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Senin, 03 Oktober 2011

Joo Ji Hoon

21 November:
On November 21st, actor Joo Ji Hoon concluded his 2 years of mandatory military service and was welcomed back to civilian life by a crowd of 500 fans.

After getting discharged from his camp in Keoyeo-dong, Joo Ji Hoon was greeted by fans from Korea, Japan, China, and Taiwan. The group prepared banners, a cake, and various other presents for their favorite star.
Joo Ji Hoon expressed, “I have been discharged, but truthfully, it hasn’t sunk it yet so I am not really sure what to feel now.” When asked who he wanted to see the most after getting discharged, he wittily answered, ” [They'realready here,” referring to his fans.
Joo Ji Hoon also answered questions about his military life. “I participated in musicals and also joined the band, I really had a good time,” he said. When asked about fellow actor Lee Jun Ki, who was in the same musical troupe and is also serving in the army, Joo Ji Hoon replied, “We have been keeping in touch always and we met up just the day before.
The actor then turned to thank his fans. “I am really thankful to all the fans who have come to welcome me this morning despite the cold weather. Because of everyones’ love, I’ve never felt lonely in these two years. I will repay everyones’ love with my acting and hard work in future.”
Joo Ji Hoon will be meeting his fans through a fan meeting on the 27th and will be starring in the musical, “Doctor Zhivago“, in January 2012.
Source: OSEN via Nate - allkpop

4 October:
Actor Joo Ji Hoon will finally be returning to his fans in November following his discharge from the military!

After being involved in a drug scandl back in 2009, the actor decided to enlist in the military in 2010, and signed an exclusive contract with Key East Entertainment earlier this year.
Although Joo Ji Hoon is forbidden from making on-air appearances on both KBS and MBC, plans for his return to the industry seem to be on track, as a representative from his agency revealed, “After being discharged from the military in November, he will be holding a fan meeting on November 27th and resume his activities“, marking his comeback after a long 3-year hiatus.
Joo Ji Hoon is known for his roles in previous hit works such as ‘Princess Hours (Goong)‘ and ‘Antique‘, and fans’ anticipations for the actor’s comeback are higher than ever.
Source + Photo: Newsen via Daum - allkpop

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