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Sabtu, 10 Maret 2012

Mnet’s ‘Beatles Code Season 2

25 May:
Contestant Yoo Sung Eun who displayed her explosive vocal talent on ‘Voice Korea‘ drew attention for revealing her connection to Big Bang‘s T.O.P.

On the May 24th episode of Mnet‘s ‘Beatles Code 2‘, MC Shindong asked Sung Eun, “Is it true that your brother is close to Big Bang’s T.O.P?”
Sung Eun answered, “He was a friend of my brother’s when we were younger. Seung Hyun (T.O.P’s birth name) oppa came over to our house a lot.
When asked if he was chubbier back then, she answered, “He was, but he was attractive then too. He used to rap to himself everywhere he went.”
The curious MCs then asked if she had a personal crush on him, and she responded honestly by saying, “A little bit…
The string of questions didn’t end there, as the MCs wanted to know if T.O.P still recognizes her. “He should,” she said. “I saw him once after he debuted, and he recognized me. He told me I grew up quite a bit.

Source & Image: TV Report via Nate - allkpop
10 Mar:
Singer Haha confessed that he currently does not have a girlfriend.

On March 8th, Mnet’s ‘Beatles Code Season 2‘ Haha appeared as a guest with singer Kim Heung Kook, and was asked by MC Kim Tae Won, “Do you currently have a girlfriend?”
Haha answered, “No.  Right now I meet girls freely.” He stated that he dated someone seriously for 5 years, but now he is having trouble entering a serious relationship.
Upon hearing this, Kim Heung Kook said, Haha is doing well but if he meets a girl he could do even better.  I am going to be a couple-manager.  If you have trouble call me.”
Kim Tae Won advised Haha by saying, “I personally feel that you do not meet some one that is right to start off with, but that as you continue your relationship, you compromise [and grow to be right for one another] until you die.”
Source: My Daily via Naver - allkpop

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