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Selasa, 23 Oktober 2012

Super Junior Debut 7th Anniversary Party

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21 October:

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk recently shared his thoughts on holding his final fan meet ahead of his military enlistment via his Twitter on October 21st.
The group held their seventh anniversary party with their official fanclub ‘Elf‘ at the Korea University gymnasium on the afternoon of the 20th.
The singer wrote, “Although it was a party held a bit in advance of our seventh anniversary, I had so, so much fun with everyone. I think it was a lot more fun because I worked hand in hand with the fanclub director nuna and really participated in the process.”
He continued, “Although I won’t be with you guys for our eighth anniversary, I’ll be with everyone for our ninth. It sounds very short thinking about it like this, right? This was an opportunity for me to feel once again how crazily in love we are with each other. Elf. I respect and love you. Let’s last a long time together.”
Leeteuk will be enlisting on the 30th.
Source: Lee Teuk (special1004) on Twitter AllkpopShared at sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by uksujusid

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