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Rabu, 04 April 2012

Sistar Album

15 April:

Girl group SISTAR has been holding on to the #1 spot on online music charts for four days straight.
The group’s newest track entitled “Alone” is still #1 on the daily charts of Mel0nMnetBugs,Soribada and more. Even though the sexy and feminine performance of the song has been big news, it looks like the song itself is also the buzz.
The dreamy and addictive melody of the song perfectly conveys the pain in the transience of love.
The song was released on the 12th, when it went straight to the #1 spot. On the 15th, the song still is in that spot.
Source: OSEN - allkpop

12 April:

After releasing their music video for “Alone” and performing on Mnet’s M! CountdownSISTAR‘sHyorin has now shared a practice attack video.
While the ladies of SISTAR are hard at work practicing the choreography for “Alone”, Hyorin barges in and asks her fellow members what they’re doing. She displays some of the choreography for “Alone” and also showcases her wonderful vocals for the camera.

Source: allkpop

Girl group SISTAR revealed their thoughts on making a comeback at the same time with 4minute.
At SISTAR’s ‘ALONE‘ showcase that took place in Seoul on April 12th, the girls remarked, “Our hopes are that both we and 4minute are successful.”
Soyu who was a Cube Entertainment trainee before debuting with SISTAR remarked, “Regardless of who wins and who doesn’t, I hope both teams do really well. Our groups have very different colors, and I think the things that the fans feel from both groups are very different. We are pretty close with them, and we don’t feel like we’re rivals.”
Fellow member Dasom remarked, “I asked Soyou unni to tell me honestly how she felt, and she told me that she would be upset if 4minute did poorly, and she would also be upset if we did poorly.”
To be honest, I’m personally a fan of 4minute,” she added. “But I hope we do better.”
SISTAR’s showcase was aired live through Youtube and Melon in 41 different countries, and after opening the show with “Lead Me“, the girls performed a few more tracks including their title song “ALONE”. Not only did the girls showcase their explosive sexy charms, they earned the applause of the audience members with their seductive charisma.
The members of KBS ‘Gag Concert‘ “Brave Rascals” (Jung Tae HoPark Sung KwangShin Bora,Yang Sun Il) also attended as guests to congratulate the girls on their comeback.
The SISTAR members once again collaborated with producer Brave Brothers (Kang Dong Cheol) for title track “ALONE”, and Brave Brothers is receiving high praise, as he worked on a fresh new sound for the girls this time around to captive listeners everywhere.
In related news, SISTAR held their first comeback stage on Mnet‘s M! Countdown on April 12th to officially kick off their new promotions.
Source: KJ Today via Nate - allkpop

Footage of SISTAR‘s showcase for “Alone” has appeared online!
The girls performed their new single at the Seoul’s Ilji Art Hall on April 12th at 3PM KST.
The members commented, “Before now, SISTAR’s performances have always had [choreography that requires a lot of vigorous movement], but this time around, it’s completely different. There are a lot of subtle moves that put emphasis on our legs.”
allkpop reported earlier that member Hyorin showed up to the event despite her high fever and washospitalized afterwards.
Check out SISTAR’s performance of “Alone” below:

Source: OSEN - allkpop
11 April:

The ladies of SISTAR have released their 1st Mini Album ‘Alone’!
The mini album contains 7 tracks in all and Brave Brothers, who previously produced their hit tracks “So Cool” and “Ma Boy“, worked with SISTAR for their title track “Alone“.
Talented producer One Way‘s Chance and YG Entertainment producer Rovin also displayed their immense skills on ‘Alone’.
Check out a few of their tracks below and remember to support by purchasing the music!
Intro (Come Closer)


No Mercy

Girls on Top

Lead Me

Source: allkpop

The music video for SISTAR‘s ‘Alone‘ has been unleashed!
The music video was filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada along with a cool “knee-raising” choreography move. The girls look gorgeous in their red and black ensembles.
Check out the music video for “Alone” below!

Source: allkpop
5 April:
SISTAR has just released their teaser image for their upcoming comeback on April 12th!

In the teaser image released, titled ‘red pictorial’, the girls are seen standing against a red background wearing black leather outfits, transforming into beautiful femme fatale vixens. The group members give off a provocative stare, and are sure to capture the eyes of all the fans.
Netizens who saw the photo commented, “Is that really SISTAR?“, “I feel as if I am going to fall into their deep eyes“, and “Where did the energetic SISTAR go?  Who are these charming ladies?
Their title track, “Myself“, is reported to have been produced by Brave Brothers, who tried out a new sound specifically for the talented group, raising anticipation for their comeback.

Source: allkpop

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