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Kamis, 06 Oktober 2011

Song Hye Kyo

24 Feb:

Actress Song Hye Gyo has sued 41 netizens for defamation of character.
Her legal team submitted the lawsuit at the Seoul Central District Court against the 41 netizens who were involved in spreading of the rumor that the actress had a ‘sponsor-relationship’ with a politician (aka a sexual relationship in exchange for money) from September 2008 to December 2011. The Kangnam Police Station, who has been assigned the case, will be starting their investigation shortly.
Her legal representatives stated, “Although Song Hye Gyo had known that false rumors were being spread, she had hoped for the netizens to stop on their own. However, the level of defamation had reached a point which could no longer be tolerated, and thus, she has decided to take legal action.”
In related news, the actress will be leaving for China to being filming for her new movie.
Source: Sports Seoul - allkpop

17 October:
Actress Song Hye Gyo showed a big smile to a compliment she received, “You’ve matured as an actress.” For the first time in four years, she returned from her hiatus as an actress with a new movie, ‘Today‘.

Song Hye Gyo couldn’t hide her happiness when she heard compliments from journalists such as “You’ve really played the character well”. She excitedly expressed, “I feel really appreciative for such compliments, because I really missed them.
I had a lot of time for contemplation since I had to act out experiences I have never had. I really wanted to work on this movie and that’s why I chose to do it, however I also had a lot of questions regarding whether or not I could do it well.” Song Hye Gyo expressed that despite her concerns, however, she was able to work more smoothly than she originally thought she could.
She also noted, “I think throughout the process of filming I could understand my character, Da Hye’s perspective.”
I had to keep myself from losing control. Da Hye’s character really gets into me. There were some scenes where I felt that I could have totally lost control, and I had to stop myself from unconsciously doing so. I think it is because I got into this character really deeply, and that’s the reason for my improved acting.”
Song Hye Gyo plays Da Hye who must deal with life after losing her fiancee.  This role reportedly surpasses her previous level of acting. Deep emotions of confusion, guilt, rage, sadness, and loneliness will be delivered to the audience through Song Hye Gyo’s acting.
The movie will be released on October 27th.
Source: Chosun - allkpop

8 October:
Actress Song Hye Kyo revealed her true thoughts on public dating in a recent interview.

Song Hye Kyo explained, during the interview, ”The impact of going public with relationships twice is powerful“. ”I’m currently 30 years old, and I think at this age twice is definitely no big deal.
Due to my career as an actress, it’s upsetting that it is easily and carelessly talked about by the public,” she continued about going public with relationships, “I do feel helpless since I have that certain public image.”
Regarding her two relationships and eventual separations she said, “Time has passed now and I have moved on.”
Netizens commented, “I can definitely relate to her“, “Stay strong“, “It may be better to keep relationships secret from now on“.
Song Hye Gyo will be on big screens soon with her new movie, ‘Today‘ on October 27th.
Source: Naver - allkpop

7 October:
During a sit-down interview with an entertainment program on SBSSong Hye Kyo (29) was asked if she were jealous when she saw an affectionate loving couple around her.

Very envious,” she answered. But apparently marriage is an after-thought for the actress, as she wants to focus on her career at the moment. She continued, “I have no plans for marriage anytime soon. I want to work.”
When asked when she would be ready to tie the knot, she replied, “No one knows for sure.”
She also shared the perks of being a celebrity, along with a few downfalls. She explained, “I get a lot of free food when I eat out, but I can’t comfortably walk around in public freely like I want to… I would like to walk the streets of Myungdong and peek at all the little shops like a normal person, but unfortunately I can’t.”
Song Hye Kyo who has already been in the entertainment business for 16 years also discussed acting, her life, as well as new upcoming movie ‘Today‘.
Source & Image : MyDaily via Nate - allkpop

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