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Rabu, 05 Oktober 2011


8 Mar:

C-Real is back with “Joma Joma“, and they’ve got a lot on their plate this promotion cycle. They debuted last year, under the direction of composer Shinsadong Tiger, Choi Kap Won, and Kim Do Hoon, with the determination to become more popular than cereal.
Although they succeeded in getting their name out there with “No No No No No“, they’ve come to realize that the public still can’t put a name to a face, especially since most of them are using stage names as well. To generate some change to their image and target audience, “Joma Joma” was produced with specifically the teenage emotions in mind.
The members stated, “Listening to ‘Joma Joma’ reminds us of a scene in the musical ‘Grease’. We paid special attention to our choreography, added a tap dance segment, and even brought in a brass band. Our hair and outfit concepts were tailored for the song, and the lyrics are about love, something that every young girl can relate to.”

The girls are especially confident in their comeback because they claim to have seen a ghost during the album’s production process. If you aren’t familiar, Koreans believe that being met with a spooky or unfortunate accident, especially in the recording room, is an omen for good luck and high sales.
While recording, our engineer kept saying that he could hear someone knocking on the door. We stayed still and no one else was in the recording studio except us. Another time, we had a camera installed in our choreography room that only moves when it detects motion. At night, when there was no one there, it would turn on and move on its own. Someone said that there was a ghost in the room which kind of gave us goosebumps. Still, we’re going to see it in a positive light, and it makes us that much more confident in our album.”
When asked what their biggest concern was, they replied that it was winning on a music program. The competition is fiercer than ever, but the girls can’t help but dream of a goal every singer one day hopes to achieve. They’re in no rush, though, as they hope to gradually get their name out there as much as possible while still running towards the goal.
“When we win #1, our next goal will be to tour Asia, Europe, and then the world. We’ll work hard until then.”
Source: TV Report via Naver - allkpop

1 Mar:

The girls of C-REAL are planning to make a comeback with their second mini-album titled, ‘Love Diary‘ on March 6th, 2012 (7th KST).
Earlier today, C-REAL revealed the teaser to what appears to be their lead track, “Joma Joma“. In the teaser video, you can see the girls performing a tap dance.
Check out the teaser video below.

The girls who stirred the emotions of the young teens with their debut song “No No No No No” last September are now ready to have their sensibility for love acknowledged by the public.
This time, C-REAL will be returning to their fans with “JOMA JOMA“, an extremely imaginative song with a very sincere message.
Source: allkpop

15 October:

Earlier this month, girl group C-real shot to the top of media headlines after being toted as the ‘five-member IU‘.
Produced by Choi Kap Won, the mastermind behind IU’s success, C-real has been in the making for two years now. The group is comprised of members Chemi, Re Dee, Effie, Ann J, and Lenny, who recently introduced themselves through an interview with E-Daily.
The girls began, “The public may not be used to us yet, but we want to get C-real’s name known by the end of the year. We’d be grateful to be given any nickname for our group, but ultimately, we just want to be known as C-real. We may be lacking since it’s our first time promoting, but we’re going to try hard to show our music and who we are.”
Chemi (18) is the team’s leader, and she confessed that her chubby cheeks are her complex. “My chubby cheeks are my complex, but I’m trying to turn it into a charm,” she said.
Rapper Re Dee (17) revealed that she’s the team’s energizer. “I have an excessively positive personality, and am prone to making a lot of mistakes.” She continued, “The other four members take care of me really well, so I love living in the dorm with them rather than on my own.”
Ann J (16) has a unique hobby of fixing electronic appliances while Effie (17) is said to resemble IU or even SNSD‘s YoonA upon first glance. Lastly, the group’s maknae, Lenny (15), is said to be like the team’s breath of fresh air.
The girls are currently promoting their title track, “No No No No No“.
Source: E-Daily via Naver - allkpop
14 October:
New rising girl group C-REAL is ready to steal the hearts of male fans!

On October 13th, before C-REAL held their debut stage on Mnet’s M! Countdown‘ with “No No No No No, they prepared by having their stage make-up done at a salon in Seoul.
Lenny, the youngest member, made sure to be fully prepared by making different cute poses in front of a mirror despite the busy schedule. Lenny shyly stated, “We ran into IU the day before our debut, and she cheered for us… We hope to shake up and mesmerize the male fans with our girly energy.”
C-REAL is a five-member young girl group consisting of [C]hemi (18), [R]e Dee (17), [E]ffie (17), [A]nn J (16), and [L]enny (15).
Famous composer and producer, Choi Gap Won has carefully trained them for two years under his company, N.A.P Entertainment.
Additionally, hit making producers Brave Brothers and Shinsadong Tiger collaborated together for C-REAL‘s debut.
Source: StarNews - allkpop

