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Minggu, 02 Januari 2011

Kyuhyun 2011

Reupload and Repost by poe_rea
27 December:

On Christmas day, Super Junior’s maknae, Kyuhyun, left fans worried with his tweet (”In the end, a depressed Christmas TT”), but the Singer has assuaged fans’ worries with his latest tweet.
Kyuhyun took a picture of his famous Kyu-line that includes DBSK’s ChangminSHINee’s Minho, and CNBLUE’sJonghyun. He tweeted, “Spending last of 2011 with Kyu-line year-end party^^ TVXQ & S.J & SHINee & CNBlue Hard finding time because of four groups’ schedules, we barely met ㅜ Anyway I feel happy^^”
Each member showed off a wide and bright smile, putting smiles on fans’ faces. Kyuhyun, I guess you were just pining for your Kyu-line. Cute picture!
Credit: Ningin
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25 December:
@GaemGyu: In the end, a depressed Christmas... ㅜㅜ
Translation by:@Jinn8812elf

16 December:
@GaemGyu:  Oppa Is Here is jjang... jinx that songs i dont like get daebak is once again proven...ㅋㅋㅋ Donghae Eunhyuk Daebak!!^^
Source: @GaemGyu
Translation by: @TwELFs
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1 December:
@GaemGyu: The picture of Supports from fans to Radio star~ I couldn’t upload it yesterday. The love meal Kyu… hahaha Thank you!!! yfrog.com/kis7oguj yfrog.com/h3pjjhuzj

Source: @GaemGyu 
Translation by: jingukim @ flitto.com
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15 November:

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun appreciated his fans’ donation.
The episode of Current Events Magazine 2580 that aired on the 13th reported about sasaeng fans who dangerously chase the celebrities they like and middle-aged female fans who are devoted to the celebrities they like.
As supporting celebrities by giving gifts has become a trend among fans, some fans try to promote their celebrities in various ways. One of them is donation. Kyuhyun, who is currently appearing in the musical The Three Musketeers, said, “Things get together little by little and become a big one, so I feel glad that I am able to help more and more people with my fans.”
Source: TV Report | Via Korea.com
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Super Junior is currently busy preparing for Super Junior Super Show 4 concert which is just around the corner while member Kyuhyun has something else to worry about, his musical ‘The Three Musketeers‘.
Kyuhyun appeared on an episode of Current Events Magazine 2580 as the idol was interviewed on the donations he received. The donations, if I’m not wrong, was sent to him as a form of support for his musical.
Kyuhyun expresses his gratitude by saying, “Little by little, it’s becoming this big. I want to thank my fans for helping me be able to help others as well, I feel glad and thankful.”
Take a look at the video:

Credit: Ningin
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10 November:

Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun recently left a proof shot of his fan-given lunch box via Twitter.
On November 9th, Kyuhyun tweeted, “Filming for ‘RS’. With yummy bibimbap for as many as 100 people. I’ll eat the delicious meal and film [the show] well.
In the photos, Kyuhyun smiles brightly for the camera while holding the photo card included in the lunch, as if to show his approval for the bibimbap, fruit, and snack-filled meal.
Netizens commented, “The fans who prepared 100 servings of this meal are amazing. I think the ‘RS’ members will find their strength and film well,” and “I smile like a mom just looking at Kyuhyun’s photo. His face makes me want to give him food“.
Kyuhyun is currently MC-ing alongside singer Yoon Jong Shin and comedians Kim Gook Jin andKim Gura in MBC‘s Radio Star.
Source + Photo: OSEN via Stoo.com - allkpop

9 November:

2 November:
After ending his personal trip to Spain, Super Junior's Kyuhyun updated his fans today. On one of his tweets, Kyuhyun revealed that it will be his last night travelling alone and uploaded a photo of his laptop, journal, and wine.
On the said update, Kyuhyun revealed, "The last night of 'being on the road alone' 3rd year, 2011~ Today I’ve left Spain for another country and I’m spending the last moment with the Spanish wine that I’ve been with for last 5 days. Hope these eye-blinking five days’ experiences will stay as an unforgettable memories."
Despite being threatened with a knife by an unknown assailant on his first day in Spain, Kyuhyun was able to get away unharmed and continued to enjoy his vacation. He also updated his fans as he watched the FC Barcelona's home game.
Meanwhile, Ryeowook who spent his break with his family on Jeju Island, also expressed his jealousy regarding Kyuhyun's trip. Replying to Kyuhyun's tweet, Ryeowook expressed, "Jealous heuk heuk >< I’m going out for variety show for the first time in a while keke I’ll do my best, have a safe trip back to Korea^^ ~~~I’ll see you when you’re here ★."
Since performing in "SMTOWN LIVE in NEW YORK," Super Junior was allowed to go on personal breaks as the rest of the members updated their fans of their whereabouts. Some, who had commitments back in South Korea, were only able to take a few days off and has resumed with their other activities.

Source: @Gaemgyu and @Twelfs, koreaboo
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30 October:
@GaemGyu: FC Barcelona’s home game~ Actually, I’ve never watched before.. Not particularly Barcelona’s fan, but I bought Cesc’s uniform. He didn’t come but Messi is the ruler of the ground.. Yet I still hear the crowd crying Me~SSi pic.twitter.com/WFWZXLDr
@GaemGyu: @poimin73 Hyung… I went from Korea to Spain with the passion of D’Artagnan. I’d show you the knife fight between me and that bad guy but I wont be able to. Wuahahahahaharararahhaha By the way, do you know of Camp Nou?? That’s it right up there!!! Hahahaha Now then, go to sleep..
Source: @gaemgyu 
Translation: @13elievesg 
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27 October:

A photo of Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun before his double-eyelid surgery has been revealed, creating quite the stir among netizens!
Kyuhyun unintentionally admitted to having the procedure done on a recent episode of ‘Golden Fishery – Radio Star‘, when MC Kim Gura questioned him about it. “Both my parents had double-eyelids,” Kyuhyun explained. “I was the only one that didn’t.
The news of his surgery became a hot discussion topic amongst netizens and they searched the internet to fulfill their curiosity and sure enough, found a photo of him before he went under the knife.
In the photo the netizens in which the netizens discovered you see a different look from the sweet Kyuhyun with the soft smile fans know now, Kyuhyun without double-eyelids looks more fierce and intense.
Netizens that saw the photo voiced their opinions with, “I was shocked. How can he look so different?”, “I acturally prefer him without the double-eylelids“, and “Surgery or no surgery, he is still Super Juniors Kyuhyun
Source & image: HanGookKyungJae via Nate - allkpop

@GaemGyu: Early morning in Spain.. Early to get back to the hostel in a place with few people, suddenly accosted the youth people who is in front of me,.. Feel not so good, the person is rather abruptly pulled out a knife to threaten me.. I just scream out without thinking any and running away, after he give up and back.. Be careful for those who you are traveling aloneㅜㅜ
Source:  @Gaemgyu
Translation by: @TaiwanLuvSJShared at sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by Destinyhae

