also studying English very hard! I hope to meet our fans in Korea soon!
In related news, the Wonder Girls were recently featured on the National Geographic, as well as the magazines Teen VogueV and NYLON. For more on the ladies, make sure to visit their official site at wondergirlsworld.com!
Source: Youtube via allkpop

7 June:

The Wonder Girls, who are working hard in America, were recently featured on the National Geographic channel. The featured revealed the various fans that the girls attract, including a woman who came from Puerto Rico to New York to see them perform.
SunYe speaks about how their music is different, but likable, while J.Y. PARK talks about how culturally rich the group is. There is positive feedback about the girls who became the first Korean group to make it on the ‘Top 100 Billboard’ list and the clip ends suggesting that these girls will not go away anytime soon.
With their first US album right around the corner, we’re all excited to see what these girls have in store for the US market!
Check out the clip below!

Source: allkpop
22 Mei

Recently, the Wonder Girls attended a Kiehl cosmetic event looking quite astonishing and beautiful!

On the 19th, the Wonder Girls official twitter account tweeted, Ye Eun and Yubin are here at an event…the Wonder Girls are working hard at whatever they do.”
Along with the tweet was a picture where the Wonder Girls are seen flaunting their more mature image. Yubin especially grabbed attention for her feminine image.
In response, netizens commented, “You gals are get prettier by the day!”, “Yubin got much more feminine”, and “When are you coming back to Korea?”
Meanwhile, the Wonder Girls are preparing for their new album in both Korean and English.
Source: Medical Today via Nate News via allkpop

19 Mei

The Wonder Girls official blog at wondergirlsworld.com recently posted a special video for their fans. It’s a video giving fans a special behind the scenes glimpse into how the girls spend their time during an interview magazine photo shoot in the Big Apple.
Their official blog wrote,
“See how the Wonder Girls spent their time at the Interview Magazine Photo Shoot in NewYork! What kind of manicure does Sun like? What color highlights did each WG members put in their hair? Sun even tells us that her hairstyle is similar to her puppy, Min Dori’s! Finally, wait until you see a tired Sohee, fan herself with her hands so that her eye makeup won’t get damaged~!”
Check out the video below and if you don’t understand Korean you can get a full translation at the Wondergirlsworld.com Blog

Source: allkpop
1 Mei:
With all of the US exposure the Wonder Girls have been receiving in various magazines including Teen Vogueand PAPERMAG, fans will be delighted to see that the pop group has landed yet another feature in this month’s issue of the high profile magazine, “Interview”!
Described by their “quirky looks” and “industrial strength dance beats,” the Wonder Girls are profiled in a feature article that discusses their inception and rise to stardom since 2007.
For the photoshoot, the ladies worked with world-renowned photographer Robbie Fimmano to create a high fashion photospread. Styled from head to toe by Anna Sui’s Elin Svahn in paisley patterns and dark colors, the quintet exudes an austere yet boho-chic vibe that contrasts with their quirky, girls-next-door concept from 2 Different Tears, proving the quintet’s great versatility.
“Interview,” which was founded by the artistic icon Andy Warhol in 1969, showcases intimate conversations with the world’s top celebrities, musicians, artists and creative thinkers. You can check out more about “Interview” through their official website, interviewmagazine.com.
Sources: AJMukamal & TallMild on Twitter via allkpop
19 April:
Online community sites have been sharing photos of the Wonder Girls with their choreography instructor,Kim Hwa Young.

Presumably taken backstage at a concert, the girls are looking playful and carefree. Kim Hwa Young is noted for being JYP Entertainment’s dance trainer, and is said to be like a mother to the members of miss A and the Wonder Girls.
Netizens commented, Sohee is the point of these pictures”, “Hyelim has gotten a lot prettier”, and “The teacher looks prettier than the members.”
Source: DongA via Nate via allkpop
15 April:Wonderfuls, rejoice — the Wonder Girls have opened their official fan forum titled “Fantastics”!

Last month, wondergirlsworld.com underwent an unannounced change when an animated “Fantastics” header was featured at the top of the homepage, complete with a small world map with audio clips of international fans from around the globe. As fans may recall, “Fan*tastics” was the name used to recognize American fans who helped promote the Wonder Girls during their tour with the Jonas Brothers back in 2009.
On their official page, the announcement introduces,
“So what is the Wonder Girls Fantastic you ask!? It’s a Wonder Girls social networking site for Wonderfuls all over the world! You can now befriend other Wonder Girls fans anywhere in the world and share recent Wonder Girls news and updates. Make groups among countries and earn points for your participation!!! It’s the perfect haven for fans to lounge, make new friends, and socialize!!!”
This new fansite will be the perfect venue for fans to make friends and country groups, as well as communicate with other Wonderfuls around the world.
Check it out by clicking the link below:
Remember to set up an account to check out all the cool new features of this fan forum! Furthermore, we’ve received notice that the site has been unstable due to heavy online traffic, so if the site is down when you visit, just refresh or check back later in the day.
Since the Wonder Girls are gearing up for their big album comeback and American debut, this is perfect timing for fans to gather and get pumped for the quintet’s big splash in the industry.
Source: allkpop
4 April:

