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Minggu, 02 Oktober 2011

Hee Chul

30 September:
On September 29th, ZE:A posted a stunning picture of member Hee Chul on their me2day page and wrote, “Featuring ZE:A’s member with the best facial structure!  It’s none other than Hee Chul!  Showing off his side profile.”

Upon uploading the photo, hundreds of fans flocked to comment beneath the post.  They were hooked by the idol’s pretty boy looks as the idol effortlessly took a selca with his eyes closed.  The shot looks like it has been ripped straight from a magazine cover due to it’s high quality.
Netizens expressed their amazement as they left, “Your side profile is so beautiful T_T,” “Very handsome!” and, “Wow! your face is perfect like a statue!
Source + Photos: Star Empire’s me2day - allkpop

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