11 October:

Girl group C-REAL has finally released the full MV for their debut song, “No No No No No“.
The music video features a cameo from MBLAQ‘s Thunder, who plays a wandering boy in a fantasy dreamland. The five members of C-REAL — Chemi (18), Re Dee (17), Effie (17), Ann J (16), andLenny (15) — are introduced as cute fairies of some sort who watch over this helpless prince.
Check out the MV below:
Source: allkpop

New girl group, C-REAL, will be releasing their debut album this week!
According to C-REAL’s agency, N.A.P Entertainment, the girls will be releasing their debut album, ‘Round 1‘, on October 12th. The 6-track album was co-produced by a bevy of top producers, including Choi Kap WonBrave Brothers, Kim Do Hoon, PJ, Wheesung, and Shinsadong Tiger.
C-REAL is comprised of five members: Chemi (Kim Yong Won, 18), Lady (Lee Da Hee, 17), Effy(Lee Ji Hoon, 17), NJay (Jo Yeo Woon, 16), and Leni (Lee Yoo Jin, 15). They plan to showcase their unique vocal colors through their title track, “No No No No No“, which was co-produced by Brave Brothers and Choi Kap Won.
Choi Kap Won and N.A.P Entertainment have been diligently training C-REAL for two years, so keep an eye out to see what these girls have to offer!
Source: Star News - allkpop

10 October:
A bevy of top producers have set out to support the debut of a new girl group named ‘C-REAL‘.

According to N.A.P. Entertainment, the girls’ debut album consists of work from Choi Kap Won at the lead, Brave BrothersKim Do HoonWheesungPJ, and Shinsadong Tiger.
K-Pop fans are already familiar with the hits of Brave Brothers, Shinsadong Tiger, and Wheesung. Kim Do Hoon is the composer behind G.NA while PJ has produced for groups like AKB48 in Japan.
The reason these PDs are banding together to support the girl group is because they believe in the talents the girls have to offer. Touted as the ‘five-member IU‘, the girls recently released their CF for their title track, “No No No No No“. The producer behind the track hasn’t been revealed yet, adding to the anticipation of its release.
Their debut album, “Round 1“, will be released on October 12th.
Source + Photos: Newsen - allkpop

6 October:

Earlier in the week we reported that a new girl group named C-REAL will soon make their debut. The group consists of five girls Chemi (Kim Young Won, 18), Lady (Lee Da Hee, 17), Effy (Lee Ji Hoon,17 ), NJay (Jo Yeo Woon, 16), and Leni (Lee Yoo Jin, 15).
The girls are scheduled to make their debut through their mini album, ‘Round 1‘ and a teaser for their title track, “No No No No No” featuring MBLAQ‘s Thunder was revealed. Now they’ve released another teaser and this teaser puts the focus more on the girls as you can put a name to the faces.
Check out the teaser below!
Source: allkpop

4 October:
Another girl group has emerged, N.A.P Entertainment is unleashing ’C-REAL‘ consisting of five girlsChemi (Kim Young Won, 18), Lady (Lee Da Hee, 17), Effy (Lee Ji Hoon,17 ), NJay (Jo Yeo Woon, 16), and Leni (Lee Yoo Jin, 15).

These girls have reportedly been in the making for two years and Representative Choi stated that he was looking for the next young IU, and have been labeling the girls the ’5 IU mini me’s’.
All the girls are in high school, except for the youngest member Leni who is in Middle School.
‘C-REAL’ released a video teaser for their title track “No No No No No” on October 5th, as well as information about their mini album, ‘Round 1‘ which features 5 songs.

The lyrics and composition for “No No No No No“ was done by hit making producer, Brave Brothers.

Star News was on set for their Music Video “No No No No No” and when the cameras weren’t rolling the ‘C-REAL’ members were quite shy in front of the staff. However, when asked about music they became passionate and determined.

Leader Chemi replied, “We’re going to become a team that will make our innate natural talents shine. When we dance we’re going to dance, when we sing we’re going to become a team that will really sing”.

Rapper Lady revealed, “In the last MBC’s ‘Birth of a Great Star’ I passed the first round of auditions, but of course I instead chose to join C-REAL. I’ve practiced in a lot of different areas and rap is so much fun. This Fall, let’s try to make good memories with C-REAL”.

Effy replied, “We want to quickly grow (and become better), and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. First we want many people to listen to our cheerful song ‘No No No No No’”.

From Daejeon, NJay shyly responded, “Since our debut is right around the corner, we wake up around 5-6am and practice till late at night. We hope that our efforts will produce great results”.

Youngest member Leni added, “Since we filmed our music video, I’ve now realize that our debut is actually happening. I want us to become a girl group that will be able to express ourselves well to our peers”.

Representative Choi lastly commented, “C-REAL will reveal a track that will have emotions and feel that fits best girls that age. Of course they will also be a girl group that will take on the challenge of change”.
We’ll just have to wait and keep an eye out for this new girl group ‘C-REAL’.
Check out their music video teaser below featuring MBLAQ‘s Thunder.
Source + Image: Nate and Yes24 - allkpop

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