Malaysian Wonderfuls are in luck!  The Wonder Girls recently shared that they’ll be performing in Malaysia on Friday, April 8th, in a free concert organized by Twin Towers @Live in Kuala Lumpar.

They’ll be performing on the first day alongside HoobastankYunaThe Azenders, and Bunkface. Best of all, the concert is entirely free!  Check out the official Facebook event page for more information.
24 Maret:
It was recently announced that Wonder Girls will be performing on front of a crowd of 90,000 this week!

Wonder Girl’s agency JYP Entertainment spoke to Star News on the 22nd stating, “On the 26th, the Wonder Girls will appear at a big-scale concert with Hong Kong stars in Beijing, China.” The event, titled the ‘China Mobile Concert,’ will take place at the Beijing Olympic Arena that hosts 90,000 audience members.
Stars such as famous singer/song writer David Tao and Taiwanese actor/singer Kenji Woo will perform at the concert; and Wonder Girls are anticipated to be the highlight of the show.
Currently, the Wonder Girls are working on a new album traveling back and forth between America and Korea. Their ‘Nobody‘ was recently ranked no.4 on the Canadian music chart.
Source: Nate via allkpop
20 Maret:
On March 20th, Nielsen SoundScan’s Canadian C&R music chart revealed that the Wonder Girls‘ “Nobody” ranked fourth place on their singles chart during the second week of March.

The feat is considered special, as it’s been nearly a year and six months since the song was first released. Industry representatives were further impressed by the fact that the only formal promotion done for “Nobody” was through a short U.S. and Canadian tour last year.
Representatives of JYP Entertainment spoke through Star News and commented, “Last year, ‘2 Different Tears‘ did make it into the Canadian charts, but we’re very surprised that ‘Nobody’ has made it in this time as well.  It’s been about two years now, so we’re glad that it was achieved without any promotions.”
Source + Photos: Star News via Naver via allkpop
3 Maret:
On February 28th, Chinese distributor ‘Starsing Records’ unveiled the best-selling albums for 2010. Considering their strong fanbase in China, it’s not surprising to hear that The Wonder Girls‘ “Special Edition” album made the cut!
Although they didn’t promote as aggressively in Asia in 2010 as they did in other years, the girl group still managed to land a spot on the “Top 10 Foreign Records” category – a testament to the enduring popularity of their music.
2010 Top 10 Foreign CDs
(in no particular order)
• Lady Gaga – The Fame Monster
• Lady Gaga – The Fame
• Taylor Swift – Fearless
• Justin Bieber – My World 2.0
• Justin Bieber – My World
• Various Artists – 2010 Grammy Celebration
• Lady Gaga – The Remix
• Wonder Girls - Special Edition Album
• Black Eyed Peas – The E.N.D.
• Olivia Ong – Olivia
The girls recently made an appearance at the Chloe fashion show in Shanghai, and are currently residing in New York as they prepare for their American debut.  However, they recently made time to go bowling with fellow JYP Nation members, Seulong and Sunmi.
Source: Starsing Records via allkpop

26 Februari: 
Having appeared in a couple of fashion shows in America over the past weeks, the Wonder Girls jetted to Shanghai recently to attend Chloé’s 5th anniversary celebrations.
Held at the Shanghai Expo Center on February 25th, the Wonder Girls were among the special guests invited, and wore outfits from Chloé’s 2011 Spring/Summer fashion line.
Chloé also marked its 5th year in China with a groundbreaking webcast to showcase luxury fashion from China to the world, plus organizing a series of interactive activities through its event website.

Source: allkpop

22 Februari: 
Sunye and Hye Lim were recently snapped viewing Lee Gil Woo’s first exhibition at the White Box Gallery in New York City.
Lee’s works are ’screens’ created by burning incense into sheets of Korean hanji paper. When layered on top of each other, these ’screens’ produce a composite painting that allow the viewer to see one image through a lens of multiplicity that captures contemporary global visual culture.
If you’re in New York, be sure to stop by and check out this interesting exhibition, which runs from February 8th – 27th.
Source + Images: ajnews + White Box via allkpop

18 Februari: 

After attending Jeremy Scott’s runway show earlier today at NYC Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, the Wonder Girls also mentioned plans to make an appearance at Anna Sui’s show later this evening. Sure enough, the quintet was seen in an entirely new wardrobe with a totally different vibe when they showed up to the event, swapping in the rocker Jeremy Scott designs for a floral & youthful look.

