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Selasa, 21 Agustus 2012

4th annual Incheon ‘Korean Music Wave‘

Source: www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com
22 August:

The line-up for the 4th annual Incheon ‘Korean Music Wave‘ has been revealed!
The ‘Korean Music Wave’ will be held on September 15th at the Incheon World Cup Stadium. The artists scheduled to perform are Super Junior, KARA, F.T. Island, Wooyoung, TEEN TOP, 4minute,A Pink, ZE:A, Rainbow, Girl’s Day, and B.A.P.
The HH Company representative Lee Hyuk Jae stated, “We are glad to announce the 4th year of the Incheon ’Korean Music Wave’. It is a festival that not only involves music, but combines Korea’s music and culture together in one spot. Through this festival we can also display Incheon as not just a regular city, but one that can be associated with the Korean culture.
Credit: Nate | allkpop

The 4th annual “Korean Music Wave” concert will take place on September 15 at the World Cup Stadium in Incheon. This year’s concert, hosted by MBC Music and HH Company, will feature some of the top K-Pop acts, including Super Junior, Kara, FT Island, Jang Woo Young, 4minute, Teen Top, APink, ZE:A, Rainbow, Girls’ Day, and B.A.P.
“We’re extremely happy to be able to host ‘2012 Korean Music Wave’ for the fourth year in a row. ‘2012 Korean Music Wave’ is not just a simple music event, but a chance to enjoy Korean music and culture all at once. Also, we hope this event will make Incheon an exciting city that reminds people of Korean culture as a whole,” HH Company’s CEO Lee Hyuk Jae was quoted as saying.
Meanwhile, tickets to the event will go on sales on August 23 through Yes24. Are you going to this concert?
Credit: http://www.soompi.com
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