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Selasa, 27 Maret 2012


25 Mar:
Electroboyz‘s Chakun is one lucky man, or as netizens like to put it, “must’ve saved a country in his previous life,” as he got to spend his 26th birthday surrounded by the beautiful ladies of Brave Girls!

On March 24th, Chakun wrote on Electroboyz’s official Twitter, “Agh! Our Brave family congratulated my birthday!! And my fans, thank you so much, I love you -3-. I feel jjang!!”
Along with the tweet were pictures of his birthday cake with fellow Electroboyz member 1Kyne and the five members of Brave Girls. His expression alone makes it easy to tell that it’ll be one memorable birthday!
Netizens commented, “I’m really jealous of Chakun!”, “Handsome Kun, happy birthday!!!”, and “I hope you make your comeback soon!
In related news, Electroboyz is currently working on their next album.

Source + Photos: Electroboyz’s Official Twitter - allkpop

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