The Girls, who had previously attended one of Sui’s shows last autumn, posed with the designer herself:The Wonder Girls also met Vanessa Hudgens, who happened to also attend the Jeremy Scott and Anna Sui shows today. They uploaded the following photo on their official Twitter (@followWG), tweeting, “We met Vanessa Hudgens at Anna Sui’s show! She is such a sweetheart!
Source: Facebook, Twitter via allkpop

Following Vivienne Tam’s show earlier this week, the Wonder Girls hit up New York City’s Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week once again, appearing at Jeremy Scott’s runway show today which revealed the designer’s Fall 2011 collection at Lincoln Center.
The ladies also attended Scott’s spring collection show last September, enjoying seats in the front row and taking photos with the designer himself. This time around, the quintet was spotted in Jeremy Scott’s own Adidas designs yet again, sporting daring rocker looks with a twinge of flirtiness. I’m especially loving Yoobin’s hair extensions!
It was revealed that the editors of Teen Vogue that were in attendance had mentioned plans for the ladies to be featured in an upcoming issue as the quintet made their American debut.
The runway show itself was livestreamed online for viewers worldwide, and featured bright and whimsical designs drawing from a pop art, Andy Warhol-esque concept (think Superman and Coca Cola), neon raver kid hairstyles and more.
The ladies also mentioned plans to attend the Anna Sui show this evening at 6PM, so be on the look out for more photos!
Source: Twitter, PatrickMcMullan, Freshnessmag via allkpop

15 Februari: 
Having attended New York City’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week last spring and fall as guests to various shows and parties, the Wonder Girls are no rookies to the nine-day extravaganza.
The high profile event, which kicked off this past Wednesday, showcased Vivienne Tam’s spring collection this afternoon.
After attending the runway show today, the Wonder Girls uploaded the above photo on their Twitter (@followWG) and tweeted, “We just came back from Vivienne Tam’s show! It was beautiful!- As always, we had so much fun!
Despite their down to earth, girls-next-door image and personalities, the Girls seem to easily mingle with the fashion elite. In 2009 and 2010, the Girls have been seen with Tory Burch, Jeremy Scott, Leighton Meester, Serena WilliamsOmarion and more.
Source: allkpop

11 Februari:  
Wonder Girls are celebrating their four year anniversary today, and their manager shared photos of the girls personally preparing chocolates for their fans as part of a special event.
On the morning of February 11th, Kim tweeted, “Let’s make chocolates!  The pretty maknaes are warming up the chocolate.”
The girls will be choosing 10 lucky fans to receive their handmade chocolates as a thank you gesture for the four years they were able to be together. Fans of the Wonder Girls also recently headlined for making a donation to the Eunpyeong Angels Haven in celebration of their anniversary.
Source: Star News via allkpop

