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Kamis, 12 April 2012

I Am

9 July:

SM Entertainment‘s documentary film “I AM: SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in Madison Square Garden” will be shown in Los Angeles for an exclusive one-week engagement at CGV Cinemas.
“I AM” will be playing at the CGV Cinemas in Los Angeles from Friday, July 13th to Thursday, July 19th. This documentary follows the SM TOWN stars including BoAKangtaTVXQGirls’ Generation,SHINeeSuper Junior, and f(x) both on and off the stage at their 2011 “SMTOWN Live World Tour” concert in New York.
Source: allkpop

14 June:

Promotional videos for the upcoming SM Entertainment documentary film ‘I AM‘ have been released.
Film distributor CJ E&M confirmed that ‘I AM’ is scheduled to hit Korean theaters on June 21st. The film will feature exclusive footage of the SM artists at their New York concert in Madison Square Garden and more.
‘I AM’ was released in theaters all over Asia ahead of its Korean release, starting with Indonesia on May 18th, Taiwan on the 25th, Singapore on the 31st, and Japan on June 2nd and 3rd. The film was the highest grossing movie for the weekend of its release in Japan.
Watch the promotional clips featuring KangtaTVXQSHINee, f(x)BoAGirls’ Generation, andSuper Junior below.
Various Artists






Girls’ Generation

Super Junior

Source: allkpop
1 May:

Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun had a bone to pick with TVXQ‘s Changmin.
The showcase for SM Entertainment‘s new film ‘I AM‘ took place at CGV in Yeongdeungpo on April 30th, and artists such as Kang Ta, TVXQ’s Yunho & Changmin, Super Junior‘s YesungSungmin,EunhyukDonghaeRyeowook, Kyuhyun, Girls’ Generation‘s TaeyeonJessicaTiffany,HyoyeonSooyoungSeohyunSHINee‘s JonghyunOnewMinhoKeyTaemin, f(x)‘s Luna,AmberSulli, and Krystal were present.
During the “I Can Say This Now” corner of the event, Super Junior member Kyuhyun who kept his silence until then suddenly grabbed the mic and remarked, “I have something I need to say to Changmin.”
Changmin said he wanted to eat Korean BBQ beef one time, so we went to a rather expensive place,” he began. “He told me that he would buy, so I was just eating comfortably but he suddenly panicked during the meal and told me he didn’t bring his wallet with him.”
Out of options, I finally told him that I would buy the meal and what he said afterwards was the highlight of the night,” he continued. “As soon as I told him that I would buy, he immediately asked if he could order two more servings of beef, and then ordered cold noodles and sashimi bibimbap on top of that, and ate all of it by himself,” causing everyone to explode into laughs.
Changmin tried to explain himself saying, “I asked him to meet with me that day because I had some concerns I wanted to talk through with him, and I really wanted to buy him the meal. I wasn’t lying, I really didn’t have my wallet then.”
Kyuhyun who quietly listened to Changmin’s explanation then remarked, “He didn’t even talk to me about anything, all he did was eat,” causing everyone to continue roaring in laughter.
Changmin and Kyuhyun are known to be extremely close friends, and the way the two laughed off such a story earned the high cheers from the fans who were also present.
Meanwhile, SM Entertainment’s new film ‘I AM’ scheduled to hit the big screens May 10th is a documentary-style movie that will reveal the journey of the SM artists since their auditions until now.
Source: KoreaTimes via Nate - allkpop

