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Rabu, 06 Juni 2012


5 June:
Big Hit Entertainment’s upcoming girl group GLAM will be breaking its elusive image by partaking in a live streaming even where fans will be able to actually see just how difficult the training process is for an idol to see the stage lights.

Starting from June 5thGLAM will be take part in “GLAM 24 CAM,” a  “24 hour live streaming” project where fans will be able to watch the girls hard at work in practicing their talents, whether it be vocals or choreography. The project will give fans a taster of what kind of group GLAM will be as well as the passion they have in perfecting their talents before they enter the K-Pop industry.
This event will show fans the various practice routines GLAM undergoes” says producer Bang Shi Hyuk, “Through the ‘GLAM 24 CAM’ the girls will be able to showcase their exquisite talents as well as the confidence they have in their own skills.”
Meanwhile, the girls will be making their broadcast TV debut through their own program titled “Real Music Drama: GLAM.” The show will air its pilot episode on June 6th on SBS-MTV.
Source & image: OSEN - allkpop

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