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Rabu, 05 Oktober 2011

Lee Jang Woo

22 December:
It’s been a busy year for actor Lee Jang Woo, who’s been juggling several dramas on top of his variety show with T-ara‘s Eunjung.

His hard work has certainly paid off, as it’s earned him a new nickname, ‘The Man of Viewer Ratings‘. He’s currently starring in KBS’s ‘Man of Honor‘, which recorded 14.6% in viewer ratings last week — the best it’s achieved all season long.
The development of his character and love line heightened the public’s interest in the drama, which is clearly being reflected in the numbers.
Lee Jang Woo possesses a history of being a power player in high viewer ratings, as his former work, ‘Smile, Donghae‘, came out to be the highest rated drama of 2011.
Opportunities are rapidly becoming abundant for him now, and he’s been expanding his activities to include variety programs and pictorials. As such, Lee Jang Woo is becoming a blue chip in both the advertising and film industries.
He was also named in the ‘Troika of New Male Actors’ by many, right alongside Song Joong Ki andYoo Ah In.
His agency stated, “He’s grateful that he was already able to earn such a status with the little work he’s done. He’ll be greeting his fans through a more variety of roles in the future.”
Source: allkpop

4 October:
Thanks to his rising popularity, actor Lee Jang Woo‘s worth in the advertisement industry has been skyrocketing.

Recently, he’s been starring in various dramas, variety shows, and music videos, and has become a household name to most viewers.  Fortunately, his efforts are paying off, as he’s also been receiving a large amount of CF casting offers.
In addition to KBS‘s ‘Human Casino‘, he’s also working on ‘Jane’s Honor‘.  Earning the title of the most sought after male actor, he’s naturally become a targeted figure in the advertising industry.
He’s already working as the endorsement model for ‘ABC Market‘, and his influence alone has managed to launch search terms like “Lee Jang Woo’s Shoes” to the top of portal search rankings after the CF airs.  There’s also reportedly been a rise in sales with brands he models for like LG Fashion‘s ‘TNGT‘ and ‘HUM‘.
It’s still early to tell, but many believe that he’s on his way to becoming a top tier model in the ranks ofJo In Sung and Lee Seung Gi.
Source: Financial News via Naver - allkpop

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