26 October:
Everybody~~ Just a little while more till it's midnight and the 27th. Monthly Yoon Jong Shin November's Kyuhyunnie with "Late Autumn" will air (be released)~ It really suits autumn... My mouth saying this... hehe. And, at the moment, in addition, a new world to meet~ I'll go safely~

Source: @Gaemgyu
Translation :@13elieveSG
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[Official MV] Kyuhyun - Late Autumn
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25 October:
Kyuhyun's Message on collaboration w/ Yoon Jongshin
Credit: MonthlyMelody @ YT
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18 October:
7 Years of Love [Fancam]
^^ Kyuhyuns voice.. O___O *melts*
Credit: loversoul0203 

17 October:
Nothing Better
lol kyu, i’ll never get tired listening to your voice :)

16 October:
at Jungyeop's Concert
Credit: secretkyu @ YT
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11 October:

Super Junior Kyuhyun uploaded a photo of a result from a face detector app that recognizes who’s your look alike celebrity.
In Kyuhyun’s case, his “kyu-line” members TVXQ Changmin and CNBLUE’s Jonghyun sent him picture message that shows their resemblance to Kyuhyun.
Kyuhyun tweeted,
@GaemGyu: One day Shim Chang suddenly sent over a picture, and I went into panic mode… 5 minutes later another picture came from Jonghyun and I nearly suffocated… This is the power of Kyu Lineㅋㅋ
translated by minbunny@tumblr

Fans commented, ”Oh! Kyu-line is really something!”, “I want to be a member of Kyuhyun oppa’s line!!,” etc.
Seemed like even a face detector app can recognize who are members on Kyuhyun line?

Source: Kyuhyun’s twitter
Written by shaynekay@dkpopnews.net
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3 October:
Credit: mysujuhyuk @ YT
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30 September:

Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun snapped a selca with Huh Gak, celebrating his recent K-Chart win.
Kyuhyun uploaded a photo via his Twitter page with the caption, “Intruder in the Super Junior dressing room! With #1 winner Huh Gak hyung who sings well and works really hard.”
In the photo, the two have their arms around each others’ shoulders and look to have a close relationship.
Netizens responded, “You don’t look alike but look close enough to be brothers” and “How nice of Kyuhyun to call Huh Gak hyung, even though he is his senior“.
Kyuhyun with the rest of his Super Junior members recently made their comeback with their follow-up track, “A-CHA“.
Source & Image : TVReport via Naver - allkpop

29 September:
He is congratulating his highschool’s art festival and he said he supposed to go back there to meet juniors, sing to them and meet the teachers, but he feels sorry that he only sent his greeting through video cuz at this moment hes probably in japan. He said he will visit them after some times and ask them to support 5jib.
Transcript By :@Jinn8812elf
Reupload & Posted by: Destinyhae (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

22 September:
Super Junior's Kyuhyun will be appearing on the MBC variety program "Golden Fishery-Radio Star."
Kyuhyun will be replacing Kim Heechul, who recently left for the army, as a permanent MC. He will be in charge of saying youthful and witty comments. On September 21st, at the studio in Kyungido, Ilsan, he participated in the first filming as an MC for "Radio Star."
According to the "Golden Fishery" producer, he hopes that with the addition of Kyuhyun, the show will gain an even larger variety of viewers. Meanwhile, Kyuhyun is currently promoting actively with his group Super Junior for their "Mr. Simple" repackaged album "A-CHA."
What do you think of Kyuhyun's permanent position as an MC? Will you be tuning in to the show this week?
Source: TV Report, koreaboo
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Kyuhyun, one of the members of Super Junior, was selected to fill the empty seat Heechul has taken as an emcee of Radio Show before joining the army this month. At the first shooting held on September 21, he underwent a harsh hazing.
According to the production team of the show, besides Kyuhyun, various celebrities will plan to be invited to infuse life into the show.
Meanwhile, Super Junior will continue to carry out activities with “A-CHA,” the second title song from its album.
Source: TVreportminongzi
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21 September:

On September 21st, the producers of ‘Golden Fishery‘ revealed that Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun had become a temporary MC for MBC’s ‘Radio Star‘. He will be joining a cast comprised of comediansKim Guk JinKim Gura, and Yoon Jong Shin.
PD Park Jung Kyu revealed, “Kyuhyun will be joining us as an MC for the time being. He is not a fixed MC, but a junior of Kim Heechul. We will be keeping the fourth MC position open for changes. Those that are capable of providing youthful energy for ‘Radio Star’ will be given the opportunity.”
The reason for the change in the fourth MC position was because of Kim Heechul’s departure, who decided to start his military duties this year. Even with his departure, MCs felt that they wanted to keep the role of a younger figure to provide contrast against the three older MCs.
The PD continued, “Kim Guk Jin, Kim Gura, and Yoon Jong Shin are so funny and work very well together.  What we need is a youthful energy.  We hope to use the position of the fourth MC to bring in stars with that energy.  We could set up a fixed position, but we feel that it will only make the show seem too plotted.  We don’t plan on switching out the fourth MC every week or even every two weeks.  We want to leave the door open for potential to just really listen to the viewpoint and stories of the youth.”
As the maknae of Super Junior, Kyuhyun was chosen for his bizarre charms and MCing potential. “He’s charming, sings well, and is a great fit for ‘Radio Star’.  We’re looking forward to what he’ll be showing on a variety show and how he’ll be interacting with his new hyungs.”
Source: Star News via Naver - allkpop

17 September:
@GaemGyu: 3 days ordered Macbook pro !! Finally is coming... Thinking of the past, Donghae hyung has bought macbook and I asked "hyung, why have to buy this, crazy? are you stupid?" Kyuhyun stupid certification. kk http://yfrog.com/h28conwj
Source: @GaemGyu 
Translation: @TaiwanLuvSJShared at  www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by  Destinyhae
15 September:
@GaemGyu The owner of a vocal explosion, everything are done well and also good at singing, So-agent. Gagi hyung's new song Hello is release today^^ hehe Daebak~
Source: @GaemGyu 
Translation: @TaiwanLuvSJShared at  www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by uksujusid

