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Rabu, 05 Oktober 2011


6 June:

After having swept major music programs last week, achieving their first music-program all kill with “The Chaser“, INFINITE has added one more trophy to their collection with this week’s ‘Show Champion‘.
Member Sungyeol delivered the news of their win as well as thanking Inspirits for their support by tweeting a picture of the boys proudly holding up their fourth trophy.
He tweeted, “We got first place on ‘Show Champion’~~ ♥♥ We’re sorry that we were unable to attend [to receive the trophy]  ^^ Thank you so much for the big award~ Inspirits, I love you ♥”.
Congratulations on another win, INFINITE!
Check out their ‘Show Champion’ performance for this week  and behind-the-scenes footage below!
Source: allkpop

19 May:
INFINITE made a surprise appearance in Seoul’s Hongdae neighborhood on May 19th.

The popular boy group met up with KBS2 TV‘s ‘Live Information‘ in the afternoon, and within 20 minutes of their arrival, the streets were so full of spectators and fans that the interview had to be ended earlier than expected.
Photos of the location reveal as many as 500-600 fans who wanted to get a closer look at the idols. Despite the large crowd, the members of INFINITE are reported to have kept their smiles throughout the entire filming.
INFINITE is currently promoting their single “The Chaser” from their third album ‘INFINITIZE‘.
Source + Photo: Osen - allkpop

24 May:

A little over a week ago INFINITE released their music video for “The Chaser, now Woollim‘s officialYouTube channel has released a dance version music video.
The music video showcases the flawless, synchronized choreography that has become the trademark style of the group, and since it’s a dance version, you won’t see L making hilarious facial expressions while flipping round and round.
Check out the video below!
Source: allkpop

1 Mei:

Idol group INFINITE has captivated the hearts of their Japanese fans.
The members of INFINITE met with 3,000 of their Japanese fans at a special event held at the infamous Tokyo Dome on April 26th to commemorate their second Japanese single ‘Be Mine‘.
The audience immediately went wild as the boys stepped on stage to perform “Be Mine“, a single that quickly climbed to #2 on the Oricon Weekly Chart, selling over 50,000 copies.
We heard the news on the plane and we were extremely shocked,” member Woohyun said in regards to ranking high on the Oricon, while leader Sunggyu added, “We could hardly believe it, we are so excited. This is all thanks to our fans. We will return the favor with an awesome performance.”
A surprise birthday party also took place for member Sunggyu who turned 24 on April 28th. “I had no idea a celebration would take place. Thank you so much,” he said.
I want to be able to release a new album in both Korea and Japan this year,” he added. “We will continue to work hard and develop.”
The boys continued the event by performing “Julia” and “BTD” off their single album, and towards the end, member Dongwoo remarked, “Thank you to everyone who looked forward to this. We will continue to march onward.”
The members stepped down from the stage, but the applause from the fans would not die down. Responding to their cheers, the boys stepped back on stage to put on an unplanned, spontaneous performance of “Paradise“.
After wrapping up the event in Tokyo, the boys held the same event in Osaka on the 27th, as well in Fukuoka on April 30th, drawing a total of 7,000 fans altogether.
In related news, INFINITE is planning to make a comeback in Korea in May, and earlier today they updated their official website with a new logo hand brushed in Korean calligraphy style to further heighten the anticipation of their fans.

Source: Newsen via Nate
26 Mar:

INFINITE has revealed the teaser for their encore concert!
On April 1st, the boys will be holding the ‘Second Invasion – Evolution‘ at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Gymnasium in Seoul.
INFINITE has been a hit with every activity they’ve participated in lately, as not only did they sell out their first Korean concert, but also two concerts in Japan, as well as their encore concert.
As this encore concert, the boys will unveil a new song off of their May release, officials have put up high security measures to ensure that the song cannot get leaked prematurely. The members stated, “We’re practicing as if this is another of our first concerts, not an encore.”
To fulfill what lacked at their first concert last month, the boys are going above and beyond to come back with even more spectacular stages.
UPDATE: Woollim Entertainment has stated to allkpop that the event will be streamed live on YouTube on April 1st.
Check out the teaser for the Second Invasion below!

