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18 July:
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16 July:

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15 July:
Without a stylist to coordinate all of his outfits, Super Junior Sungmin says he’s actually a fashion terrorist.

In an interview with fashion & lifestyle magazine @star, Super Junior talked about its most recent comeback and what it hopes to achieve in the coming days.
The members also talked about each member’s styles, when Sungmin piped up and said, “I’m pretty famous for being a fashion terrorist in the fashion realm. I’m the fashion terminator.”

Perhaps he was ashamed of having a terrible fashion sense, but Sungmin added, “I’m trying to change by buying new clothes. I’ve been asking Donghae, Eunhyuk, and Yesung for help since they wear nice clothes.”
Sungmin, as well as Leeeteuk, Kyuhyun, Donghae, and Yesung participated in the photo shoot with @star1 in Gangnam, where the members rode bicycles and played basketball together.

Super Junior recently came back with its sixth album Sexy, Free & Single.
On their sixth album, Leeteuk said, “Somehow, we came to the sixth album. I believe that the number six means a lot to an ido group. It’s very difficult to get past the fifth album for an idol group and we did just that. I look forward the future when we’ll be able to set new records.”
The full pictorial and interview will be released on July 20.
Source: enewsworld.mnet.com
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13 July:
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12 July:

Like Kim Gura said, he is dangerous. MBC Golden Fishery – Radio Star’s 4th MC spot was a spot that all entertainers wanted, but this spot required much mental strength. That’s why it was so unexpected. It was unexpected of Kyuhyun, the ballad idol and Super Junior’s maknae, who came into the studio last October, singing Sun Sikyun’g ‘You moved Me’. In the beginning, however, he was hesitant to ask critical questions. But after much training from Kim Gura and Yoon Jongshin, the maknae survived for 9 months, and now he holds a strong position in Radio star. ’10 Asia’ met Kyuhyun, the strange idol and bitter idol, with handsome appearance, soulful voice, bright smile and bitter remarks.
Q: Nobody expected you to join Radio Star. How did it happen?
A: Actually, the office didn’t even think of letting me do variety shows. I was an MC of MBC Every1 ‘Super Junior’s Foresight’ but there are many members that do very well in variety shows. But last year, I was on KBS ‘Immortal Song2′, I talked with Kim Gura, who told me that he liked me very much when we filmed SBS ‘Intimate Note’ in 2009. It was amazing to hear him say, “Since then, I.. I’ve thought of that when things like this happened.”