@GaemGyu CF MAsita, my first ever solo (commercial) shot in Thailand~ There’s actually a banner (of me) on such a building… Completed shocked !!!!! ^^ Also, out of the blue, A-CHA daebak!! http://yfrog.com/h49thrsjhttp://yfrog.com/h2en7evkj
Source: @GaemGyu
Translated by: @sujutr4ns
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11 September:
@GaemGyu: @JAYBUMAOM Hey you are very late ve~~~~ry late very very very very very very late this New York (style) u late very very super late
Source: @GaemGyu
Translated by: @Jinn8812elf
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GaemGyu: @huhgakzzang @4M_jiyoonitt @JAYBUMAOM @MBLAQGO Should I prove that there was a get together? ㅎㅎㅎ
GaemGyu:The 6 that I sang the legend with.. Not focusing on who did better or worse, it was fun~ Making the best joke ㄴㅇㅇㅊㄴ and enjoying the dinner ^^yfrog.com/mncvzgj yfrog.com/h6clyroj
MBLAQGO: @GaemGyu Why is your profile picture that?
GaemGyu: It looks cool.. ㄴㅇㅇㅊㄴ
poimin73: @GaemGyu You’ve worked hard ㅋ When will I be able to meet Kyu-tanyang??
GaemGyu: @poimin73 There will be good news soon.. !! Hyung, I want to travel too
poimin73: Go travel !! Jejudo is very good !!! Have a happy Chooseok!!!
GaemGyu:Okay~ It is a happy Chooseok ^^
4M_jiyoonitt: @GaemGyu Ah ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ㄴㅇㅇㅊㄴ
GaeGyu: @4M_jiyoonitt Jiyoonah, you have to use it once in a while ㅎㅎ Only when it’s necessary
4M_jiyoonitt: @GaeGyu ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Okay.. I will stay still and use it after seeing how the situation is .. ㅋㅋ
*I am not sure what ㄴㅇㅇㅊㄴ stands for.. but I will update as soon as I find out.. Seems like an inside joke haha :D
**It might stand for 너양아취니? which means ‘are you a bully?’

5 September:
[ENG SUB] KBS Immortal Song 2 Ep 11
Source: ourprincekyu@youtube.com
Translated by: darae | Subbed by: huayu
Posted by: supergirlRain (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

[ENG SUB] KBS Immortal Song 2 Ep 12
Source: ourprincekyu@youtube.com
Chinese Sub thanks to: Pressure sub
Chinese to English translation by: muffin4kyu
Subbed by: huayu
Posted by: supergirlRain (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

@GaemGyu Smtown Live in Tokyo ~ in Tokyo Dome was very happy to be with 150K fans for 3 days~ !!!pic.twitter.com/3fchLkr
@GaemGyu And here comes the big-scaled, legendary Kyu-line...ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ http://pic.twitter.com/opSDSFb

Translated by13elieveSG
Shared at sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by:  Destinyhae
4 September:
Immortal Song 2 Ep. 14 - Kyuhyun feat Ahra (Etude of Memory)
Source: RaiBaka@youtube.com
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28 August:
[Fancam] Immortal Song 2 Rehearsal
Credit: loversoul0203 @ youtube
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27 August:
Immortal Song 2
Reupload & Posted by:Destinyhae

25 August:
M! Countdown [Fancams]

Credit: JMKH23 @ youtube
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24 August:
@siwon407 When I said that you were in the top 3, it can mean that you are first ........ ㅎㅎㅎ
Source: @GaemGyu 
Translated by Jee (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

22 August:
[ENG SUB] KBS Immortal Song 2
Source: RaiBaka@youtube
Translator: MinBunny | Subber: slutmin 
Posted by: supergirlRain (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

17 August:

Perhaps one of the most popular maknaes in the whole KPop industry, Kyuhyun has earned himself a plethora of nicknames due to his “evilness,” witty sharp tongue, and the way he treats his hyungs. It is well known that he is a huge fan of StarCraft, the love of his life–er, besides the members he claims to be his. Lovely singing voice which gets featured a lot in Super Junior= yay! He’s too awesome to even put into describable words…

The 12 others maknaes are: Lee Taemin from SHINee, No Minwoo from Boy Friend, Shim Changmin from DBSK, Seohyun from SNSD, Son Dongwoon from B2ST, Lee Sungjong from Infinite, Mir from MBLAQ, Seungri from Big Bang, Minzy from 2NE1, Choi Minhwan from FT Island, Shin Dongho from U-Kiss, Hwang Chansung from 2PM
Source: @ningin
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16 August:
NTV Grrade A Entertainment

Credit: aKyufan23 @ youtube
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13 August:
Immortal Song
Credit: sj-market | cut; posted & reupload by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

Credit: 13hahi | cut; posted & reupload by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

Credit: gnalc3 | posted & reupload by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

Credit: sj-market | cut; posted & reupload by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

12 August:
NTV Grade A Entertainment - Immortal Song 2
Credit: aKyufan23 @ youtube
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11 August:
 @GaemGyu The long-awaited SJ-M fanmeeting will be held at WuKeSong Stadium on 16 August! Everyone pls attend!yfrog.com/h810gctuj 

Source: @GaemGyu
Translated by: 13elieveSG
Posted by: Destiny (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)
10 August:
http://twitpic.com/63wr84 An urge to comment, a fun historic meeting with Han Taekyong, Cool Han Jedongㅋㅋㅋ MC Kyungjung,Kyuhyun with Taekdong's best friend note ㅋㅋㅋ

Source: @GaemGyu
Translated by: @mimilovemicky
Posted by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

Kyuhyun & Changmin at 'Jack the Ripper' Musical [FANCAM]
Source: its-max.comPosted by: natashagnes (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

4 August:
Kyuhyun at KBS Building [Fancam]
Credit: JustGyuhyun @ youtube
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3 August:
It’s been revealed that Super Junior’s Kyuhyun was almost unable to participate in a recent recording of KBS2TV’s  ’Immortal Song 2‘ due to his poor health condition.
Kyuhyun recently joined the program and had a successful first round performance on July 25th. He was scheduled to participate in the second round on August 1st, however, due to his overladen schedule with preparations for ‘Immortal Song 2′ and Super Junior’s comeback, Kyuhyun’s health had declined.
During the rehearsals for the second round, Kyuhyun’s voice would barely come out and he continued to have trouble during the dry rehearsal. Later, the camera rehearsal was put to a halt because we was unable to sing.
‘Immortal Song 2′’s PD Kwon Jae Young said,
Kyuhyun’s condition was so bad that we were unable to film. After stopping the camera rehearsal, Kyuhyun went to the hospital and his condition improved after receiving emergency treatment.
Luckily, he was able to show a successful performance on the actual show. Though he was not in the best condition, his performance was not inferior compared to the other singers on the show.
After completing the show, he was able to say, “I’m proud of myself.” It’s been said that the other stars of the show gave him a round of applause.
The episode starring Kyuhyun, MBLAQ’s G.O., 4minute’s Jun Ji YoonSISTAR’s Hyorin, Jay Park, and Huh Gak will air on August 6th.
Source: Newsen via Nate - allkpop

2 August
[Fancam] at Handel & Gretel
Credit: 2B-tobaby.com | posted & reupload by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)
1 August:
The Three Musketeers
Credit: cherish407203 @ youtube
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31 July: The Three Musketeers
Credit: iinasjworld @ youtube
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Credit: cherish407203 @ youtube

Credit: iinasjworld @ youtube
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Credit: Secret
Reupload and Posted by: natashagnes (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

30 July: Immortal Song 2 Preview
Credit: sjmarket | posted & reupload by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)
28 July: [Fancam] The Three Musketeers
Credit: @Youtube
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Credit: mercurieee | posted by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

