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Rabu, 05 Oktober 2011

Mamonde Web Talk Show

5 October:
Not only is he a member of Hallyu’s hottest k-pop group Super Junior and playing one of the main roles in the hit new drama ‘Poseidon‘, Choi Siwon is now also teaming up with the beautiful Han Ji Min to serve as a co-host for the first ever online Korean web talk show.

Siwon, who impressed viewers with his acting skills on ‘Poseidon’, will work with Han Ji Min to lead a new kind of program that’s different from the standard talk shows on many television programs today. Although the show will be taped rather than streamed live, the MC duo will prepare answers to questions they anticipate receiving from listeners in regards to the discussion topic and will proceed with the show as if they are having a live conversation.
This online web talk show is a first in Korea and it is a project launched by AmorePacific Mamonde, and the show will mostly cover the concerns women thirty years old and older have regarding their skin. The show is mostly for consumers and anyone who wants to participate can listen in at any time most convenient for them.
I like that we can discuss things that listeners are thinking about, rather than them offering their two cents on a topic of our choice,” Siwon remarked. “And I like that it feels like a live show, even though it’s pre-recorded.”
Han Ji Min, who’s known for looking years younger than her actual age, surprised the staff members on set. The woman with flawless skin actually had some beauty concerns of her own. She honestly revealed her own insecurities that any woman at her age may have.
Women can tune in to the new web talk show hosted by Han Ji Min and Siwon starting October 1st on Mamonde’s Youtube channel. In order for women of all nationalities to be able to listen in, the program will be posted in three different languages.
Check out the teaser video below!
Source & Image : Financial News via Nate - allkpop

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