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Rabu, 05 Oktober 2011


30 May:
M.I.B‘s new song “Only Hard For Me” that was released on May 30th (KST) is causing quite the stir among fans everywhere.

“Only Hard For Me” is the title song to the group’s new EP album ‘Illusion‘, and the song along with the other subtracks are receiving high praise, quickly climbing the music charts in Korea.
With ‘Illusion’, the members of M.I.B broke away from their trademark musical genre of electronic hip hop, and attempted something different. With this new release, the boys prove that they have a more trendy and liberal style of music, and that they are not conformed to convention and formality.
“Only Hard For Me” is a mainstream track that also consists of a unique melody and a trendy rap that hooks listeners with just a single listen. The Music Video for the song was filmed in Los Angeles, California and fans get to see the more mature sides of each of the four members.
M.I.B is a talented hip hop group who drew interest even before their debut with unique solo promotions. The boys who recently represented Korean artists at ‘Music Matters 2012‘ in Singapore are drawing much attention as a leading icon of Korean hip hop, and they are expected to do well with this new release.
The group’s new EP also contains subtracks such as “Dutch Pay“, “Celebrate“, “Celebrate Remix“, “The Falling Flower“, and “G.D.M Remix“, and the boys will kick off promotions for their new album starting with a performance of “Only Hard For Me” on KBS ‘Music Bank‘ on June 1st.
Source: allkpop
29 May:

Hip hop group M.I.B (Most Incredible Busters) will be making a comeback with their mini-album ‘Illusion‘ on June 1st. Ahead of this release, they have released the music video for their title track, “Only Hard For Me”.
‘Illusion’ is reported to be filled with the “electro-hop” sound characteristic of M.I.B, and the title track “Only Hard For Me” has a unique melody and dramatic rap that complements the group’s musical flavor.
The new mini-album holds a total of seven tracks in all, including their previously released singleCelebrate” and its accompanying remixes. M.I.B had to cancel activities this past April due to a tragedy.
Check out the music video for their title track  “Only Hard For Me”  below which was filmed in Los Angeles, and keep an eye out for their album release on June 1st.

Source: allkpop
26 May:
As announced previously, hip hop group M.I.B (Most Incredible Busters) will be making a comeback with their mini-album ‘Illusion‘ on June 1st. Ahead of its release, the group has unveiled comeback photos to stir up interest for their upcoming promotion.

‘Illusion’ is reported to be filled with the “electro-hop” sound characteristic of M.I.B, and the title track “So It’s Only Hard For Me” has a unique melody and dramatic rap that complements the group’s music flavor.
The new mini-album holds a total of seven tracks in all, including their previously released singleCelebrate” and its accompanying remixes. M.I.B had to cancel activities this past April due to a tragedy.

Source + Photos: Jungle Entertainment - allkpop
5 April:

Hip hop group M.I.B. has suffered an unfortunate accident just hours away from their comeback performance.
On April 5th, industry officials revealed that the boys’ stylists’ dorm caught on fire this morning. Although the members were not harmed, two, up to three, stylists were unfortunately not able to make it, and have reported to have passed away.
Because of the grief and shock the boys and their Jungle Entertainment labelmates are experiencing from their deaths and the fire, the members have decided to postpone their comeback on Mnet’s ‘M! Countdown‘ today. Their future appearances on other music programs this week are also pending. The stylists who are reported to have passed away in the fire, had been working with the boys since their debut.
An official stated, “Regarding their comeback, we will have to check the situation further. The members are in great shock at the moment.”
Our hearts go out to the stylists, their families, and Jungle Entertainment staff and artists.
Source: OSEN + Newsen - allkpop
4 April:

Talented hip-hop group M.I.B made an impressive entrance to the K-pop scene last year with their self-produced album ‘Most Incredible Busters‘, drawing attention for their skilled rhymes and gritty swagger.
The boys took some time off to properly prepare a follow-up album after setting themselves apart from other rookies, and their newest single “Celebrate” has officially dropped!
“Celebrate” is an infectious new party jam with a fresh melody and trendy beat, and features the queen of hip hop, Yoon Mi Rae herself.
The boys sure did not disappoint- check out the MV below!

Source: allkpop
1 Mar:

As expected, the boys definitely brought their swagger to the forefront at the club, getting the fans fired up for an amazing performance by will.i.am to follow.
Check out the boys working the crowd with their performance of “Girls, Dreams, Money” below!

Source: allkpop
22 Feb:

Good news, M.I.B fans. We received word that the boys of ‘Most Incredible Busters‘ will be making their return to the K-POP scene in March, and it looks like they will also be launching a reality show series in time for their comeback.
The series titled ‘W Military Academy‘ is scheduled to air around 8 episodes, and fans will get a sneak peek into the daily lives of the passionate and driven hip hop group off-camera.
The boys who showcased their polished talent and unique style of music last year with Girls, Dreams, Money have been preparing for their 2012 comeback without rest and are determined not to disappoint!
It’ll be interesting to see what kind of track the boys will deliver this time around.