Credit: dancingkyu & kyuchuleunsihae | posted by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

Credit: sjissj2011 | posted by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

27 July:
@portos724: @GaemGyu Kid!! You aren't going yet? Let's get together to eat lunch! Don't forget to being your sign!!!
@GaemGyu: @portos724 Of course I'll bring itㅋㅋ I'm totally worried about whether the people coming to today's show will be able to arrive on time ㅜㅜ come carefully
* This tweet is in reply to Kim Buplae (plays Portos in The Three Musketeers) who asked him if he wasn't on his way to Sejong yet and told him to not forget to bring a sign (it COULD be for his son whose birthday was yesterday, who knows..)
Source: @GaemGyuTranslated by: @pastakyu for @sjworld
Posted by: reneee (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

25 July:
Today Kyuhyun went to KBS to record Legend Song 2 around 11 AM, but his stage wasn’t before early afternoon. KBS has changed the degree of difficulty and method of the show; starting today it has a different format (I’ve never watched it before save for Yesung’s stage, so I’m not sure of how it used to work) it’s like a tournament with rounds now, but fans don’t seem to know much about it either yet, there’s conflicting information and they all seem quite confused.
A fan said she heard Kyuhyun introduce himself as “singer Kyuhyun” and not as “Super Junior Kyuhyun” ♥ one said he was adorable and funny during the speech part, but it’s not sure that this will be included in the episode. Some said Kyuhyun didn’t look in great condition today, that he seemed very tired, probably because he’s been extremely busy with preparations for the 5th album and often practicing for the musical.
In the first round they have to sing a duet → Kyuhyun’s stage was the fourth, and he sang with Son Hoyoung, member of an extremely popular all-male group called g.o.d. (they were active from 1999 up to 2006 if I remember well). The song they sang is an old hit by g.o.d. and it’s called “거짓말 Lies”

(Son Hoyoung is the blonde guy in a white jacket); the arrangement was different and the highlight of the original song wasn’t kept, it had a jazz feel to it instead, so the rap part was changed as well (although Kyuhyun sang a bit of it and they said it was cute).
At first he started singing slowly, then the song got progressively faster and Kyuhyun rapped a bit, and Hoyoung sang after that. Kyuhyun also sang in a high-pitch and did really very well. Everybody who went to the recording said he did extremely well and that his voice and Hoyoung’s blend together nicely; nevertheless he didn’t make it to the second round, so the duet song is all he got to sing. From what I understood, next time he will have a solo stage.
Source: 시크릿 & NAVER | Translated by: @pastakyu @SJ-World.net
Posted by: PhungELF (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

23 July:
Star King Ep. 225

credit: thakkyu + daodongdang | posted by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

Kyuhyun commented in Nate
1. I'm most popular~
2. 5jib jja jja!!!!!!!!!!
3. 5jib Daebak
Credit for photo: HyunLove.com
Translated by: @GAMEkyulogy
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21 july: [Fancam] Kyuhyun outside SM building

credit: AKI | posted & reupload by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)
19 July:
@GaemGyu: The last stage of choreographing for 5th album~~ I ate it deliciously with good mood^^ Super Junior 5th album Dae ~~~~~~~~~bak http://t.co/ktvinP5http://t.co/6anwHGA

Source: @GaemGyuTranslated by: @Jinn8812elf
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13 July: K Show Concert

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11 July: [Fancam] Show K Concert - Sorry Sorry Answer

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KBS News - Hallyu Wave _ Kyuhyun Cut
Kyuhyun @ Masita Press Conference in Thailand ^^
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6 July: [Fancam] at Gimpo Airport - Kyuhyun

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3 July: Kyuhyun singing at friend's wedding

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2 July:
It's so nice that it's raining.. It's because I'm at the age when I personally like the rainy season the most~^^
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19 June: Kyuhyun Twitter Update
@GaemGyu: The Three Musketeers is starting yet again. We Are One till the end of time The Three Musketeers fighting!! It’s starting It starts ^^http://yfrog.com/gyfz3ldj http://yfrog.com/h4bpcisj

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16 June: Masita Press Conference in Thailand - Kyuhyun [Fancam]
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Masita Press Conference in Thailand – Kyuhyun [Fancams!]

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Perfection (Kyuhyun focus)
Ending (Kyuhyun focus)

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Interview Part 1
Interview Part 2
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 Super Girl

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@GaemGyu:  GaemGyu’s Taiwanese 24h PC Bang Open (4 people capacity, watch out for the mosquitos) yfrog.com/hs2xcfsj yfrog.com/h4x1xdvj yfrog.com/h8ncmejj

