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Senin, 30 April 2012

I Love Italy

26 May:

On May26th, tvN‘s upcoming drama ‘I Love Italy‘ released several new still cuts of Kibum‘s character, Geum Eun Dong.
The photos show the singer-actor flaunting his chiseled body at a pool and a youthful smile, bound to melt the hearts of many fans.
With his well-toned abs, Kibum is seen doing a powerful butterfly stroke almost resembling Olympic swimmer Park Tae Hwan.
Kibum will be taking on the role of Geum Eun Dong, a 14-year-old boy who wakes up one morning to find himself a 25-year-old man. Because his character in the drama is a swimmer, it is said that Kibum had exercised and controlled his diet for six weeks to match the role.
Kibum shared, “I used to swim when I was young so I enjoy the pool. Although it was hard trying to perfect my butterfly strokes, the filming went smoothly for I had trained to build up my stamina.
A production staff member of ‘I Love Italy’ stated, “After the release of the teaser stills of Kim Kibum at the pool, we’ve been receiving numerous inquiries such as whether the scene will be aired and which episode it is. Please watch the drama to see Kim Kibum’s various charms and appearances.”
Netizens that came across the photos commented, “He looks like Park Tae Hwan in the water“, “Which episode will this air?“, “I think my nose is going to bleed from the sexiness“, and “He looks like a professional swimmer.”
Don’t miss the premiere of ‘I Love Italy’ airing on May 28th at 11PM KST.
Source: eToday via Nate - allkpop

23 May:
On May 21st, Super Junior‘s Kibum attended the production conference for his new tvN drama, ‘I Love Italy‘, and talked about his role as ‘Keum Eun Dong’.

The drama is centered around a 14-year-old boy who wakes up one morning to find himself a 25-year-old man. He falls in love with a wealthy woman named ‘Lee Tae Ri’ who doesn’t believe in love, but only has 100 days to make their fairy tale love come true.
Reporters asked, “You play the role of a nice and innocent young man. What’s your dating style like in real life?” Kibum answered, “I’m not a bad guy by any means, but I am a bit quiet in that I don’t give my girlfriend the attention she deserves.”
Co-star Park Ye Jin added, “That’s what a bad guy is!” Taken aback, Kibum replied, “Then I guess I’m a bad guy. I do admit to giving some hardships to my past girlfriends. I’m sorry about that.”
Kibum also talked about how he’s been building muscles due to his new role. “I’m not the type to really take care of my body, but since I play the role of a swimmer, I had to exercise on top of controlling my diet for six weeks.”
He continued, “I dieted for six weeks to achieve my current body, but I wasn’t able to exercise all that often. I’m disappointed because I feel like I could’ve achieved better results. The Super Junior members saw my Kakao Talk picture and they were really surprised, asking, ‘Is that really you?’ The members are all busy and overseas so we’re not able to check in on individual activities that often. I actually worked out in secret on my own in case the other members would follow (laughter).”
Park Ye Jin also expressed, “Kibum is kind of old in style so I didn’t really feel any generational differences between us. I wasn’t able to get close with him, but I think that he’d be a nice drinking buddy. He loves drinking and having conversations while doing so.”
When asked about any pressures of working with a popular idol like Kibum, she replied, “I never thought that idols had to be a certain way, so I didn’t feel any pressure.”
The drama begins airing on May 28th.

Source + Photos: Kuki News (2), Star News via Naver - allkpop
1 May:

tvN‘s upcoming drama ‘I Love Italy‘ will air it’s first episode on May 28th and a teaser featuring Super Junior‘s Kim Kibum has been revealed.
‘I Love Italy’ is about a 14 year old boy, Geum Eun Dong, who suddenly transforms into the body of a 25 year old. The fantasy romance recounts the story of Geum Eun Dong falling in love with the charming heiress, Lee Tae Ri (Italy). Park Ye Jin and Super Junior‘s Kim Kibum will be the main leads of the drama. The screenwriter of ‘Style‘, Moon Ji Young, and director of ‘Shinsukki Blues‘, Kim Do Hyuk, will be in charge of producing the drama.
Check out the teaser below!
Source: allkpop

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