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Rabu, 22 Februari 2012

2012 Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards

22 Feb:
On February 22nd, Gaon held their first ever ‘Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards‘ at the Blue Square Hall in Seoul.

Gaon is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the equivalent of Oricon in Japan and the Billboard in the United States. The organization’s awards stand out by recognizing not just artists and idols, but stylists, choreographers, producers, composers, and other professionals in music industry as well.
This year, the show was hosted by Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon and composer Joo Young Hoon, with appearances by B2STIUSuper Junior, and more.
Check out the list of winners from 2012′s Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards below!
→ Rookie Artists:
- Male: Huh Gak
- Female: Kim Bo Kyung
- Male: B1A4
- Female: A Pink

→ Newly Discovered/Rising Artist Awards:
- Noel
- Girl’s Day
- The Koxx

→ Singers of the Year Award:
- SECRET [January]
- IU [February]
- K.Will [March]
- Big Bang [April]
- 2NE1 [May]
- SECRET [June]
- T-ara [July]
- Leessang [August]
- Davichi [September]
- Lee Seung Gi [October]
- Wonder Girls [November]
- IU [December]

→ Album of The Year Awards:
- TVXQ, ‘Keep Your Head Down’ [1st Quarter]
- B2ST, ‘Fiction and Fact’ [2nd Quarter]
- Super Junior, ‘Mr. Simple’ [3rd Quarter]
- Girls’ Generation, ‘The Boys’ [4th Quarter]

→ Oricon Special Award:
- Girls’ Generation

→ Lyricist of the Year Award:
- Kim Eana (Brown Eyed Girls’ “Sixth Sense”, IU’s “You and I”, and more)

→ Style Awards:
- Prepix [Choreography] (B2ST’s “Fiction”, Jay Park’s “Know Your Name”)
- Seo Soo Kyung [Stylist]

→ Technical Award:
- Ko Seung Wook

→ Producer of the Year Award:
- Kim Kwang Soo [Core Contents Media]

→ K-Pop Contribution Award:
- Lee Soo Man [SM Entertainment]

→ Foreign Music Award:
- Maroon 5

→ New Media Platform Award:
- YouTube
- Daum
Source + Image: Star News via Naver - allkpop

Choi Siwon of popular idol group Super Junior prevented what could have been a major accident.
The singer along with the rest of his Super Junior members stepped onto the red carpet for the first annual Gaon Chart K-POP Awards on February 22nd.
Hundreds of Korean fans as well as a large throng of fans from China, Japan, Hong Kong, and more arrived hours prior to the event to try and catch a glimpse of their favorite Hallyu stars.
Once Choi Siwon’s photo op with Super Junior came to an end, he approached the fans who were fervently cheering his name.
Seeing this, the fans began running closer towards him, causing the safety fence to start leaning over. At that moment, Choi Siwon threw himself at the fence faster than the security guards at the event to prevent the fence from collapsing under the fans.
It could have been a situation where a lot of the fans could’ve gotten hurt, and the fans who were touched by his manners began cheering ‘Super Junior’ to express their gratitude.
Also at the ‘Gaon Chart K-pop Awards’ were B2STSecretWonder GirlsGirls’ DayIUA-Pink,Huh GakKim Bo KyungDavichiB1A4Kim Yoo JungLee Sae EunYoo Ria, and more.

Source: DongA via Nate - allkpop

Girls’ Generation leader Taeyeon showed her fighting spirit despite injuring her toe.

On February 22nd, Taeyeon hosted the first annual Gaon Chart K-POP Awards which took place at the Blue Square Samsung Card Hall, along with composer Joo Young Hoon.
After Joo Young Hoon presented Girls’ Generation with their Oricon Special Award, Taeyeon gave her speech standing at her position as the MC. Joo Young Hoon explained to the audience that “Taeyeon flipped her toenail inside out. That’s why she is giving her speech here.”
I only hurt it a little bit,” Taeyeon assured her fans. “You don’t need to worry.”
But Taeyeon looked well, and no one would have guessed she was in pain before Joo Young Hoon made mention of the incident.
After the award ceremony was over, Joo Young Hoon went as far as to praise the singer via his personal Twitter page saying, “Hosted the first annual Gaon Chart K-pop Awards with Taeyeon. She was awesome, fighting through her toe injury.”
In addition to receiving the ‘Artist of the Year’ award, Taeyeon along with the rest of the Girls’ Generation members also received the ‘Oricon Special Award’ presented by the Japanese Oricon Chart.

Source & Image: MoneyToday StarNews via Nate - allkpop
On February 22nd, Gaon held their first ever ‘Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards‘ at the Blue Square in Hannam-dong, Seoul.

The awards honored not just singers and idols, but the individuals who helped make their success possible, such as songwriters, producers, stylists, choreographers, and more.
For this year’s show, fans got to see a bevy of stars walk down the red carpet such as B2STSECRET,Super JuniorB1A4IU, and more.

Image: Newsen, Sports Korea - allkpop

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