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Rabu, 06 Juni 2012

6th annual ‘Musical Awards’

6 June:
Former Fin.K.L member and actress Ock Ju Hyun is in the spotlight after publicly referencing her boyfriend, Jeff Jang.

Ock Ju Hyun’s boyfriend Jeff Jang is described to be a social man who possesses a charming, gentleman-like appearance. He is the son of Korea Times Chairman, Jang Jae Goo.
The actress first announced her relationship with Jeff Jang in 2006 during a program she was hosting at the time, and the two have been dating for 7 years.
Because Ock Ju Hyun turns 32 this year, she is at a prime age for marriage and fans are beginning to wonder if the couple has wedding bells in their near future.
Her representatives remarked June 5th, “It is true that Ock Ju Hyun is still dating her boyfriend, however, she keeps her personal life private and she does not speak of him very often so it’s hard to say whether or not they will be getting married.”
It was at the 6th annual ‘Musical Awards’ held June 4th where Ock Ju Hyun, who received ‘The Best Actress Award‘ for her role in ‘Elizabeth‘, remarked, “I would like to share this honor with my beloved long-time friend, Jeff.
Source & Image : MyDaily - allkpop

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