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Kamis, 12 April 2012

I Need a Fairy

22 May:
MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon melted the hearts of viewers and fans when a set of photos were revealed for the upcoming episodes of the sitcom ‘I Need a Fairy‘.

Lee Joon plays the role of a tough senior trainee within fictional agency 2H Entertainment. However, he falls in love at first sight with Hwang Woo Seul Hye‘s character, Chae Hwa, and tries to win her heart.
The idol reveals a set of three different charms in the photos. In the first, Lee Joon shows a warm, gentle smile, while in the second photo, he is using his aegyo to try and capture Chae Hwa’s heart. In the final photo, Lee Joon shows his tougher side by grabbing her arm.
Netizens commented, “Lee Joon’s so charming,” “Lee Joon is so funny,” and “His smile is so pretty.
Source + Image:  Chosun via Naver - allkpop

12 April:

MBLAQ member Lee Joon made a lasting impression on the viewers of KBS2‘s ‘I Need a Fairy.’
Lee Joon appeared on the April 12th broadcast of ‘I Need a Fairy’ as a trainee for fictional 2H Entertainment and brought out much laughter as he showed a different side of himself and set a very unfamiliar atmosphere.
On this episode Cha Kook Min (played by Park Min Woo) got approval to study drama and theater from his father Cha Sae Joo (Cha In Pyo) and was allowed to enter 2H Entertainment as a trainee.
Lee Joon appeared as a trainee sunbae to Kook Min. For their first meeting, Lee Joon was silently meditating when Kook Min and Hani (Rainbow’s Woori) entered the room.
Lee Joon had Kook Min introduce himself but Lee Joon got angry when the introduction was just ordinary.  Lee Joon showed off the proper way of introducing themselves by performing a flashy dance and once again brought laughter from the audience. Although harsh on Kook Min, Lee Joon seemed to approve Woori’s introductory dance moves.
Netizens responded well to Lee Joon saying, “I was laughing so hard watching Lee Joon.  I really look forward to what he will bring to the show“, “Lee Joon was amazing.  I am really anticipating what will happen!“, and “He also acts well, what can’t he do?

Source: OSEN via Nate News - allkpop

On April 12th, producers of KBS‘s daily sitcom, ‘I Need a Fairy‘, released new still cuts featuringRainbow‘s Woori and MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon!

Starting with the 33rd episode, Lee Joon and Woori will be making their appearances as passionate trainees under the fictional 2H Entertainment. Like the still cuts imply, the two are serious about achieving their dreams in contrast to ‘Cha Guk Min’, who feels put off by their energy and determination.
Lee Joon will be playing the role of a finnicky senior who tries to order ‘Cha Guk Min’ around while Woori will be playing the role of a rising trainee with a project already under her belt.
Producers stated, “As they’re both already singers, Woori and Lee Joon were able to bring out the characteristics of their roles, impressing the staff. Since they’re all around the same age, they were able to quickly get out of their awkward rut and get along together all throughout the filming.”
Source + Photos: TV Report via Nate - allkpop

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