The SM Entertainment artists opened up about the times they regretted joining the company.
The showcase for SM Entertainment’s new film ‘I AM‘ was held on April 30th, and f(x) members Sulliand KrystalGirls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon, as well as Kang Ta drew interest for admitting that at certain times they regretted joining SM.
I lived in a dorm since I was in the fifth grade,” Sulli began. “I wanted to go home and I wanted to see my mom. My house was in Busan, and I was so upset that I could not go visit often.”
Sulli’s fellow f(x) member Krystal also added, “I was so frustrated that we had to live and stay at the company every day.
Hyoyeon revealed that her reasons were similar to theirs. “I had to commute 3~4 hours, and it was hard on me at such a young age.”
Former H.O.T member Kang Ta who is now a director at SM Entertainment shared that he regretted joining the company because his trainee days were extremely difficult. “We ordered Chinese noodles every other day, and we ate sausages as meals.” He revealed that fellow H.O.T member Tony was once reprimanded for two whole days after ordering japchae, a popular Korean dish of sweet potato noodles. Kang Ta further revealed that he wore leggings during his trainee days, and that he used his reflection in the window when practicing, in place of a real mirror.
Meanwhile, SM Entertainment’s new film ‘I AM’ scheduled to hit the big screens on May 10th is a documentary-style movie that will reveal the journey of the SM artists from their days as a trainee until now.
Source: TVReport via Nate - allkpop

Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk who is known to be an expert dancer admitted that he learned some moves from Girls’ Generation member Hyoyeon.

At the ‘I AM‘ showcase that was held April 30th, the SM Entertainment artists shared some behind-the-scenes stories they hadn’t revealed in the past.
Eunhyuk drew a lot of attention this day for admitting, “I learned a lot of my dance moves from Hyoyeon.”
When we were trainees, Hyoyeon stood out from all the 100 trainees,” he said. “There were a lot of people approaching Hyoyeon to ask for help back then, and I was one of them. I learned a lot from her at the time.”
Source & Image: OSEN via Nate - allkpop

SHINee‘s Minho selected Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk as the label mate who never buys him food.
At the ‘I AM‘ Showcase held in Seoul on April 30th, Minho was asked which hyung is most uptight with their money, never treating him to a meal.
Minho answered, “In the case of my Super Junior and TVXQ seniors, there are hyungs that I am close with and hyungs that I am less close with. But there is always that hyung that never buys me food, despite us being really close.”
When asked who in particular he was referring to, Minho continued, “Well he’s seated in the very first row, and his hairstyle stands out amongst the rest. He is also wearing something on his face, and kind of looks like a monkey.”
By this time, everyone figured it was Eunhyuk, and Minho continued to say, “I’m younger so of course I could first ask him to buy me dinner, but as a hyung, he’s never once made an offer.”
Eunhyuk then defended himself by hilariously saying, “You know, I am his hyung, but there are people you want to buy food for and people you don’t really want to buy food for. Minho is taller than I am, and he appears to eat better than I do. He eats well without me having to buy him anything,” which caused everyone to burst into laughter.
When asked who he likes to buy food for, Eunhyuk answered, “I buy myself a lot of things. I properly manage my own self,” continuing the laughs on set.”
Source: Newsen via Nate - allkpop

13 April:

Following the releases of the character posters for f(x)SHINeeBoA, and KangtaTVXQ has released their own character poster for SM Entertainment’s upcoming film, ‘I AM‘.
The poster shows the charismatic members during a performance in a concert.
Yunho‘s poster states, “Aren’t we the representatives of Korea?” while Changmin‘s reads, “I never dreamed that I would become a star.”
The movie will contain footage from behind the scenes of SMTOWN concerts as well as the the process of preparation and daily lives of the SM Entertainment artists. The movie will hit theaters in May.

Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Nate - allkpop
12 April:
Following the releases of the character posters for f(x), SHINee, and BoA, soloist Kangta has released his own character poster for SM Entertainment’s upcoming film, ‘I AM‘.

The poster sees Kangta leaning back in a relaxed manner, aiming to show his 16 years worth of experience in the industry and the veteran ease that comes with it. Having debuted in 1996 throughH.O.T., he’s reached new heights in every step of his career, leading to a syndrome-like frenzy with his popularity. He’s taken a step back from it all recently, venturing into acting and working as a vocal coach on Mnet‘s ‘Voice of Korea‘.
His poster’s caption states, “There was a time when not one person… care to even glance in our direction.”
The movie hits theaters next month.
Source + Photos: Segye via Naver - allkpop

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