Q: It couldn’t have been easy to have been noticed by Kim Gura. (Laugh)
A: Exactly! Back then, I didn’t think much but because hyung (Kim Gura) had such good memory, he recommended me to Radio Star. But at Radio Star, because I wasn’t on shows that often, didn’t even know who I was (Laugh). But after one problem at Golden Fishery and Heechul’s enlistment, Jongshin hyung also recommended me and even called to the office to ask if I wanted to work together. Even at the office, they wondered why Kyuhyun, but I told them that I wanted to.
Q: As a newbie, weren’t you afraid to jump into the dangerous jungle, Radio Star?
A: That’s why Eunhyuk, who has been doing shows for a while, said, “You rose too high without the middle part.” (laugh) I know that too, but even though it had been 6 years since I debuted, my fans know me, some know me as the kid that sings well and does musicals, but most people don’t know me at all. I wanted to try variety shows.
Q: You must have been torn between passion and pressure when you recorded for the first time wearing the ‘temporary’ sign.
A: Since variety shows are meant to make others laugh, it was a different pressure from my original area. I couldn’t sleep the night before the first recording. I was really nervous during the first recording and felt like I was alive again when it ended. I would be worried about it all week and then the day before the recording I would be nervous again. Plus, I am a shy blood A type, so I checked everyone’s opinions. If all the opinions are 10, then 9.5 was all disses and .5 was indifference. (Laugh).
Q: It must have been even bigger pressure since Radio Star became longer after Knee Drop Guru got cancelled.
A: It could be misfortune, but fortune at the same time. Radio Star used to film once every 2,3 even 4 weeks but now we have to film every week, so I can learn faster. In a short amount of time, I have heard a lot of disses, but thanks to those, I was able to grow faster.
Q: How did you get used to it?
A: I asked some members that do well in variety shows. Leeteuk told me to dress up as the guests. But, I decided to not listen to his advise (laugh). And Eunhyuk told me to watch variety shows to learn the trends. I decided to watch from ep 1 of Radio Star. But, even in the beginning, Radio Star was a mess (laugh). But as time went, I learned the characteristics of the MC hyungs and as synced to them. I wasn’t there, but I even thought of some comments that I would say in those situations.
Q: How did you feel when Kim Gura left after you got somewhat used to Radio Star?
A: Honestly, Gura hyung is the core of Radio Star, so I thought that the program was going to be cancelled when I was just getting started. Articles said that other hyungs were leaving as well. In the end, the four of us kept going, but it was difficult. Gura hyung’s role was not only the bitter remarks but also the encyclopedia of celebrities. But, the good side is that the guests expect to hear some bitter remarks when they come to Radio Star, so they are more accepting to our actions. We are still alive, but I am still worried. These days, when I see article titles such as ‘Radio Star Rumored to be Cancelled’ or ‘Kyuhyun went too far’, I look back and wonder if I should not do that next week, but if I hear that I have done well, then I do it again.
Q: These days, you get devil wings and even get the bitter remarks. I think there is a reason why you got the Kim Gura’s role even though you are an idol and the new MC.
A: Gookjin hyung is the guy that will wrap things up, Jongshin hyung also says bitter things, but he is more playful, Seyoon hyung isn’t the type to say bitter things to others either, but I must have got it from Kim Gura. In the beginning, I was making the dissing character with a bright smile. Later, the staff even gave me Gura doll and told me to be the mentee of Gura. The role of MCs of Radio Star is not only to attack the guests but to also ask those questions that the audience has been wanting to ask. There are still some people who find it hard, but there are also many that think well of this.
Q: You were known as the bright character with bitter remarks even in Super Junior before Radio Star.
A: I wasn’t on TV very often, and was the type that just watched in the back, so some know this, but most probably didn’t. In the team, I am actually very playful. I usually make fun of members often too. But, I don’t treat them like I would on Radio Star, but just enough. Just playing.
Q: Isn’t Radio Star’s atmosphere similar to that of Super Junior’s when you guys talk or hang around?
A: sometimes.. but our members aren’t that bad.
Q: If you were to rank yourself in bitter remarks, would you be first?
A: Ah, no… He isn’t very known, but Yesung is pretty bad. It has become a habit to just attack each other playfully.
Q: Super Junior is strong in variety shows but you had the dandy, ballad singer image. Weren’t you hesitant to say mean things when you thought of your idol image?
A: I think the reason why I wasn’t on shows before was because there are so many members who are good and because I had the mysterious image. So, in the beginning of Radio Star, I was hesitant and wasn’t sure if it was okay for me to say this. But, because I knew that the audience didn’t want the typical idol but a plafull MC, I tried to as honest. Many times, I thought that I should ask them to edit some parts out, but I never did. I didn’t think that I should be worried about my image when Radio Star is rumored to be cancelled. I didn’t want to make the unique Radio Star become the typical talk show.
Q: It’s not easy for the shy A blood type to ask certain questions to guests that he never met before.
A: Honestly, the comments on the Internet, I can just deal with. But it was hard to deal with the guest’s reactions of me. When Gura hyung does it, it was okay because he had that image, and everybody knew him to be that way. But, when I did it, the guests might think ‘Why is this young person saying those things to me?’ Especially when the I have never met the guests before or the guests are older, there are times when I don’t say certain things. There are certain things that I shouldn’t say in this age so I try to control myself.
