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Rabu, 05 Oktober 2011

Dangerous Woman

4 October:
The new promotional poster for MBC‘s new daytime drama ‘Dangerous Woman‘ was revealed on the 4th. The script for the ‘Dangerous Woman’ was written by Lee Hong Ku, and directed by Lee Min Soo, while the four main characters are played by Ko EunmiKim Jung HyunHwang Bora, and Yeo Hyun Soo.

The photo shoot for the poster took place mid-September on the roof of MBC’s Dream Center.The weather was not permitting that day, as the winds were blowing at high speeds and the sudden rain did not help, but the shoot went on to capture the essence of the characters.
Ko Eun Mi and Hwang Bora posed with their back against each other, accurately portraying their relationship in the series. Ko Eunmi who plays the role of Kang Yura was asked to pose like the intense & powerful character she is, and she went right into character.
Hwang Bora was asked to portray the both the bitterness her character held within, and the sadness that comes from it which she turns into cold anger, thus her ‘femme fatale’ personality in the drama. Yeo Hyun Soo who plays the role of Kang Dong Min in the series and Kim Jung Hyun who plays Kang Yura’s man Kim Ji Won were both asked to portray the roles of the men who rescue these women from their chaotic circumstances.
‘Dangerous Woman’ tells the story of a father of daughters who leaves his wife, and his new woman who seeks revenge on her step daughters, and the two sisters who fight to save their family.
Source & Image : StarNews - allkpop

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