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Kamis, 14 Juni 2012

140612 M!

Mnet’s “M! Countdown” is back with another spectacular episode chock-full of exciting performances!
Aside from the usual stages on tonight’s episode, boy group Boyfriend held their comeback stage with their retro title track “Love Style“.
The five ladies of f(x) also shocked the audience with their comeback track “Electric Shock“.
Korean-Chinese-Japanese boy group CROSS GENE made their hot debut with “La-Di Da-Di
Last but not least, the wonderful Wonder Girls continued to pump the crowd with “Like This“.
Competing for the #1 spot, it was a hot battle between G.NAINFINITE, and Wonder Girls, but in the end, it was INFINITE who clinched the win tonight with “The Chaser“!
Congratulations to INFINITE for their ‘M! Countdown’ trophy and triple crown win!
[Next Week’s Teasers]
After School >
Performers tonight included Kim Ji Soo, Dal Shabet, Baek Ji Young, INFINITE, Juniel, Hello Venus, A-JAX, EXO-K, G.NA, M.I.B, U-KISS, and VIXX!
Check out the performances below:
Hello Venus >
Dal Shabet >
Baek Ji Young >
The ladies of f(x) have released their newest EP ‘Electric Shock‘.
The album was released for digital consumption on June 10th (KST) and contains six total tracks: “Electric Shock“, “Jet“, “Zig Zag“, “Beautiful Stranger“, “Love Hate“, and “Let’s Try“. The music video for “Electric Shock” has been raking in views as well.
In order to commemorate their comeback stage special, the girls prepared performances for both “Electric Shock” and their follow-up track “Jet”.
Check both out below, and be sure to catch the rest of today’s exciting performances here.
The lovely Wonder Girls have made their return with their mini-album ‘Wonder Party‘!
The album contains six songs in all, and the Wonder Girls themselves participated in the production of some of the tracks. Yenny helped produce and compose the songs “R.E.A.L” and “Girlfriend”, whileYubin contributed to the composition of “Hey Boy“. J.Y. Park, often called “The Asiansoul“, produced and composed their title track “Like This“.
The girls have been gearing up for their comeback, beginning with Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown‘. Check out their performances of “Girlfriend” and “Like This” below, and the rest of today’s performances here!
After kicking off their Korean comeback preparations with the release of a floral teaser image as well as a video teaser featuring the boys’ new “downtown hipster” look, idol group Boyfriend has officially released their new SWEETUNE-produced track, “Love Style“!
The melody of the new track is dynamic and fresh, and the guitar riffs give the song a unique sound that makes it hard to forget. The addictive dance track’s lyrics uncover the ‘love styles’ of the 6 members who say that they are willing to do anything for the person they love, even if it means stealing the stars in the sky.
The boys took the stage during today’s broadcast of ‘M! Countdown‘ to put on a memorable comeback stage for fans to enjoy.
Check out Boyfriend as they perform “Love Style” and “One Day” decked out in adorable outfits below, and the rest of today’s performances here!
New rookie idol group CROSS GENE recently unveiled their debut music video for “La-Di Da-Di“.
The group is comprised of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese members like Shin Won Ho, who has made himself known through his appearances in various dramas and CFs, model/actor Takuya, who also starred in the Asia special of the variety show ‘Dream Team‘, and four others, Casper, Sangmin, J.G., and Yongsuk.
Their name stands for the group’s ability to “cross the superior genes of each country to create one perfect group.”
Check out the talented multiethnic group perform their debut song “La-Di Da-Di” below on today’s music program ‘M! Countdown‘, and be sure to catch the rest of today’s performances here.

Source: allkpop

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