Q: When Kim Sook said that you came to her waiting room and said hello many times…
A: I think the most thing to a person is greeting. So, I decided to say hello to the guests before the recordings. I visit every person, but it’s not because I am apologizing for the soon to come rude comments, but because I am hoping that the recording will go great.
Q: When you had that 4th 5th treaty with Yoon Seyoon, I think you gained more character.
A: At that time Seyoon wasn’t doing that well, and I was still not doing well. But, somehow we worked together, and it came out to be very funny. Since then, Seyoon reacted to what i did and I reacted to what he did. So, we eventually created an agreement. I had no place to get between Kookjin, Jongshin and Gura. But, with Seyoon, I was able to fit in more. I am very thankful.
Q: You were also part of Immortal song 2, the opposite of Radio Star.
A: I really wanted to go on Immortal Song 2, ever since it started, but because I was in Taiwan during that time, I joined later. I really wanted to show something different, but because of the situation of the program, I couldn’t show what I wanted for the first 3 weeks. Then, during the 4th week, I tried rock version of ‘Pretend Dance’ and luckily, I placed first and had the chance to sing ballad. Because the stages before weren’t that great, I didn’t want people to think that the main vocal of Super Junior can only do that, I worked very hard for ‘Study of Memories’.
Q: You have done musicals as well. Wasn’t it difficult trying new things?
A: At first, I received harsh criticism as much as when I first started Radio Star. So, I monitored often and discussed with others. Even if it was a harsh criticism, I thought of it as an evaluation and worked hard to fix the problems. When I fixed certain things, I saw a comment that said that I was monitoring and I was startled. And then, when I saw those harsh comments turn into compliments, I was happy.
Q: Five were casted for the role of Frank of ‘Catch me if you can’. Did you do anything to make your version of Frank?
A: The biggest sunbae, Um Kijoon showed the perfection of the role Frank. But, because my acting skills aren’t that great, I just did it as though I was lying. Not like a horrible con artist, but like a liar that the society has made.
Q: You go backpack travelling every year. Last year, you went to Spain. Unlike a world Hallyu idol, you seem to like travelling like typical students.
A: I went oversee’s very often and out of 100 times, I took a tour maybe 3 times. I know the hotels very well. I could even grade them (laugh). I receive a long break about once a year. A week to 10 days, even 2 weeks. Well, never 2 weeks. Of course there are times, when I don’t have schedules for 2 or 3 days, but because having a break for a week is special, I go travelling. I went to Japan, Italy and Spain. I went to Italy and Spain for their wine, because I love wine. I also like to schedule my travel with much detail, so I read about 5 books and figure out the cost for transportation, what to eat… I decide on everything. After a day ends, I would write down exactly what I did and exactly how much I spent. And then, I drink some wine and look out the window. It seems cheesy, but I feel like a part of a movie.
Q: Lee Sooman owns a wine business. Do you talk to him often?
A: He even brought me wine that he hasn’t released yet.I would tell him that it’s too dry and then he would say, ‘Really? I blended this and this. Then, try this one.” Then, I would say that I like that one better and then he would say that this one is cheaper.
Q: Despite the busy schedules of an idol, you seem to have some freedom and hobbies.
A: I am not the type that focuses everything on work. I do everything that I need to do, so even if I have a lot of schedule, I would meet my friends. When I don’t do well on Radio Star, and I try to prepare for the week after, it never works out. It worked better when I was unprepared and just said things. So, I try to work without having too much pressure.
Q: You are trying many different things. What kind of entertainer do you want to be?
A: It is hard to do well with doing one thing. But, it’s not like I think that from doing musicals and shows that I will become things. I just want to do close to perfection with the things that I was given the chance to do. It is interesting to see how the initial reaction of when I joined Super Junior 6 months later, or when I first did musicals and shows, change.
Q: Last, I will ask you Radio Star style. What is 2003 Byrgonu Vintage Wine (the wine Kyuhyun mentioned on Intimate Note on the rolling papers for the members) to you?
A: I haven’t tried it yet, but I can drink it now, and I can drink it later when I have done my job a bit better.
Q: What is dance break to you?
A: The evidence that hard work will come back. I started in 2006 with U. Ballad parts were using in the chorus, so I was always in the back. But I didn’t want to get lazy just because I was in the back, so I practiced the choreography very hard. During Sorry Sorry, Nick Bass said that I would do well if I was taught and during the 4th album, Davin Jameson added me to the dance break. This was really! the sweet gift to the persevered. There isn’t a dance break in our 6th album, but I am the fourth best dancer in the team. Shindong gave me the 3rd space, but was switched with Donghae. Anyways, I have been accepted.
Q: What is Radio Star to you?
A: I feel like I should be ending the show now (laugh). Radio Star is! The program that I was able to finally reveal myself to the audience after 6 years and I am very thankful. From a variety show newbie, I was put into where all the experts were and in the end I was able to upgrade myself and soon became the next variety show star!
Source: 10asia 
Translated by Jee (@jeee54) at sup3rjunior.com

