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Jumat, 02 Maret 2012

2AM Album

11 Mar:

With much fanfare, 2AM will finally be making their comeback this week after a year and a half away with their new mini-album, titled ’F.Scott Fitzgerald’s Way Of Love’. Just now, the power ballad group released their main track, titled, “I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me”!
As expected, the new song and music video are nothing short of beautiful with a romantic touch of cello instrumental. Without further ado, watch the MV for the second track of the album below!
01 You Were Mine:
03 Erase All Our Memories:
04 One More Second:
05 How To Break Up Well:
06 I Love You, I Love You:

Source: allkpop
8 Mar:

Good news for international IAMs, for fans will be able to stream 2AM‘s first live performance of their title song “Like Me, You Should” via Youtube.
On March 13th at 8pm KST, 2AM will be holding their comeback showcase for their second mini album at the Ilji Art Hall in Seoul. The showcase event titled, ‘A Year and a Half Since We Broke Up, The Letter Written Through Song‘ will be broadcast worldwide in 41 different countries and can be streamed through 2AM’s official Youtube channel for fans outside of Korea to enjoy.
In addition to their title song, the boys will also be singing “You Were Mine” live, as well as discussing the process of creating the album and having a talk time with the fans who attend.
Meanwhile, 2AM recently guested on MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘ and sang an acappella version of their title song “Like Me, You Should“.
Source: Sports Chosun via Nate - allkpop

2AM released their teaser titled ‘Trailer 2: Prequel’, giving us an insight to their “Like Me, You Should” MV, featuring member, Jinwoon, as the main character.
The trailer will act as the prologue for the official music video that will be released on March 12th. The music video will tell of the story of a man bothered by memories from his past love. With Jinwoon’s rise as an actor through KBS‘s ‘Dream High 2‘, he will make a 180 degree transformation from the clumsy troublemaker he portrays in the drama.
Jinwoon showcased his stellar acting in the video as he states, “Is that child bothered like I am?“, with tears flowing from his eyes. In addition, Jo Kwon‘s and Changmin‘s sorrowful voices can be heard in the chorus of the music video.
2AM will be making its official comeback on March 12th with “Like Me, You Should” off their album‘Fitgerald’s Love Story’.
Check out the prequel in the meantime!

Source: TV Daily via Nate - allkpop
6 Mar:

2AM is making an unusual move with their recent comeback as it is planned they will launch their upcoming mini album, ‘Fitzgerald’s Love Story’ as a LP record, in addition to the regular CD format.
Since there are no LP producing factories left in Korea, the producers have placed orders in the US. LPs are five times more expensive to produce than CDs, and have a production period of around 8-9 weeks.
Despite the cost and time, the boys hope to showcase their ballads through the analog version.
The LPs can be per-ordered online beginning March 7th and will then be passed on to fans two months after, on May 15th.
In addition, 2AM is receiving pre-orders for their album through Naver, and will hold an “Unplugged Fan Meeting” for 60 lucky buyers. ‘Fitzgerald’s Love Story’ will drop on March 12th.
Source: Economy Today via Nate - allkpop

2 Mar:

In preparation for their comeback2AM has been releasing teasers through the website at 2am.ibighit.com. The site has been setup with the words, “A year and a half since we parted ways…” Now, new words have been added on the website along with a teaser video titled ‘Fashion Film‘.
The new words are: “Although I don’t have you to tell me how and what to wear anymore… I… even wear clothes like this now”
In addition to “Art Film”, and “Fashion Film”, the boys will be  releasing 3 more teasers including, “Artist Interview“, “Trailer 1: Her Story“, and “Trailer 2: Prequel“.
Check out the ‘Fashion Film’ teaser below!

Source: allkpop

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