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Kyuhyun… The Witty Evil Magnae
Behind his handsome and innocent smile, Kyuhyun can change to a witty man with comments that can ‘kill’ his opponents.
As a magnae (youngest one in the group), Kyuhyun should be polite and respect the older members. When he first joined Super Junior, Kyuhyun remembers the members often bullied him, most often being asked to cook ramen. You all know that Kyuhyun’s ramen is being called the legend of Han River since it has too much water, right? Kekekeke..
“I don’t know how much water I should use, so the result was like that. Also I once wanted to cook meat. I asked Ryeowook, he said use cooking oil. But I used sesame oil instead”, said Kyuhyun. In the end Ryeowook often helps Kyuhyun to cook. Eventually only Ryeowook who cooks. Kyuhyun said he just need to be the supervisor..
After getting closer with the other members, Kyuhyun started to show his true side. “Gradually I became brave and acted innocent while saying “Hyung I want to eat” they would not have the heart to reject and they would treat me a meal. Even buying me clothes”, he said satisfyingly.
Eunhyuk denied it straight away, “More precisely, he ordered us “Hyung I want food!” There’s no other magnae in other groups who is as rude as the one in our group”, Leeteuk added.
Kyuhyun surely likes to pranked his seniors. This man is happiest when interviewed in radio (SUKIRA) because it’s not scripted and spontaneous. He will exhaustively prank and tell all secrets of his 2 seniors. The same with live TV. He often imitates Siwon’s cool walking style. When everyone was clapping seeing donghae dances, he grinned and acted horrified while closing his eyes.
Kyuhyun’s wittiness is not only for Super Junior but also to his other seniors in DBSK, Changmin. In one TV show, he was asked to call someone he can rely on the most when asking for help. With a despaired voice he called and asked Changmin to come. Hearing that kind of call Changmin panicked, and came straight away gasping to the place where Kyuhyun was. Woahh!
Kyuhyun might not be the type that updates in virtual world often. But once he has the time, the sentences that he writes could be amazing. With his twitter, Kyuhyun once vented his anger to antifans. He wrote on Twitter, “I can stand with bad things that you said for what I’ve done. But don’t point your finger at my family and hurt them too. Think before you write!”
At other times he likes to reply to fans’ questions to other members in Super Junior Cyworld. If there’re questions for him, his answers are never serious. Here are examples of Kyuhyun’s random answers.
Pink Box:
Fans: Oppa, the test result is coming out, do I have to hide it?
Kyu: Tear and throw it straight away
Fan: I am now in year 12 but I want to go to super show 3. If I fail my exams do you want to take responsibility?
Kyuhyun: I can’t do that ^^
Fan: Oppa, you’re handsome
Kyu: Indeed ^^
Fan: The weather is so cold, be careful the wind can blow us all away.
Kyuhyun: We are all heavy, especially Shindong.
Fan: Oppa why are you cynical? Do you eat something bad?
Kyuhyun: Your love is a poisonous food ^^
Fan: It’s so hot. Are you in air conditioned room now?
Kyu: You know, I am now sleeping in a van with broken AC, it’s hot and killing me.
Since super junior members going outside music area, Kyuhyun was a little worried why there’s no one who gives him an offer. “I asked to myself ‘where’s my turn?’ Thankfully that offer came” he said.
At the audition, there were 4 people who are being casted for D’Artagnan character including Kyuhyun. “Each of us has own different characters. I gave a foolish/clumsy image to D’Artagnan”
D’artagnan is pictured as a clumsy and innocent country bumpkin when he came to the city. Even though Kyuhyun in his daily life shows his clumsy side often, he was still worried about how to act as a man from countryside.
“I was very nervous during the first rehearsal. I showed a very clumsy side. All of my seniors laughed straight away and said I was already as clumsy as D’artnagan!
I was often scolded by my seniors especially Kim Buprae who’s always tell me my mistakes. He said I can’t control my feet and body and keep them steady. But don’t take it wrong, it was a very good advice”, added Kyuhyun.
He was worried because there were fanatic fans that criticize Kyuhyun’s seniors. Kyuhyun was also the only one of the 4 musketeers that covered his kissing scene with a hat to avoid fans protest to his acting partner.
From his twitter username @GameGyu you all know what Kyuhyun ultimate hobby is, right? Playing game! He once said, when he was in year 12 he was supposed to study for final exam, but instead he was playing game all night. If he weren’t a singer, he dreams to be a pro game player. His favourite game is starcraft. Seo Kyungjong, a pro gamer praised Kyuhyun’s ability which are on the same level as the other pro gamers.
His habit on playing game whenever and wherever makes other members shake their heads. “I’m amazed with kyuhyun. He plays game every day, never affected with anything. Be blessed for those people who can focus that well with one thing and not affected with other things around them like that” praised Zhoumi, super junior M member.

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11 April:
Kyuhyun, who was previously reported to have been involved in a car accident on April 8th, has revealed that he is in okay condition.

On April 11th, SM Entertainment spoke through TV Report and stated, “He received contusions on his arms and legs due to the accident. Just in case, we had him receive a thorough medical examination, but test results have revealed that there is no further injuries.”
Although Kyuhyun had to cancel his appearance in “The Three Musketeers” on the day of the accident, representatives revealed that his future schedules will not be affected. Kyuhyun will be returning to Taipei, Taiwan with his Super Junior-M members within the month.
His representative continued, “Although he wasn’t severely injured, he has several bad memories regarding accidents, so he is taking a brief break for the sake of his health. He will be going back to the hospital today to receive a final check-up.”
Source: TV Report via Nate via allkpop
8 April:Kyuhyun Involved in a car Accident “Receives Minor Injuries”

Group Super Junior’s Kyuhyun has received treatment for injuries incurred from a car accident.
Kyuhyun’s management company, SM Entertainment disclosed on April 8, “he was involved in a minor collision today, where he received bruises.”
While on his way to go to The Three Musketeers which was holding its performance at Kwangju Cultural Arts Center, his car collided with a truck that was changing lane. After the accident, Kyuhyun received treatment at a hospital.
Kyuhyun has only received minor injuries from this accident. However, as a precaution, he is receiving a thorough medical check up.
Meanwhile, it is expected that Kyuhyun will not be able to participate in The Three Musketeer’s Kwangjoo performance.
Source: BNTNewsTranslated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

Super Junior Kyuhyun Involved in Car Accident

Super Junior’s Kyu Hyun was involved in a car accident earlier this morning, suffering a contusion on his arm and leg, SM Entertainment (SME) said today. “Around 5AM on Friday, Kyu Hyun was taken to a local hospital after crashing into a truck changing lanes. He was diagnosed with arm and leg contusions but no structural damages were found in his bones,” SME said through a statement. He is currently in a stable condition but is being closely examined in case of more serious problems.
Kyu Hyun was on his way to the southern city of Gwangju for his musical show, “The Three Musketeers,” but got hit by a truck around Jeong Eub, a small city near Gwnagju. Due to the injury, Kyu Hyun will not appear on Friday’s show. “The Three Musketeers” is Kyu Hyun’s first musical appearance as he was casted for the role of the main protagonist, D’Artagnan.
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Group Super Juniors member Kyuhyun got hurt due to a collision accident on 8th morning.
The car Kyuhyun was in was heading towards GwangJu Arts Hall in order to perform the musical “Three Musketeers” when it collided with a truck changi
Kyuhyun has bruises on arms and legs but thankfully has nothing wrong with his bones, but is in for detailed examination just in case. 
Source: EDaily SPN
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Super Junior Kyuhyun suffered bruises during a recent car accident. On April 8th at 5AM, Kyuhyun was on his way to the Gwangju Culture & Art Center Grand Theater for his musical “Angels.”
A truck was in the process of changing lanes and hit Kyuhyun’s vehicle, causing an accident. Kyuhyun was sent to a nearby hospital. He acquired bruises on both his arms and legs, but initial diagnosis says that he seemed to not have suffered from any bone fractures or broken bones. Kyuhyun is currently getting an examination.
Due to the traffic accident, Kyuhyun’s may not make it for his April 8th show for his musical “Angel.”
Credit: Koreaboo | Newsen
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On April 8th, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun was involved in a car accident, leading him to be slightly injured.
Later that day, SM Entertainment officially announced, “Kyuhyun was treated for injuries resulting from a car accident. In order to perform for his musical ‘The Three Musketeers‘, Kyuhyun was driving to Kwangju Cultural Arts Center at 5AM. As he was trying to merge into a different lane, he hit a truck, resulting in a minor collision. He had slight bruises on his leg and arm, but fortunately, his bones weren’t injured. He is currently undergoing a physical examination to check for more possible injuries.
In the late afternoon, Kyuhyun tried to reassure his fans by tweeting, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry“.
Actor Uhm Ki Joon replaced Kyuhyun for April 8th’s performance of ‘The Three Musketeers’.
Source: BNT News via Nate | allkpop
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MTV Taiwan Grade A Entertainment – Kyuhyun’s Accident Cut

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31 Maret:Group youngest members who lead their group! – Pop in Seoul

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25 Maret:Kyu Receives a Call from a Fan in his Hotel Room!!!
I assume that the phone call took place in a hotel in Shanghai because the SJ members were in China at that time.
It is amazing that Kyuhyun took the call of the fan and did not show any sign of irritation at the intrusion of privacy. He was very kind to her, patient, polite, and even thoughtful (Wow, a personal “good night” greeting from him on the phone!). He must have been awakened by the call based on that deep “bedroom” voice he had in the audio.
Funny how he even pretended to be DBSK’s Changmin. smilee.gif
For sure the girls (there were 2 of them: one who was talking to Kyu and the other who was doing the coaching of what to say) admired Kyu even more after the conversation because he was very nice to them. It just shows how gentle and good of a person Kyu is.
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MTV K Poll: Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Is Voted The #1 K-Pop Maknae!