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11 July:

Sharp-tongued idol of Radio Star is explosvie!
This young idol, who recently became known as the one with the sharp tongue, Cho Kyuhyun of Super Junior, has been hosting MBC’s Radio Star along with co-hosts, Kim Kookjin, Yoon Jongshin, Yu Saeyoon. Although he sits there with a happy smile, he surprises the audience whenever he opens his mouth to pose questions to his guests. To a famous composer who has not released new songs for some time, he says, “How are you feeding yourself these days?” When facing a female comedian who has had plastic surgery, he asks, “Can surgery really get rid of a chin that easily?”
Those in showbiz are rating him as an ace whose shining performance has surprised everyone and as someone to watch out for. He has an innocent and kind face, yet comes up with the kinds of comments that makes the whole audience crack up. Many even say that he’s replacing Kim Gura’s empty seat.
On July 9th, we met up with Kyuhyun at a cafe in the Gangnam area. He said he was nervous about the interview, but his bright smile was truly befitting of a 20-something young man. He said that in the program, his facial expressions were over-exaggerated and his biting words were the result of his wish to create the image of a sharp-tongued character.
Q: Around last October, Radio Star decided to use you as the host instead of Eunhyuk or Leeteuk – those members who are already famous comedians. Were people around you worried?
A: I myself was very worried. At the time, Kim Gura recommended me for Radio Star. Yoon Jongshin hyung also put in many good words for me. Compared with other SJ members, I’m not very exceptional and also slightly introverted. Also, I’m not the kind who often makes people laugh. But since I took up the position, I decided that I must do it well. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like to lose.
Q: Have you done a lot of preparation?
A: Although I received attention from my musical, to be honest, I was extremely worried when I first started. Even my vocalization techniques had to be re-learnt. I took the same attitude towards variety shows. If you don’t acquire the basic foundation, there is no way you can make people laugh. I reviewed every single Radio Star episode starting from the first episode. I watched, reviewed and analyzed. So I learned along the way and slowly adjusted my performance accordingly.
Q: Do you feel tired hosting Radio Star in this manner, in the way you have to deal with your sunbaes?
A: Actually, that is the most tiring. Radio Star hosts never greet the guests before the recording. The reason is, since they need to ask poignant questions, it might feel strange or even ineffective if they do greetings beforehand. I, on the other hand, go into the guests’ waiting room and greet every single person and explain the run-down of the show, and after the recording, I will again say my greetings to the guests. If I didn’t do that, I’d feel badly. Thankfully, the guests all say that it [the sharp-tongued bantering back and forth] is understandable, given the nature of the show. With those kinds of comments, I feel truly thankful towards them.
A: I heard that your dream was to become a ballad singer. Will this kind of sharp-tongued image affect your dream?
Q: Previously, I wasn’t such a well-known member of SJ. After Radio Star, my popularity has risen. I think this has a positive effect on singing activities. If the opportunity ever arises, I want to release a solo ballad album, then stand on the stage alone. Before this happens, I want to make myself better known to the public. I believe that musicals and variety shows provide a great foundation for a future career as a true singer.
Source: Chosun
Chinese translation: http://www.hyunlove.com
Translation from Chinese to English: @scarkyu for @raichanxd only
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8 July:
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4 July:

Actor Kim Kibum gave his two cents on revealing relationships.
During an interview during the photoshoot for the July issue of ‘MAXIM‘ Korea, Kim Kibum confidently stated, “I don’t hide my relationship status. I once went to a club with my girlfriend holding hands.

