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Kamis, 01 Maret 2012

Ha Minwoo

1 March:

It has just been revealed that ZE:A‘s Ha Minwoo will be promoting in a unit alongside a Japanese singer and a Japanese actor!
Japan’s TV Asahi has been ambitiously preparing this unit, which will officially be revealed on March 15th through a program called ‘Break Out‘. The unit, comprised of Sasaki Yoshide, Nikaido Hayato, and ZE:A’s Minwoo, is already being highly-anticipated as it is one that spans different genres and nationalities.
Minwoo’s unit-mates are actor Sasaki Yoshihide, famous for his roles in the musical ‘Prince of Tennis‘ and the movie ‘Melody for You,’ and Nikaido Hayato, the vocalist of Visual-Kei bandMASQUERADE who is currently promoting as α【:alpha】.
The unit, named 3Peace Lovers, will introduce each individual member, talk about the formation process of the unit, and show viewers how the three members come together to make music on ‘Break Out,’ which will air on a weekly basis.
In addition to their broadcast activities, the unit plans to release an album and put on a concert just like any other group, in order to increase people’s awareness of the group.
A representative from Star Empire Entertainment, Minwoo’s agency, revealed, “We’ve heard that they had Minwoo in mind for the unit even in the first planning stages. When they first asked him to join, we thought long and hard, but Minwoo himself thought that this would be a good opportunity, so he agreed to appear on the show and promote in the unit. In order to prepare himself, Minwoo dedicated himself to studying Japanese a couple months ago, and he is focused on learning about the Japanese culture.”
On a related note, all the ZE:A members, including Minwoo, are currently busy with their own individual activities and preparing for their next album.
Source: Newsen via Nate - allkpop

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