Did you expect anything different? Super Junior‘s Leeteuk was the fan-voted #1 K-Pop leader and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun has been voted the #1 K-Pop maknae!
MTV K’s top 10 maknaes went from SHINee‘s Taemin at number 1 and TVXQ‘sChangmin at number 2. Big Bang‘s Seungri was number 3 and Kyuhyun was originally at number 4.
Check out the full fan-voted ranking below! I see SM Entertainment maknaes have taken 1, 2, 3, and 4. Congrats to Kyuhyun!
1. Super Junior’s Kyuhyun
2. SHINee’s Taemin
3. Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun
4. TVXQ’s Changmin
5. Big Bang’s Seungri
6. 2PM’s Chansung
7. Kara’s Jiyoung
8. U-Kiss’ Dongho
9. 2NE1′s Minzy
10. 2AM’s Jinwoon

Source: mtvk.com
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7 Februari:
Looks like the “Secret Garden” craze is still going strong!
Despite being under the weather, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun not only sang a beautiful rendition of “That Man” from the “Secret Garden” OST on the radio show, “Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio” (Sukira), but also flexed a bit of his acting chops while reading the famous letter that Kim Ju-won wrote to Gil Ra-Im.Compose
Check out the videos below!
> Letter Reading

> “That Man”

Source: allkpop
Credit : cuteberry0203 
28 Januari: 
Interview dengan Kyuhyun...The Three Musketeers yang dimulai pada 15 Desember tahun lalu di Seoul Choongmoo Art Hall yang akan berakhir di Seoul tgl 30 bulan ini. Saat ditanya bagaimana perasaannya meninggalkan The Three Musketeers. Ia menyatakan, “I guess I have become attached to the musical stage.