Kim Kibum is currently playing the role of a swimmer on the tVN drama ’I Love Italy‘, and he revealed the secret to his chiseled body, “It’s been a while since I’ve exercised. I’ve been boxing for 7 years from the trainer from the movie ‘Crying Fist‘. For the drama, because I’m playing a swimmer, I underwent intense training for six weeks.”
He’s also playing the love interest of Park Ye Jin‘s character.
Source & Photo: Xportsnews via Nate | Allkpop
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3 July:

Credit: @Iccy20
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the title is “We ♡  SUNGMIN”
the article said that Min has a “High tone voice” when he speaks in Japanese then Sungmin seems to capture other casts’s heart so they stroked his head

1 July:
BQ Weekly
Credit: 北京青年周刊 BQ Weekly 
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24 June:
A-STAR July Issue
Credit: ‏@mpllSJKyu
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Part 1: Living on two separate floors at a mixed-use building with strict security

“It has really been a long while since we’re gathered like this.” The Super Junior members gathered together at their dorm for the Sports Seoul interview. From left to right: Leeteuk, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Shindong, Sungmin, Siwon, Ryeowook, and Yesung. Amongst the nine members who are doing activities, Kyuhyun had to film for a broadcast and was thus unable to be present on that day.
The K-Pop wave is sweeping across the world. K-Pop songs, with its unique performance and stylish melody which cannot be found anywhere else, is spreading its influence not only in Asia, but also in the North American, South American, European, and Middle Eastern regions. Amongst the many idol singers who are leading the K-Pop influence, SM Entertainment’s Super Junior is the one spearheading it. Having debuted 8 years ago in the year 2005, they have captured the hearts of fans worldwide through their songs and performances which can be easily followed by anyone at all, as well as their friendly image. In acknowledgement of these contributions, they received the ‘Daesang’ accolade at the 21st High1 Seoul Music Awards’ that was organised by Sports Seoul in January this year.
In order to commemorate Sports Seoul’s 27th Founding Anniversary on the 22nd of June, we went in search for the ‘Representative Star of K-Pop’, Super Junior’s dorm. How exactly are the living conditions of the most popular idols? Super Junior’s fans, as well as fans worldwide who are interested in K-Pop, will surely be curious. To unravel the fans’ curiosity, Sports Seoul has recently made a surprise visit to Super Junior’s dorm.

◇ The dorm which was once lived in by 23 people, now there’s only 4
A mixed-use building1 in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul. It wasn’t easy to access the building beginning from its entrance. At the entrance, the guards would check each and every car entering and leaving. It’s a system where visitors would have to state the house number and the purpose of visit, and can only be allowed entry after receiving the residents’ confirmation. It gives the feeling that ‘Mm, it’s for the strict control of the fans’, and was better than expected. The wall next to Super Junior’s dorm on the 11th floor is covered with the graffiti of fans that have passed the ‘strong security’. It’s as though it was printed as evidence of a fan’s feelings (where they felt that) ‘I have passed such strict security control and came to meet my oppas’.
Finally we have entered Super Junior’s dorm! The dorm which has 4 rooms, living room, bathroom etc. spans a space of about 65 pyeong2. An ivory3-coloured sofa stands in the living room which has an impressive unobstructed view. 8 members – Leeteuk, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Shindong, Sungmin, Siwon, Ryeowook, and Yesung – were gathered and seated there. Although Kyuhyun wasn’t able to join due to his filming schedules, the members marvelled that “How long has it been since we have all gathered like this?” They have a lot of individual schedules, so having all of them gather like this at the dorm is like picking the stars from the sky4. (Our)first impression towards the dorm was that ‘This is a place where 10 men are living in, and in particular it’s the top star Super Junior’s living space; it’s not really that wide’ .

- How are your living arrangements? How do you use the rooms?
Leeteuk: Ah, it’s not only here; there’s another dorm upstairs. We live separately upstairs and downstairs. Eunhyuk, Yesung, Kyuhyun, and Sungmin lives downstairs while Leeteuk, Ryeowook, Donghae, as well as Heechul who is currently serving in the army, lives upstairs. Also, Siwon and Shindong, who live in their own houses in Apgujeong-dong and Jamshil respectively, do not stay in the dorms. The company doesn’t make it compulsory for the members to stay in the dorms. Whether we would like to stay at our own homes or the dorms, it’s our own freedom.
Somehow there is a preconception that the dorms of idol groups would be located near Seoul’s Gangnam. Actually, it is also a fact that there are a lot of idols living in Gangnam. However, Super Junior said that they had decided on the dorm in Gwangjin-gu as they were able to obtain a place with a wider space at the same price5, and it is geographically quite close to Gangnam as well.

