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Kamis, 01 Maret 2012


28 May:
Singer Ivy hilariously revealed the reasons behind her decision to not come back with a dance track for her recent return to the industry.

On the May 28th episode of KBS2 TV‘s talk show ‘Hello‘, female solo artists Ivy, Baek Ji Young andAilee shared their concerns as well as listening to the worries of the public.
Ivy stated, “I’m more comfortable now that I’m doing a ballad instead of a dance song. When I dance, I lose my breath.” When the MCs asked her, “Why didn’t you do a dance song this time around?”, Ivy joked, “Because I am too old,” bringing laughter on set with her frank answer.
Baek Ji Young, who is older than Ivy and recently made her comeback with a dance track, remarked, “If you say that while sitting next to me, what does that make me?” Ivy tried to relieve the situation by adding, “Honestly, no good dance songs were coming in. So when I heard ‘Torn Heart’, I chose to do that song,” explaining the real reason behind her not going with a dance concept this time.
Ivy also revealed, “I’ve been stressed out because I keep gaining weight lately. Because I’m the type to gain excess fat in my belly, I don’t lost weight that well. I guess that’s what happens when you are over thirty,” which once again caused Baek Ji Young to become flustered.
Source + image: TVdaily via Nate - allkpop

1 May:

Legendary idol group Shinhwa guest-featured on the May 1st broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Hello‘ to listen to the concerns of the contestants.
A man, who became an anti-Shinhwa fan due to his girlfriend’s excessive love for Shinhwa, made an appearance on the episode to share his dilemma about his girlfriend who was an avid fan of member Minwoo.
He opened up by saying, “My girlfriend doesn’t come out of her house often, ever since Shinhwa made their recent comeback.”
Other groups break up so easily, so why is it that Shinhwa keeps making comebacks?” he asked, causing the audience members to explode into laughs.
MC Lee Young Ja then suggested he shake the hands of the Shinhwa members and formally say hello. Agreeing to this, the guest shook everyone’s hands with the exception of Minwoo.
Minwoo was his girlfriend’s favorite member, and Minwoo was able to easily spot her in the audience. He went towards her, and her boyfriend demanded that the two separate.
This is so irritating,” he blurted, seeing his girlfriend sit side by side with Minwoo.
My girlfriend gives me random pop quizzes on Shinhwa,” he continued. “She says she’ll give me a kiss every time I get the answers right.
The MCs then proceeded to ask him questions about Shinhwa, including Minwoo’s birthday, and he was able to recite the date without any hesitation, thanks to the experience he gained from his girlfriend’s pop quizzes.
The guest was then handed photos of the Shinhwa members, and given permission to draw on their faces. “I’m sorry,” he said, as he joyfully drew on Minwoo’s face. When finished, he mercilessly crumbled Minwoo’s face in half.
The segment begins around the 9:00 mark below.

Source: XportsNews via Nate - allkpop
It’s recently been revealed that Shinhwa‘s leader and one of the taller members of the group, Eric, also uses “ggalchang” (insoles that help boost height) in his shoes.
Shinhwa guest-featured on the April 30th episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Hello‘ to share some of their own stories, as well as taking the time to listen to the concerns of the public.
Member Minwoo was asked if he had any concerns as of late, and the singer revealed that fellow member Eric uses ggalchang in his shoes.
I was looking at all of our shoes when I thought a specific pair with ggalchang in them were mine,” Minwoo remarked. “But the shoes actually belonged to Eric. I asked why he would even use these, when he’s over 180 cm tall.
I asked my stylist, what Dongwan and I were supposed to do then,” Minwoo blurted, expressing his frustrations as Eric and Jun Jin are the taller members of the group, while Minwoo and Donghwan are the shortest.
Minwoo then revealed that Eric offered an off-the-wall explanation for his insoles, saying, “These are the shoes of an actor,” causing the audience members laugh at Eric’s absurd explanation. MC Lee Young Ja then examined Eric’s shoes for herself, and sure enough, she was able to find the insoles in his shoes.
Source : TVReport via Nate - allkpop
1 Mar:

Singer Jay Park has once again drawn attention for his gentleman-like manners.
He had previously been praised for his polite manners when he was spotted gathering up the cue scripts that a staff member dropped. As a result, netizens could not help but notice his courteous gentleman-like gesture on the February 27th’s episode of KBS2 ‘Hello‘.
One of the guests on the program was Park Se Ra, who had applied to the show with her concern over her younger sister’s addiction to capsaicin sauce.
Park Se Ra slid down the slide to make her entrance on the program, and found herself lost in the ball pit as she reached the bottom of the slide.
Seeing this, Jay quickly got to his feet and hurried to help her up, and the audience could not help but remark on his polite gesture. He earned the praise and respect of the staff members on set as a ‘well-mannered gentleman’.
Netizens who saw the episode remarked, “Explosive mannersthat Jay Park“, “That’s Jay for you“, and “Help me up too!

Source : TVDaily via Nate - allkpop

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