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Minggu, 02 Oktober 2011

Arrow – The Ultimate Weapon

30 September:
The second Korean movie to surpass the 7 million mark this year, ‘Arrow – The Ultimate Weapon‘, is coming to theaters across North America!

‘Arrow – The Ultimate Weapon’ (English title: ‘War of the Arrows‘) is set during the second Manchurian invasion in Korea, and revolves around the story of a skilled archer and his quest to save his beloved sister, who was kidnapped by Manchurian soldiers on her wedding day.
The film will play in 15 select theaters, starting on September 30th. After premiering at the CGV theater in Los Angeles, ‘Arrow’ will visit Fullerton, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, and Honolulu.
Following the success of ‘The Housemaid‘, ‘I Saw the Devil‘, and ‘Sunny‘ in foreign markets, ‘Arrow’ hopes to captivate the audience with its action-packed scenes and intriguing storyline.
Check out the trailer below!
Source + Photos: Star News via NateCGV Cinemas - allkpop

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