- Your dorm isn’t located in Gangnam.
Eunhyuk: In the beginning I started my dormitory life at an apartment in the vicinity of Chungdam-dong. The one who has experienced dorm life for the longest time is Donghae, whose hometown is in Mokpo.
Donghae: I’ve been living in a dorm for 12 years now. I started off my dorm life at the S Apartment in Chungdam-dong in the year 2001. It was about 32 pyeong6wide, but 23 of us lived together. There were 23 of us, but we still lived like that as our living patterns were different. Summers were the most difficult. There’s only one air conditioner in the living room, and everyone wants to sleep there so… hahaha.

- Then this is your second dorm.
Sungmin: No, it’s not. We switched dorms in 2006, at the time when ‘U’ became a hit, to a 50-pyeong7 villa in Gangnam. Dong Bang Shin Ki achieved a huge success at that time and went to a better dorm… The members and manager-hyungs, 20 of us in all, lived together.
The fans always come to the dorms where the idols live in. Because of this, the neighbours would always file complaints. Super Junior is like this as well. ‘Security’ is the biggest factor behind their move to their current mixed-use building.

 When did you move into this place?
Yesung: We have lived here for 4 years since moving here in 2009. At that time, there were a lot of fans who came looking for us at the villa that we were living in, and it brought a lot of inconvenience to our neighbours. Some of the neighbours even splashed water at the fans. There was nothing else we could do so we moved here. The security here is really good. Although we’ve been living here for four years I really like it here.

1 A mixed-use building is a building which is made for both living and business purposes.
2 ‘pyeong’ is a traditional Korean metric system for the measurement of size of rooms or buildings, and is equal to 35.586 square feet in the S.I. units. In other words, Super Junior’s dorm is about 2,313 square feet in size.
3 Ivory = yellowish-white/cream in colour
4 “Picking stars from the sky” – An idiom which expresses something is very difficult to achieve.
5 Meaning at the same price to pay for the rentals/unit, their dorm at Gwangjin-gu has a larger surface area as compared to the ones they could find in Gangnam.
6 32-pyeong = about 1,139 square feet.
7 50-pyeong = 1,779 square feet.
Source: Sports Seoul (1) (2
Chinese translation by 朴海希=海朵 @ 海时代 www.onlyhae.com {Part 2}
English translations by eternalsnow {Part 1} & KyU Is L♥Ve {Part 2} @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Please take out with FULL and NO ADDITIONAL credits.

Part 2: “11-second shower” – Shindong – “Chef” Ryeowook – “Busy both at work and in private” Eunhyuk

Ryeowook (second from left) has a lot of interest in cooking. He would frequently provide food for the hungry members. The members’ faces lighten up when they see food.
◇ Dorm life is good because (you won’t feel) lonely
- With a group of grown men living together, there would inevitably be a lot of interesting episodes right?
Siwon: We don’t even have (enough) towels to dry ourselves after we bathe. To make things more interesting, we decided to hold bathing contests. The best record holder is Shindong (who finished bathing) within 11 seconds.
Shindong: If you were to ask me how is it possible to finish bathing within 11 seconds? It’s possible!
- Which member has the worst sleeping habit?
Leeteuk: That would definitely be Shindong. He snores really loudly and he also has the habit of taking off his clothes while sleeping. The housekeeper who came to clean our dorm got a really big shock when she went to clean Shindong’s room. Haha. 

Here, say ‘ah’” Ryeowook, who likes to feed the other members, is delivering watermelon into Sungmin’s mouth.- Who is the “mother figure” of the group? For example, a member who takes really good care of the other members.
Donghae: It’s Ryeowook. He is pretty good at washing dishes and whenever he sees the ingredients in the refrigerator, he will say “I’ll make you all something to eat”. He really takes good care of us and the food that he makes is really delicious as well.
- Who is the member who is busiest with both work and life outside of work?
The members unanimously agreed that the busiest person is Eunhyuk.
Leeteuk: “Eunhyuk’s house is in Doksan-dong, Seoul and therefore he could return to his own home quite frequently. Also, Eunhyuk is a devout Christian and he would also diligently attend church services.” Whenever he comes home the members would ask him “Where have you been?”. Those are the answers that he would give us but we don’t believe him, haha.
Eunhyuk chose himself as the member with the cleanest room.