On February 10, 2007, a five member group debuted under the title Wonder Girls, snagging the hearts of the Korean public. Three years, five smash hits and over fifty official Korean music awards later, the girls have found themselves betwixt two critical markets: while a hit-laden career has launched them into becoming household name throughout Asia, they have also become fixated with reaching similar heights of fame in America.
In 2007, the ladies swept Korea by storm with their highly addictive track, Tell Me, which, with its catchy yet simple dance and addictive tune, arguably revolutionized kpop choreography for good. Later on, the quintet continued its widespread success with So Hot, earning titles as ‘Korea’s Little Sisters,’ then dominated Asia with the Nobody craze. Although the hype has died down in Korea since the track’s release, Nobody is still gaining attention internationally and is commonly played on the streets of many Asian countries today. While gearing up for their official American debut in 2010, the Wonder Girls also released 2 Different Tears, which, with only a few weeks of minimal promotions in Korea, won the Girls awards on music shows and charts.
Since arriving in the United States, the Girls have opened for the Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber, Earth, Wind & Fire, cracked the Billboard charts twice, and have mix and mingled with America’s elite as guests to NYC Fashion Week and other prominent events. They’ve worked with Perez Hilton, appeared on the Wendy Williams Show and performed on So You Think You Can Dance. They have top-notch producers molding their official debut album set to drop later this year. Even in America, they get recognized and stopped on the streets for photos and autographs.
Yet the Girls have seemingly decided to stay close to their humble roots, opting for modest lifestyles in New York. Today marks the group’s fourth anniversary, and the Girls celebrated with a live video webchat with their fans from the JYPE office this morning. During this chat, Twitter fans showed their support as the term ‘4WonderYears‘ hit the Trending Topics list.
In true Wonder Girls fashion, the five foodaholics began by talking excitedly about dining around the city for Restaurant Week and baking special chocolates that morning in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. They also opened an anniversary gift from groups of Wonderfuls in New York and Korea. While reading one of the Korean fan letters, leader Sunye had to pause as she teared up.
The members reminisced about their Wonder Girls World Tour last summer, citing Chicago (Sunye), Hawaii (Lim), Washington DC (Yoobin), New York (Sohee) and Toronto (Yeeun) as their favorites. They also chatted about the JYP US Tour and performing in China over Halloween. The Girls then revealed information about future performances, talking about their upcoming stage in Thailand and hinting at possible performances in Australia, Europe and Japan later this year.
The Wonder Girls also spent time answering questions and requests from their fans. At one point, they sang ‘Happy Birthday’ in Chinese to one fan, and Sunye sang Maybe (from the Dream High OST) live to fans. They shared their favorite numbers, favorite iPad apps, favorite types of chocolate, favorite movies, Lim’s entrance & adjustment into the group, and thoughts on living New York. ”It’s so good to walk on the streets here,” Sunye exclaimed and reminded, “Walking is really good for your health.
The Girls also showed close, laidback relationships with the JYPE staff, playfully trying to get a few of them to come into the videochat.
On the subject of their album, Yeeun said, “We’re definitely working on [the album] and it’s going great, and some of the songs are already done recording … We’re very excited to release the songs.” Although they were reluctant to reveal any details about their upcoming songs, Sunye offered, “There will be our name in the song. It’s going to be really fun, addictive… yeah. I bet you’ll like it.“ Lim continued, “I would have to say is that it is very different than what we have done.

Source: allkpop
10 Februari: Wonder Girls and producer Claude Kelly have been scaling their way up the headlines with their recent recording sessions in the studio this past month. Today, a two minute exclusive on Cambio has been released, giving fans a sneak peek at what Claude and the Girls have been up to!
For those of you that don’t know, Claude Kelly has worked with a large number of huge American artists including Britney Spears (Circus), Miley Cyrus (Permanent December), Bruno Mars (Grenade) and Flo Rida (Who Dat Girl), so his close participation on the Wonder Girls’ upcoming debut album has drawn lots of interest.
Although the video (watch it here!) doesn’t reveal any teasers of the tracks themselves, Claude gives us insight on the process he undergoes to produce a hit track. “The best songs come out of knowing [the members'] personalities and, having met all five of them and worked with them now, I really know the differences between them and how they move, how they talk, how they sing,” Claude explains as the girls dance and cheekily throw snow at each other throughout the video. Later on, the Girls teach Claude a bit of Korean. “When we’re done, I’ll be like ‘daebak (대박)!‘” he exclaimed.
Furthermore, the producer talked about the importance of creating a hit that caters to both the American audience and the international fanbase they already have.
I want [the track] to be edgy and fun and catchy and danceable so that people of all ages and all ethnicities really can sing along to it,” Claude continued. ”That’s my goal. I’m probably not going to rest until I get it done that way.
With Claude Kelly and other top producers working on this album, which we’ve been told is now scheduled for an April release, we’re going to have a ton of great music to look forward to this spring. First TVXQ, next Big Bang, and in a few months, the Wonder Girls…
Source: allkpop

2 Februari: 
Wonder Girls berpartisipasi dalam Lunar New Year di China dan mereka membawakan 2 lagu hit mereka, “Nobody” dan “Two Different Tears” di “Liaoning TV Spring Festival Program“.

Wonder Girls menjadi bintang tamu dalam Liaoning TV “CNY Countdown Show” untuk interview selama 10 menit.

7 Januari: 
Wonder Girls akan tampil di Paris Hotel Las Vegas untuk “Monster Retailer Awards and Concert” tgl 7.
Monster menyatakan “an alliance with global entertainment company JYP Entertainment and South Korean pop sensation the Wonder Girls.
CEO Monster, Noel Lee, menyatakan“JYP Entertainment is one of the world’s most influential new taste makers of music and entertainment, and the Wonder Girls are fast becoming a true global pop phenomenon.”
2 Januari:
Wonder Girls menutup tahun 2010 dengan tampil di China untuk ‘Jiangsu Satellite TV’ konser musik akhir tahun.
Mereka menyanyikan versi China ’2 Different Tears’. Menyapa penonton dengan menggunakan bahasa Mandarin, dan melanjutkan dengan menyanyikan, ‘Tell Me’.
Mereka menyatakan, “In 2011, we would like to meet our Chinese fans more often.”

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