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Rabu, 05 Oktober 2011

Orange Caramel - Heechul

14 October:

Super Junior‘s Heechul has shown the world his love and support for Orange Caramel‘s ‘Shanghai Romance‘.
The picture was released through Heechul’s Twitter, and netizens are now dubbing the image as “Shocking and horrifying Heerange Caramel“. Heechul is seen posing as all three members of Orange Caramel (RainaNana, and Lizzy), imitating perfectly the aegyo shown in the original image.
Previously, Heechul also parodied Orange Caramel’s first single, ‘Magic Girl‘, with fellow membersShindong and Eunhyuk.
Orange Caramel replied to Heechul’s photo with, “We are so thankful to Kim Heechul-sunbae for not only helping us compose ‘Shanghai Romance’, but in parodying it as well. We will work hard to match your level of support for us. We want you to look forward to our new visuals, which will be shown soon through the stage.
Credit: AllkpopShared at sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by supergirlRain

As reported earlier, Orange Caramel released the MV for their newest track, “Shanghai Romance, which is the follow-up to “Bangkok City” from their ‘One Asia Project.’
The newly-released song and MV have skyrocketed to the top of  real-time music charts, such asDosirakSoribada, and Bugs Music, as well as high rankings on major Korean search engines.
Utilizing a traditional Chinese melody as a base, “Shanghai Romance” combines the group’s distinct musical style with witty lyrics from Super Junior’s Kim Heechul.
The album is also receiving special attention because it includes Nana‘s first solo track, “Close My Eyes“, as well as a Chinese version of Orange Caramel’s ballad “Standing In This Place“.
Source: allkpop

10 October:

Super Junior Heechul, who transformed to a lyrisics, declared that he wanted to exceed Hweesung.
On the 10th, Kim Heechul expressed his words through Orange Caramel's agency Pladis. Heechul gained attention for contributing to Orange Caramel's new album 'Shanghai Romance' by writting the lyrics.
Kim Heechul said, "I want to exceed Hweesung, who wrote the lyrics for Orange Caramel's Aing, sunbaenim's stronghold'. Heechul gifted the lyrics which break away from the common love songs and are more realistic, lyrics that only Kim Heechul could write. He also expressed that the lyrics and the melody combined to form a really Orange Caramel-like song.

6 October:

After School sub-unit Orange Caramel will be returning to the music scene on October 13th with their latest track, “Shanghai Romance“, and Nana was kind enough to share a small teaser of their new concept!
Nana wrote,“Finally one week left. Aren’t you curious about our concept this time around?^^ I’ll give you a small hint. Whose back could this be?” The teaser showed the svelte figure of a mysterious girl, dressed in a sparkling silvery outfit. To emphasize the concept of ‘Shanghai’, a red, Chinese parasol was used as a prop.
Meanwhile, the song has also been gaining attention for bringing on the songwriting talents of Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul“Please look forward to how Orange Caramel interprets their own version of a “Shanghai Romance”,” said a representative for Pledis Entertainment.
Netizens were already hard at work in analyzing the picture. “Judging by her shapely thighs, I’m sure that it’s Lizzy,” claimed a netizen who apparently possessed detective skills.
Orange Caramel returns on October 13th.
Source: Sports Chosun - allkpop

5 October:
Orange Caramel will be making their comeback with a new song called “Shanghai Romance”.

As reported earlier, Orange Caramel received much love for their hit song, “Bangkok City”, from their‘One Asia Project’. This time, they’ll be showcasing one of China’s most vibrant cities as their next ‘destination’.
The girls drew in a star composer for “Shanghai Romance”, and on October 5th, Pledis Entertainmentfinally revealed this individual’s name.
Representatives stated, Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul participated as a composer for Orange Caramel’s new single. In the album, he was introduced by his nickname ‘Big Space Star’.” They continued, ”The combination of Orange Caramel’s delightful melody and Kim Heechul’s unique lyrics resulted in a song that’s fresh and lively, so please anticipate it.”
Orange Caramel will be releasing “Shanghai Romance” on October 13th. Stay tuned to allkpop for updates!
Source + Photo: Chosun via Naver - allkpop

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