Eunhyuk, who is the most notorious for being the one who is extremely busy in work-related and private matters amongst the members, stands in front of the vanity table. His vanity table is neater than the vanity table of an average woman.

Different from Eunhyuk, Donghae, together with Leeteuk, prefers staying in the dorm.
On the other hand, Donghae and Leeteuk are different compared to Eunhyuk. They were chosen as the reclusive members of the group. These 2 members are at the dorm most of the time. They would be curious if they do not see each other at the dorm. Even if it’s only for a very short while, they would call each other up and ask “where are you?” and “what are you doing?”. The members laughed while saying that their relationship is similar to that of a girlfriend who constantly needs to know the exact whereabouts of (her boyfriend). 

-What are the pros and cons of living in the dorm?
Leeteuk: The inconvenient part is that we don’t get much privacy. To be honest, we would like to be in a relationship and have a girlfriend, but if were to talk on the phone in our room, someone would come in and ask “who are you talking to?”. However, there are many merits to dorm life. We won’t feel lonely, and when we are tired or when we want someone to talk to, the members are always there.
Donghae: I want to live like this until the day I die. It’s because I really like living with the members. However we will have to get married and raise our own families in the future. Therefore we shall live as neighbours instead after getting married.
- It’s comfortable living in the dorm but there would be times when you will actually miss home?
Sungmin: When we don’t get to go home during festive periods because of work, we would. Watching TV programmes which feature families or when we have nothing to eat in the dorm, that is when we miss our family most.
◇ Besides the 12th floor’s dining chairs, we hope to change….
Are there any members who say that “I want to live separately now”, or “I’m tired of living in the dorm”? We asked whether there are any members who are showing signs of wanting to leave the dorms.
- Are there any members currently living in the dorm who wish to live independently?
Leeteuk: There are no such members, in our dorms, we have a housekeeper who helps us cook and clean. All our expenses are taken care of by the company, therefore we don’t really need to spend much when we live in the dorm. Also, we are accustomed to living with each other in the dorm and we won’t really know what to do if we were to live separately. In fact I have been worrying a lot that my room will be taken away (by someone else) when I enlist in the army. However, the door to my room is a sliding door, so it can’t be locked. Haha.
- Are there any changes to the dorm that you’ll like the company to carry out?
Leeteuk: The 12th floor dorm’s dining table and sofa should be changed. We have been using those since our trainee days and now it feels a little uncomfortable. We hope to get dining chairs with back support as well because our waist hurts after eating while using chairs without the back support. Haha.
Sungmin: It would be great if the 11th floor’s television could be changed to one of those with a bigger display screen.
Ryeowook: On the 12th floor we previously pooled together some money to buy a new television. It was more than 20-inches wide previously, but we’ve changed to a 50-inched one. 

Source: Sports Seoul (1) (2
Chinese translation by 朴海希=海朵 @ 海时代 www.onlyhae.com {Part 2}
English translations by eternalsnow {Part 1} & KyU Is L♥Ve {Part 2} @ SJ-WORLD.NET 
Please take out with FULL and NO ADDITIONAL credits.

21 June:
Credit: Sports Seoul
Reupload & Posted by: supergirlRain (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

Reporter: Is there someone among the members who acts like a mother? Someone who takes care of the members well?
Donghae: Ryeowook is like that. He’s good at washing the dishes and when he sees food in the refrigerator, he asks the members “Do you want me to make something for you?”. He’s good at cooking too.
Reporter: Who has the most severe sleeping habits?
Leeteuk: Shindong. He snores very loudly and takes off all his clothes. When our Auntie first came to clean the dorm, she went to Shindong’s room and was very shocked haha.
Reporter: What are some advantages and disadvantages of living in a dorm?
Leeteuk: The disadvantage is that there is no privacy. To be honest I want to date and meet a girlfriend, but if I’m in my room quietly talking to someone on the phone, members will keep coming in asking “Who are you talking to?”. However, there are more advantages. You don’t get lonely. There’s always a friend in a dorm you can talk to if you’re tired.
Donghae: I want to live like this until I die. Because it’s so good. But later when we get married, we’ll need our own houses. So we say when we get married we’ll be next-door neighbors.
Reporter: No matter how comfortable dorm life is, are there times when you miss your own houses?