Source: allkpop
19 Mar:

Via tokyohive:
After releasing “Before The Dawn” across Japan in 2011, INFINITE has just released the PV for their latest overseas single, “Be Mine“!
The PV made its debut on MTV Japan on March 19th, and features the Japanese version of the Korean original, which was released by INFINITE back in July 2011 on the group’s first Korean album.
With monochrome and metallic outfits and a futuristic concept, these young men are looking sharper than ever with this release. Watch the “Be Mine” PV below!

Source: Youtube - allkpop

8 Mar:

Boy group INFINITE who rose to fame with their wildly popular songs like “Be Mine” and “Paradise” last year has just released their comeback teaser!
From the looks of it, the boys have tossed aside their boyish charms and will return with more edge and attitude this time around.
Check it out below, and let us know what you think!

Source: allkpop
23 Feb:

Idol group INFINITE have just released a special music video through their official YouTube channel.
On February 24th, the boys unveiled a MV for “Cover Girl” with footage taken from their ‘INFINITE Second Invasion‘ concert. The music video hosts live audio taken from the stadium, so fans will get to hear the boys sing live with the support of a band.
“Cover Girl” can be found in their repackaged album, ‘Paradise‘.

Source: allkpop
20 Feb:

On February 14th, INFINITE released parts 1 and 2 from ‘INFINITE JAPAN STORY‘, a documentary containing footage of the boys’ debut in Japan.
Following up, INFINITE has revealed parts 3 and 4, which includes clips from their fanmeeting at Shibuya’s Tower Records shop, as well as the members’ thoughts on their popularity in Japan.
Check out this special video below!

Source: allkpop
13 Feb:

Earlier today, INFINITE held their first Korean concert “Second Invasion” at the Olympic Park SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Seoul.
The boys put on wonderful performances throughout the night that had the crowd bumping, however, one performance stood out above the rest. This performance was one put on by members Sungyeol &Sungjong as they transformed into HyunA & Hyunseung of Trouble Maker. Sungyeol performed just like HyunA would… except for the fan service part where the chest is exposed while Sungjong took the role of Hyunseung.
Check out their fun performance captured via fan cam below.

Source: allkpop

As a special Valentine’s Day gift for their Inspirits, the boys of INFINITE have released a video of the members making their debut in Japan!
The “INFINITE JAPAN STORY” video includes footage of the boys performing on stage, attending press conferences, and sharpening their Japanese skills!
It looks like the boys are already a huge sensation in Japan. Check out the clip below!

Source: allkpop
10 Feb:
As a gift for Inspirits, the boys of INFINITE will reveal behind-the-scenes footage from their very first Japanese performance stage!

There was a lot that went into the event and it drew a lot of attention. The event footage titled ‘INFINITE JAPAN STORY’, will be a special gift from INFINITE to their fans just in time for Valentine’s Day.
Earlier today, a small preview of this upcoming footage was revealed on INFINITE’s new YouTubechannel, infiniteonair. Looking at the preview, it seems Dongwoo‘s emotional birthday celebration will be included.
Check out the preview below!

Source: allkpop

2 Feb:

INFINITE will be holding their first solo concert titled ‘Second Invasion‘ on February 11th and 12th at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. To help hype up their upcoming event, their second teaser was revealed earlier today through YouTube.
Regarding their first concert, the INFINITE members expressed, “We will start off the year 2012 positively with our first concert. We will think of it as a gift of gratitude to our fans and will do our best to make the concert great.
Check out the teaser below! In case you missed it, you can view the first teaser here.

Source: allkpop
30 December:

The boys of INFINITE recently released some behind-the-scenes footage while filming their music video for White Confession (Lately)“.
There’s 4 videos in total and you can get a glimpse of each individual member as they film the music video. The first video features Sunggyu and Dongwoo, the second video features L and Sungyeol, the third video features Hoya and Sungjong, and the fourth video features Woohyun and all the members of INFINITE together.
Check out the video’s below!
Source: allkpop

26 December:

Christmas may be over but it appears that Woolim Entertainment and the boys of INFINITE are still in the giving mood.
On December 26th, a fun video titled ‘INFINITE Christmas present’ was uploaded on Woolim Entertainment’s official YouTube channel. The video shows some behind the scenes footage from INFINITE’s 2012 Calendar and you can see WoohyunSungyeol, and Dongwoo goofing around and dancing.
Check out the video below!
Source: allkpop
6 December:

INFINITE has done more than become a trending popular idol star. They have earned themselves the title of music chart champions.
INFINITE’s explosive popularity was once again proven when they achieved an all-kill on various music charts as soon as their Holiday special White Confession (Lately)” was released on December 6th.
They squarely seized the #1 slot on the real time charts, even with top artists such as the nation’s sweetheart IU making her comeback at the same time as well as Trouble Maker making their debut and the Wonder Girls promoting their comeback single.
INFINITE’s newest track was produced by the Hallyu producing team, Sweetune, who have been working with the boys for some time now. Fans will be able to get a feel for INFINITE’s pure innocence through the song which well showcases their individual hidden talents.
Netizens who heard the song responded with comments like, “I usually think of choreographed dance when I think ‘INFINITE’, but this is pleasantly different“, “It’s a sweet song that will dominate. I like it“, “It’s the kind of song that makes single people want to date“, and more.
Source: TVDaily - allkpop
5 December:

INFINITE has just unveiled the full MV for their holiday single, “White Confession (Lately)“!
Developed by Sweetune, the song emphasizes the members’ clean and natural look, a refreshing change from their usual dark, ultra-masculine image.
It’s a MV that’s sure to make Inspirits feel excited about the upcoming Christmas holiday, so be sure to check it out below!
Source: allkpop

2 December:
INFINITE will be holding their first concert in February of 2012!

Their concert will be held at the Seoul Olympic Stadium and 8,000 fans are expected to attend. CJ E&M Enterprise will be in charge of the planning, and they stated, “INFINITE is a group that is always in synch and the members are very sincere about their job as singers. Such characteristics will help to make their first concert the best one.
The members expressed, “We will start off the year 2012 positively with our first concert. We will think of it as a gift of gratitude to our fans and will do our best to make the concert great.
The concert will be held on February 11th and 12th.
In related news, INFINITE will be releasing a special Christmas single called “White Confession” on December 6th.
Source + Image: Osen - allkpop
1 December:

 INFINITE were preparing to unleash their Christmas single, beginning with an official countdown on the group’s official website.
Earlier today, Woollim Entertainment uploaded the official music video teaser via YouTube, which includes various clips of the boys hanging around. A beautiful holiday melody can also be heard in the background, further exciting fans for the upcoming release currently slated for December 6th.
Be sure to check out the adorable 40-second video teaser for “White Confession” below!
Source: allkpop

25 November:

Continuing their promotions in Japan, popular group INFINITE recently made an appearance on the popular live Japanese variety show titled “MADE IN BS JAPAN” on BS JAPAN.
The boys performed ‘BTD / Before the Dawn‘, ‘Be Mine‘, and ‘Can U Smile‘ live for all the lucky Japanese Inspirit‘s in attendance.
Check out their performances below and a special bonus footage from their mini concert live.
Source: allkpop
23 November:

Popular group INFINITE held a mini concert at Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills as a special event for the fans who had purchased their new Japanese album.
The boys kicked off the show with their debut track “BTD”, followed by
“Can U Smile”, and “Be Mine”. With fans screaming requests for encore performances, the members also performed their hit tracks “Paradise” and “Nothing’s Over”.
Leader Sunggyu stated, “We’re so happy to have debuted in Japan.” The other members chimed in,“This is the best feeling. We’re so thankful and happy.”
Member Dongwoo, who recently had his birthday, was surprised with a cake during the mini concert by the other members, and received a ‘Happy Birthday‘ serenade from his fans.
Prior to their official debut, INFINITE garnered strong interest in Japan, thanks to videos of their ‘scorpion dance’ from “BTD” gaining traction and their ‘underdogs-to-success’ story in Korea. They sold 70,000 pre-orders for their debut single, ‘BTD’, and then 15,281 copies upon official release. INFINITE ranked #2 on the daily Oricon chart, and #7 on the weekly chart with 26,333 copies sold.
Source: Yonhap News via Naver - allkpop

16 November:

On November 16th, MTV Japan geared up for INFINITE‘s upcoming promotions by airing their Japanese music video for “BTD“.
The video appears to be nearly the same as the Korean version with the same dramatic story line interspersed with INFINITE’s synchronized dance performances. Members Woohyun and L are known to have done all their own stunts for the action sequence throughout the music video, and even suffered injuries.
“BTD” gained much popularity in Korea for the incorporation of a move called “scorpion dance”, and is expected to generate much buzz in Japan as well.
Check out the video below!
Source: allkpop

