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Minggu, 29 April 2012

Delicious Life

29 April:
Girl’s Day‘s maknae Hyeri has officially kicked off her acting career with the drama, ‘Delicious Life’, which aired its first episode on the 28th in Korea.

Hyeri plays the role of Seung Jo‘s cute and out-going youngest daughter. She seems to be a natural when it comes to being cute and adorable, as she received a passing grade for her first role in a drama.
Hyeri stated, “I felt embarassed watching myself in the drama, but I told myself to gain confidence and work even harder. I want to make my name known as the actress Hyeri and receive a lot of love.
‘Delicious Life’ is a heartwarming story about a family with Korean restaurant cook and father Seung Jo, eldest daughter Seung Joo who is a doctor, second eldest Jung Hyun who is preparing for employment, third daughter Joo Hyun who is not blood-related, and the youngest Mi Hyun who is in high school.
Source: allkpop

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