▶Pusat Asia Hallyu…memasuki panggung musikal
Musikal The Three Musketeers merupakan adaptasi dari novel (1844) yang ditulis oleh French author Dumas. Kisah dengan latar Louis XIII. Musikal ini memiliki story framework yang sama dengan novel swordsman D’Artagnan, penjaga kerajaan, Arthos, Portos dan Artemis yang berdiri pada konspirasi Cardinal Richelieu. Banyak bintang musikal tampil disini diantaranya Yoo Joonsang, Min Youngki, Kim Jinsoo, Kim Bubrae, Uhm Kijoon, Kim Mooyeol.
Kyuhyun yang debut sebagai penyanyi bersama Super Junior tahun 2005 merupakan veteran idol yang grupnya terkenal sebagai “the center of Asia Hallyu” pada American news channel CNN. Ini merupakan pertama kalinya ia tampil dalam musikal.
Ia memiliki pure voice color bahkan vocal teacher terkenal Park Sunjoo yang mengajar Wheesung dan Ivy merasa iri. Yang menjadi pertanyaan adalah apakah vokalnya cocok dalam musikal.
It was really burdensome as I never done acting before. Jay hyung did musicals before. Mooyeol hyung is a big star and Kijoon hyung has a great filmography. But sine the character is country bumpkin D’Artagnan who has to give off the feeling of a young man from the countryside, I thought I could grab this character.
Musical manias criticized my vocalization that I sing the songs like a gayo. Bad vibration, the goat singing method…. I asked the sunbaes, “what is the singing method for musicals?They said that there’s no such thing. I heard that there’s no need for D’Artagnan to sing like an opera singer. So, I was encouraged by it. Also, I never learned the singing method of opera that I didn’t try to imitate it. So, I’m singing the song my way.
We are the Three Musketeers, one for all, all for one
Senior di musikal membantu Kyuhyun. Kim Bubrae membantu Kyuhyun dengan gerakannya dad Yoo Joonsang mengajarkan bagaimana convey the lines saat menyanyi. Kim Mooyeol memberikan saran tiap latihan. Moto Musikal The Three Musketeers dan judul dari highlight song, All for One, One for All.
The first performance was in mid December and I started practicing in October. From October to end of December, I didn’t practice the musical much. I just practiced the sword scene. I would go there at 10 o’clock and would practice the sword scene until 4 or 5 in the afternoon. After that I would practice the musical for a short time. But as the date of the first performance drew near, I couldn’t participate in the practice because of my other schedule. That was disappointing. I wanted to show more…
Ia sekarang membuat cukup adlibs. Saat ia gagal ujian masuk 'three musketeers’, ia mengatakan, “why did I fail? When it’s this full, why!” dan membuat penonton tertawa. Ia juga menggunakan Hyunbin line dalam drama Secret Garden,is this the best you can do? Are you sure?” Kyuhyun tampak memuaskan dengan imitasi Hyunbin.
SBS Secret Garden is the trend right now. So, when I throw to the audience a fishing line with a rose attached to it, I say Hyunbin’s line. The response is great. Actually, when I first practiced the musical, I said a lot of adlibs and was scolded by the director. He said it’s the baddest habit. Other actors become familar with the script and the characters and as that character, the lines are the character’s adlibs… So, I got permission to use adlibs in the scene in the first half when I’m talking to the three musketeers after dueling them and also in the fishing scene in the second half.
 ▶A rich rice man Kyuhyun. Di luar teater, 2000 kilogram rice wreaths sebagai display yang menunjukkan popularitas Kyuhyun. Dan juga ada wreaths dari fans Taiwan dan Jepang.
I continued to perform overseas including China that I have a lot of fans from overseas. Unfortunately, even though Japanese subtitles are available, there are no other subtitles available that I feel sorry.
Saat ditanya mengenai personalitasnya dibandingkan dengan D’Artagnan’s, ia menyatakan, “he’s similar to me.
D’Artagnan is a foolish young man who attacks saying, “what? a country bumpkin? Let’s duel!” The character gets angry at the smallest thing and I have that side of me in my regular life. Now, I’ve become older that it’s gotten better and I try to calm down. Super Junior members and I play mischievous jokes on each other and we just move on afterward. Actually, since I’m the maknae of the team, I tease the hyungs.
Saat ditanya mengenai kiss scene dengan Constance, (Dana) Kyuhyun menyatakan, “we kiss three times but I get kissed by her that it’s less burdensome.
The kiss scene that he can’t do with his eyes open!
It’s a secret whether or not the lips touch. If I concentrate on the story, I could do it…. Are you asking if I’m not kissing? I saw a lot of reviews saying, “I thought they wouldn’t do it, but I actually saw the lips touch.” In reality, there is a scene where Dana noona kisses me when I’m laying on the floor, the noona said she can’t do it with her eyes open because of the audience. So, since she kisses me with her eyes closed, her lips touch my cheek or my eye.
Saat ditanya, “don’t you get nervous when you do a kiss scene?” ia menyatakan, “I don’t think much when I do it because I’m acting as another person and Dana noona’s also acting as another person. I knew Dana noona since way before so” Ia menambahkan, “I always get nervous that I don’t know where the lips are going to touch. At first, I thought let’s not make a mistake. Now, I’m enjoying acting…
Kyuhyun ideal type girl adalah, “someone who’s pure, feminine and smiles easily.
▶Kyuhyun, his stage is not over yet.
Saat The Three Musketeers berakhir, Kyuhyun akan bekerja di China sebagai Super Junior M. Produksi albumnya sudah dimulai, filming music video telah selesai dan mereka sedang berlatih untuk koreografi. Saat dalam musikal, ia mengikuti Asia tour dan SM Town concerts. Sejak akhir tahun lalu, ia menjadi MC bersama Leeteuk dan Eunhyuk dalam MBC Every1′s Super Junior’s Foresight.
Pada akhirnya ia menyatakan, “I’ll become Kyuhyun who doesn’t let his fans down.”
“Don’t look at me with bias. Look at me as I am. Oh, also, I guess I got a taste of musicals. When the performance ended, my feelings were overwhelmed thinking that I was still D’Artagnan… Representatives, if there’s another opportunity, I want to do a musical again!
Source: Donga
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22 Januari: 
Super Junior maknae Kyuhyun menikmati biggest popularity di Korea dan juga Asia sebagai idol star yang warms your heart. Super Junior membuat Asia wild lewat lagu hit Don’t Don dan Sorry Sorry. Ia juga menunjukkan sisi lainnya bersama Super Junior-M dan S.M. The Ballad dan mendapat big popularity di Jepang, Taiwan, China dll.
Kyuhyun juga menjadi new rising newcomer dalam musikal dengan superb acting D’Artagnan dalam musikal The Three Musketeers. Walaupun merupakan musikal pertamanya, musical industry menyadari singing talentnya, kemampuan untuk memimpin cerita dan natural akting skill.
Fans mengirimkan beras sebagai ganti wreaths ke Choongmo Art Hall dimana musikal diadakan. Kyuhyun menyatakan ia akan mengirim lebih dari 2000 kilogram beras ke Yeouido Gospel Seongbuk gereja yang ia hadiri. Kyuhyun, a born believer dari Yeouido Gospel Seongbuk church mengembangkan kepercayaannya dengan menghadiri church preschool dan kindergarten. Sejak kecil, ia menjadi volunteer dengan memainkan biola dalam ensemble class dan saat di middle school, ia memainkan clarinet. Saat gereja dibagi menjadi beberapa tempat, ia melanjutkan hidupnya sebagai believer di Yeouido Gospel Seongbuk church.
Ibu Kyuhyun Deacon Kim Hannah bekerja sebagai pemimpin region selama lebih dari 20 tahun dan telah menjadi volunteer untuk church choir selama 18 tahun. Kyuhyun yang tumbuh dalam doa ibunya memenangkan award dalam bible memorization competition saat anak-anak. Ia juga memenangkan award untuk missionary work dan diligently attended the church. Ia merupakan model student yang bekerja keras menyebarkan God’s word dan selalu prays diligently pada misa Minggu.
Even when I’m busy doing overseas schedule, I have a quite time in my spare time. My mind becomes at ease when I read God’s words and meditate. If I can’t go to church for some reason, the whole week gets hard for me. I always try to attend Sunday mass because bad things happen and I get dissatisfied with myself if I don’t attend mass.
Kyuhyun menikmati big popularity sebagai vokalis di school band saat ia bersekolah di YeomKwang high school. Saat 3rd grader in high school, ia memenangkan gold medal dalam 2005 Buddy Contest dan memenangkan bronze medal dalam Chin Chin Young Adult Gayo Festival, menerima banyak perhatian dari music producers. Saat Kyuhyun tamat sekolah, ia merupakan member dari church Praise Ministry team untuk beberapa saat. Pada tahun itu menandatangani kontrak dengan SM Entertainment dan bergabung dengan Super Junior sebagai maknae tahun 2006.
Saat ia menambah popularitas, ada kejadian mengejutkan pada April 2007. Saat ia dan member Super junior lain menyelesaikan KBS 2FM Super Junior Kiss the Radio, van yang mereka tumpangi terbalik. Kyuhyun jatuh 200 meter, tulang rusuk dan pelvisnya patah. Saat kecelakaan terjadi , Kyuhyun berlutut dan memanggil nama God. Ia mengatakan, “God, I was wrong. Forgive me. Thank you God” dan ia kehilangan kesadarannya. Ia menyaatakan hal pertama yang ada dalam pikirannya adalah ia neglected God karena jadwalnya yang padat.
Saat fans dan keluarga Kyuhyun mengetahui tentang kecelakaan tersebut, mereka menghadiri misa pagi dan berdoa. Setelah 5 bulan mendapat penanganan, Kyuhyun berpartisipasi dalam album kedua Super Junior walaupun ia belum sembuh total. Kemudian ia mendapat pengobatan untuk 2 bulan selanjutnya dan kembali. “The three months when I had to lie in the hospital bed was a difficult time. But I leaned on God and it became a time for me to be more thankful to God. I listened to Pastor Cho Yonggi’s sermon and had quite times. It was an opportunity for me to be closer to God.
