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Senin, 05 Maret 2012

Tohaku Celebration Of Hope Concert

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9 Mar:

Recently, Sendai, Japan held the “Tohoku Celebration of Hope” festival from March 2nd through March 4th, marking the 1-year anniversary of Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit the region last year.
3rd Wave Music was present for all 3-days of the festival to perform, with members Alexander, a former U-Kiss member, appearing on March 2nd and Super Junior’s Siwon on March 4th.
Despite the weather conditions last weekend, the event brought a record of 12,000 people attending, the largest gathering for a Christian event in the Sendai region. Reports have noted that nearly 900 others tuned into the even through satellite in other areas of Japan.
On the final night of the festival on March 4th, Siwon had the honor to meet Franklin Graham alongside Johnny Lee (founder and leader of 3rd Wave). Franklin Graham then personally encouraged them in their work and ministry, presenting Siwon with a personally-signed Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Bible.
Other artists who attended at the event included Kirk Franklin, the Tommy Coomes Band and Alfie Silas, with the messages preached by Franklin Graham.

Source: 3rd Wave Music, koreaboo
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5 Mar:

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