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Rabu, 06 Juni 2012

Penzal Q

6 June:
JYJ, who are the  endorsement models for Chong Geun Dang Pharmaceutical‘s painkiller brand ‘Penzal Q’, have a new CF in store!

The newest CF features the JYJ members crooning the painkiller’s theme song, “Don’t Be Sick”, at a concert when suddenly they spot a female fan in the audience who is suffering from a headache.
Jaejoong stops the group and remarks, “Stop! Is there anyone with medication for a headache?”They’re in luck, for there just happens to be another fan in the audience with a box of ‘Penzal Q’ with her and comes to the rescue!
Yoochun tells the fans, “Don’t be sick and don’t wait out the pain,” and Junsu closes off the successful concert as he shouts, “‘Penzal Q’, thank you!”
Check out the CF for yourself!
Source: allkpop

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