10 November:

‘Trend idols’ INFINITE is gearing up for their official debut in Japan.
On November 10th, Woollim Entertainment revealed, “Large billboard advertisements for INFINITE are currently being displayed on 30 streets in various parts of Tokyo, including Shibuya, Aoyama, Roppongi, Ginza, and Hiroo. Through these displays, we’ve spread the word of INFINITE’s official Japanese debut.”
With its eye-catching title, ’99.9% Synchronization Dance Vocal Group’, the ads have proven to be effective in drawing people’s attention. The charismatic images of the boys dressed in white suits have been gaining positive reactions from passersby as well.
INFINITE is quickly rising as Hallyu’s next generation of idols — they’ve already received more than 70,000 pre-orders for their Japanese debut single, scheduled to be released on November 19th. With their Japanese showcase back in July, and their sold-out concerts in September, anticipation is rising high for their debut.
The members stated, “We will become an INFINITE who works even harder in Korea and Japan… We hope many Japanese fans will cheer us on.”
In related news, INFINITE’s first Japanese single, “BTD” (Before the Dawn) was pre-released for mobile download on November 9th on a Japanese music site, music.jp.
Source: Dispatch, Newsis via Navermusic.jp - allkpop

6 November:

Idol group INFINITE is readying to make waves in Japan with their debut single, “BTD“.
A 30-second preview was released through Amazon Japan, which quickly made its way onto YouTube, drawing excited fans and interested netizens in its wake.
“BTD” and its ‘scorpion dance’ has already impressed thousands of Japanese music fans, as their performance in the K-Pop All-Star Live in Niigata concert sparked some of the loudest cheers that night.
INFINITE will be dropping their debut single on November 19th. In the meantime, check out their preview and electrifying performance below:
Source: allkpop

31 October:

The boys of INFINITE wrapped up their promotions for their repackaged full-length album in Korea, putting on their last performance on SBS‘ Inkigayo on the 30th.
Their next plans are to focus completely on Japanese promotions for the time being, dominating with their trendy music and lethal dance moves.
A representative from INFINITE’s management team remarked, “The boys will be performing on stages in Japan for the remainder of the year. They will be a lot busier than the last time we were in Japan, being featured on more TV programs and holding many more fan meet and greets.
INFINITE who has made their mark in the K-pop scene only a year after debuting with songs like “Be Mine“, and “PARADISE” are now crossing over to take on the Japanese music industry by storm.
The boys will be performing their hit songs”Before the Dawn“, as well as “Can You Smile” which will be released on November 19th.
Member ‘L‘ is also featuring on a popular Japanese drama and has already built a good fan base which should only work to INFINITE’s advantage when they begin their promotions.
As INFINITE prepares for their Japanese promotions, Woolim Entertainment recently revealed the dance practice for “PARADISE”, check it out below!
Source : StarNews - allkpop

25 October:

Since Super Junior‘s Leeteuk and Eunhyuk are away for their ‘SM Town Live in New York‘ concert, INFINITE‘s SunggyuSungyeol, and Sungjong will be filling in their radio show, KBS FM‘s ‘Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio‘.
The three members are known as the ‘Sung brothers’ amongst fans, and they possess great potential in variety shows. Fans are excited to hear how the boys will be interacting with one another and with guests for their week-long stint. Their temporary positions will run from October 24th through the 30th.
The members stated, “It’s our first time assuming the roles of radio DJs, but we’ll make sure to do our best in place of our Super Junior seniors.”
Source: Newsen - allkpop

4 October:
Late last month, INFINITE greeted their Japanese fans with their first solo concert, “Leaping Over“!

Kicking off at ZEPP Osaka on September 21st, the concert traveled to the Yokohama Blitz for the 23rd and 24th; reportedly, the boys performed for over 10,000 fans.
The two-hour long concert saw INFINITE show off their trademark choreography and powerful stages. Amazingly, fans followed along to every song, even though some of them weren’t ever released in Japan. By the end, some fans were left in tears over the passionate concert.
Footage of the scene will be broadcast through TBS on October 29th.  Ahead of its broadcast, however, TBS will be airing special coverage of INFINITE’s Korean activities on the 24th.
INFINITE is currently preparing for the release of their first Japanese single, “Before the Dawn“, on November 19th.
Source + Photos: Donga via Naver - allkpop

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