Source: allkpop
25 October:

The boys of M.I.B, an unparalled new hip hop group by Jungle Entertainment have just released their full-length debut album ‘Most Incredible Busters‘. The group received much attention in Korea in addition to receiving an explosive response from other parts of Asia and overseas as well.
M.I.B has been featured not only on our very own allkpop, but on other various media outlets as the new faces of hip hop that will have a strong impact on the industry. Fan cafes for M.I.B have been established in different parts of the globe, including the US, France, Japan, Brazil, Indonesia, The Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and other countries, proving that they are not just another rookie group.
The 4 members ‘5Zic – Beautiful Day‘, ‘Cream – Do U Like Me‘, ‘SIMS – Hands Up‘, and ‘Kang Nam – Say My Name have each promoted individual ‘spin off’ tracks before the release of their collective single “G.D.M“. With their solo efforts, they proved to their global audience that they are four skilled & capable individuals, each expressing their unique colors through their solo tracks & MVs. As reported previously, no expenses were spared in the making of their album, and the boys have also successfully completed a Showcase on the 20th at Muse Hall proving their high standards and passion for music, heightening the expectations of those in the music industry.
In today’s day and age where mini albums and digital singles are dominating the market, the boys who are all in their early 20s have written and composed 11 fresh new songs to personally produce their first full-length album. This only serves as further proof that the boys are highly skilled music professionals, rather than another ‘idol group’.
Their title track “G.D.M (Girls, Dreams, Money)” is an addictive one consisting of trendy electronic sounds meshed with urban hip hop beats. The high quality track was recorded in the States, and the boys who dream of being on top at an international level prove to their listeners what they’re made of with the new track that sings about the hopes and aspirations of every ambitious young man out there.
M.I.B will be making performances on various music programs starting this week, including Mnet CountdownKBS Music BankKBS Music CoreSBS Inkigayo, etc.
Remember to support by purchasing the music and check out their new MV for “G.D.M” below!
Source: allkpop

23 October:

4-member hip hop group M.I.B successfully completed their very first independent Showcase.
The boys kicked off their first album promotions by performing at MuseLive in Olympic Hall on the 20th. They performed five songs total- each performing their individual spin off tracks, ‘5Zic – Beautiful Day‘, ‘Cream – Do U Like Me‘, ‘SIMS – Hands Up‘, and ‘Kang Nam – Say My Name. Additionally, the four of them together performed their debut song “G.D.M” from their first album [Most Incredible Busters].
The four members 5ZicCreamSIMS, & Kang Nam are housed under Korea’s top hip hop agencyJungle Entertainment, alongside artists such as Yoon Mirae (Tasha), Drunken Tiger (Tiger JK), and Leessang. The boys have been the first Korean artists to attempt ‘spin-off promotions’, individually promoting their spin off tracks of their title song “G.D.M”. They did this in order to distinguish themselves from other artists and to show what each member has to offer. They released the tracks one at a time, 2-3 days apart and showed the public how experienced and talented they were, despite their young age. In no way do these boys seem like rookies, as they also possess enough talent and skill to write, compose and produce their own first album.
At the press conference that was held after the showcase, M.I.B remarked, “There are a lot of talented artists out there but our goal is to not only be #1 in the nation, but to be the top artist in all of Asia. We want to work hard so that we’ll one day become role models for other junior artists that debut after us. We’re not an idol group, and we want to prove this simply with our skill and expertise. We want to show you that we know how to have a good time on stage.”
Labelmates Tiger JK, Leessang’s Gary as well as Bizzy also attended the event, making this all the more meaningful for M.I.B. In regards to their seniors’ continuing love and support, they expressed their pride and respect by remarking, “Jungle Entertainment’s artists are known for producing only full-length albums. We plan on following that path, and that’s why our first is also full-length.”
M.I.B’s debut album will be released on the 25th and they will officially begin their promotions as one unit with “G.D.M”. The boys will without a doubt set a new par in the Korean hip hop industry with their self-produced album, ‘Most Incredible Busters’.
Source: allkpop

4 October:
As earlier reportedJungle Entertainment, home to artists like Drunken TigerYoon Mirae(Tasha), and Leessang, is unveiling a new four-member group, M.I.B (Most Incredible Busters).

M.I.B is taking a huge risk for their first release, as they will be the first Korean artist to debut with a “spin-off promotion” — that is, taking the group’s original debut song then releasing spin-off solo tracks and music videos for each member. Beginning with member 5zic, M.I.B will begin releasing these solo tracks on October 7th, with two days between each release.
Once all the members release their individual songs, M.I.B will make their official debut as a four-member group with their full-length album on the 25th. The rookie group also has a showcase scheduled on October 20th at Olympic Hall to discuss their new album.
The spin-off promotional technique is not geared toward building popularity but showcasing each member’s unique talents and personality.  It will serve as a chance for each member to distinguish himself, rather than always being collectively identified as ‘M.I.B’. It’s definitely a gamble, but they want to prove to fans that each member is more than capable of debuting as a solo artist, and when the four come together to make their official debut towards the end of the month, it will be that much more epic.
Impressively enough, M.I.B has written, composed and produced all eleven tracks on their upcoming album. The promotions for their new album kick off on October 7th with the release of 5zic’s solo track, so stay tuned!
Source: allkpop

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