Kyuhyun percaya Tuhan akan selalu bersamanya. Ia berdoa selama 5 menit sebelum naik ke panggung untuk musikal, konser maupun program. “I think that I’m not afraid of anything on stage when God is with me. I pray that he be with me until the end and also pray that my members don’t get hurt and stay health.
Ia tidak lupa membaca bible walaupun jadwalnya padat. “I read the holy bible. Even though all the words are benevolent, his words, ‘you are the salt of the earth, light of the world’ gives me the most strength.
Kyuhyun juga berpikir positif dengan mimpi dan visinya untuk hidup a life where he gives back his glory to God. “Along with Super Junior activities, I’m doing several individual acitivities. I want to challenge myself to try different fields starting with the musical. I want to become a person who has influence so that I can spread God’s word. Also, I pray for young adults to believe and feel that God is always with them.
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10 Januari:
“The kid I’m looking for, you can’t see him easily and he’s able to see the wide world. He loves small grass leaves.”
When I was on my way back home from watching Kyuhyun’s debut stage as the clumsy country bumpkin D’Artagnan in The Three Musketeers, I thought of Camomile’s song The Kid I’m Looking For. Kyuhyun, the thirteenth member of Super Junior is currently working as a musical actor. The innocent young man Kyuhyun is living happily as D’Artagnan and has fallen in love with charms of musical curtain calls. Kyuhyun who says he’s “Now somewhat used to the highly technical ad libs from the sunbaes” started the interview with his feeling about his musical debut claiming, “For the first four performances, I was getting angry with myself.”
With <The Three Musketeers> as the start, you began your musical career.
I did my first performance on December 21st. Including the afternoon performances, I did four performances for three days in a row. At that time, I got angry with myself. I regretted it thinking, “Why did I do it like that?” In the beginning, I didn’t fully understand and I was swamped. Fortunately, because there were people who encouraged me, I’m able to stand here today. Now, I have my own character and I don’t know about compliments, but I don’t get angry with myself anymore. (laughs)
You need to do ad libs during the musical. I’m sure there are many occasions when unexpected things happen.
There’s a scene where D’Artagnan goes down to the audience to complete the missions in order to become a musketeer. At first, I simply did ad libs. One time, I got a mission saying that I have to kiss an audience member. I was thinking about what to do and in the end, I couldn’t do it and just returned to the stage. Now, I have my own method. I can do anything and everything now. (laughs) One time, during the scene where Jussac and D’Artagna have a duel, the audio went out. At that moment, I was thinking, “Is this a rehearsal?” So, I was going to ask, “Hyung, what are we going to do?” But before doing that, I thought, “Ah, I shouldn’t do that!” So, I just started. The sunbaes told me that I did good. (laughs) I think that I can react to situations more quickly now.
There are a lot of reviews saying, “Kyuhyun was D’Artagnan.”
Didn’t fans write that? I often read performance reviews and there are three types of reviews. Half of them are my fans complimenting me and half of them are people who love musicals. There are also people who comment that it was either unexpectedly good or that there are big differences between me and the other actors. On the days when I think I did badly or I’m really tired doing The Three Musketeers, I read reviews from the fans. They really give me strength because it makes me think, “Even with this performance, they are cheering me on.” Some audiences said that they didn’t expect many things because an idol singer was going to appear. But after seeing the musical, they said it was unexpectedly good. Others pointed out that I have bad vibrations and that my vocalization is not suited for musicals.
I’ve heard that even veteran actors don’t read reviews they are demoralizing.
Of course I get hurt sometimes. But I know they are a big help to me. There are a lot of people who leave malicious comments about me. Those who leave malicious comments and attack some other aspects about me regardless of whether I sing, act or appear on variety shows. But the audiences who write musical reviews give me advice after watching my musical performances. They are not people who just hate me. They talk about things that they didn’t like after seeing my performance. I like them because I can learn about things I need to fix.
Did you ever see other D’Artagnan’s (Uhm Kijoon, Kim Mooyeol and Jay) performance?
I really wanted to see them all, but I was only able to see Mooyeol hyung’s D’Artagnan because of my schedule. I saw it before starting my first performance. I learned a lot from it thinking, “Hyung interpreted it like that.” It’s amazing because each scene is different the way the actors interpret it differently. When I saw the performance, it was more like watching Kim Mooyeol’s The Three Musketeers and following his movement rather than watching the musical The Three Musketeers. (laughs)
I’m sure there were big burdens on you.
It was difficult at first for a lot of reasons. It wasn’t like I got the role through an audition. Also, I got a big role in my first work that I felt sorry and burdensome. So, I worked hard and the sunbaes saw that and helped me a lot. Mooyeol hyung even came to the practice room when he didn’t need to and he taught me everything after watching me practice.
There are a lot of veteran actors including Kim Bubrae and Seo Bumsuk.
Bumsuk hyung told me to just talk loudly. I normally talk softly and he told that I can’t do that in musicals. He told me to talk loudly even if the line says I have to speak softly. (laughs) I was really confused and Kim Bubrae sunbaenim told me to stand still. He said if the actor’s nervous, the audience will become more nervous. He told me not to look so nervous even if I am. When I was practicing, after each scene, the sunbaenims came and coached me on how to do the scenes.
Ah, sounds like it must have caused a lot of stress. (laughs)
Not at all. When I heard that I was cast in The Three Musketeers, I was thinking if I should learn acting separately. Suju member Yesung hyung said, “Being taught in the practice room by the hyungs who do musicals are the most accurate.” I was worried thinking, “What if they don’t want to teach me?” But the sunbaes taught me closely that it was really good.
Singing was more easy, right?
I received a lot of criticism for my singing as well. (laughs) I still had my habit that I had singing on Gayo stage. When I sing, I have to act too. But I received some comments that I only sing. That was difficult. If I want to continue working as a musical actor, that problem is something I have to solve.
Doing the musical, when were you most proud of yourself?
Super Junior is a group that has more than 10 members. (laughs) Since I’m the maknae, I didn’t receive a lot of spotlight. With the musical, I receive a lot of spotlight. So, in that aspect I like it. (laughs) I can’t forget the feeling of inspiration I received in my first performance. Curtain calls are touching with every performance. In that moment when I’m saying hello, it feels like I’m Kyuhyun and not D’Artagnan. There’s also a feeling of “I did it” that I get overwhelmed. When I stand on stage as D’Artagnan, it’s really fun. I think it’s more more fun doing musical than singing on stage as a singer. (laughs) I think it was really a good decision to do the musical.
I’ve heard that Composer Yoo Youngsuk said, “You are a genius. Where did you come from?” It was a late discovery of Kyuhyun.
Sigh. I’m not a genius or anything like that. Yoo Youngsuk sunbaenim helped making Super Junior’s third album. During that time, he paid close attention to me. Before the third album, you couldn’t see me because the members who primarily danced stood in the front while the members who sang stood in the back. After the third album, Sorry Sorry, I sang in the front and there were many opportunities to show myself on the variety programs.
Vocal trainer Park Sunjoo said, “I saw Kyuhyun’s potentials first” which received a lot of interest.
I was always interested in singing as I was the band vocal in my middle school. Before becoming a singer, I tried out for a singing competition called Buddy Buddy Gayo Contest to win the reward money. (laughs) I met teacher Park Sunjoo through that contest. The sunbaenim wanted to work with me. So, I just said yes and waited for her. Afterward, SM contacted me, but I told them that I have already decided to work with teacher Park Sunjoo and kept waiting for her to contact me. But that was when she was singing A Man And A Woman with Kim Bumsoo sunbaenim. I couldn’t get in touch with her. Finally, I contacted SM and asked if they are still willing to accept me. That’s how I joined Super Junior. (laughs)
What kind of a singer or a musical actor do you want to be?
I don’t think now is the time for me to discuss what kind of a singer or a musical actor I want to be. (Yesung told me he really wants to do Jekyll and Hyde.) I think it’s too rash to think about that now. Haha. I have to focus on my singing career and if I’m given the chance to do another muscial, I’m going to do it with full of passion. Now, I’m only thinking about The Three Musketeers because I think I can do other work later. If I did a good job, wouldn’t other producers hire me? If there’s no talk about that when I’m done with The Three Musketeers. Hmm~(laughs) I want to finish The Three Musketeers well!
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Translated By: Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

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