Sungmin: We can’t go to our family’s homes because of our work. I miss my home when there is family talk on TV or when there is nothing to eat in the dorm.
Reporter: There are members who want to live separately, away from dorms? No?
Leeteuk: There are no members like that. If you live in a dorm you have an Auntie that cooks, does laundry, cleans, and takes care of everything. All of these fees are paid by our company so dorm life requires no money. To be honest, I’m leaving for military service this year and I was thinking of taking out my room. Honestly, I want to leave it locked so no one can get in. However my door is a sliding door, so you can’t lock it, haha.
Reporter: Is there anything you would like in terms of your dorm?
Leeteuk: I wish there was a new dining table and a sofa on the 12th floor. We’ve been using the same one since we debuted. I would like dining table chairs with backs to them. When we use chairs without backs to them when we eat or rest, our hips hurt, haha.
Sungmin: I wish there was a different TV on the 11th floor. I would like a bigger screen.
Ryeowook: On the 12th floor, we saved our money and bought a 20 inch TV screen. Now we changed it to 50 inches.
Shared at sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by  Destinyhae 

Visiting Super Junior’s dorm
Across the world KPOP is gaining fame. Within the industry, leading the pack is SM Entertainment’s Super Junior, which debuted in 2005 and has been active for 8 years and created songs and dances that everyone can follow. They have presented to fans all over the world a caring image. Their hard work has been acknowledged this January when Super Junior gained the daesang for the “21st High One Seoul Gayo Daesang” hosted by Sports Seoul.
June 22 marks the 27th year of publication of Sports Seoul, and in memorial of “KPOP TOP STAR”, Sports Seoul found Super Junior’s Seoul dorms, how will the living space of the top idol group be like?
Dorm life is not lonely at all, this is very good.
- A group of growing men living together should mean that there are lots of little incidents, right?
Siwon: After bathing, we don’t even have time to wipe ourselves dry, haha. The members used to hold very meaningful bathing contests, the record was Shindong’s 11 seconds.
- Who is the member with the worst sleeping habits?
Eeteuk: Shindong, but the only thing is that he sleeps without clothes. In the beginning, the housekeeper who helps with the housework went into the room to clean it and got a shock when she saw Shindong sleeping without clothes, haha.
- Who is the member most like a mother?
Donghae: Of course it’s Ryeowook, he is not bad at washing dishes, and when he sees food in the refrigerator he will think of making food for the members. He gives us a lot of care and is really nice to us.
- Who is the member who has a lot of ‘networks’? (T/N: probably personal connections)
Eeteuk: The members agree that it’s Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk’s house is in Seoul, and he goes back every week. Also, Eunhyuk is a devout Christian and every week, he goes for service. When he goes out too regularly (T/N: actual words translate into ‘when going out is too normal’) the members will ask him “Where are you going?” And Eunhyuk will reply like this. That’s why we can’t really believe him, haha.
Eunhyuk was also chosen as the member who tidies his room most neatly.
Contrary to Eunhyuk are the more “hidden” members Eeteuk and Donghae. These two people stay in the dorm more, when they look at each other gives off a rare mysterious aura. If they can’t see each other they will call and ask “where are you” “what are you doing”. The two of them laughingly say, “It’s as if we’re following our girlfriends.”
- Are there any places where the members are uncomfortable while staying together, and what are the good points?
Eeteuk: it’s inconvenient because there is no privacy, in truth (we) want to fall in love and have girlfriends, but if we talk on the phone in our rooms, there will be members who come in and keep asking “who are you talking to?” But there are many good things, one of them is that you don’t feel lonely, and when you’re tired and want somebody to talk to, there are friends all together.
Donghae: before I die, I really want to keep living like this. It’s really good, and next time when we’re married we can be neighbours, this way even if we are married we will still be living next to each other.
- Living in the dorms is comfortable, but there are times when you miss home?
During festivals when we don’t have the chance to go home, we will feel homesick, when there is a TV programme on family, or when there’s nothing to eat in the dorms, we miss home.
- Besides the 12th floor dorms’ dining chairs (T/N: mentioned in a question later), we hope to change….
There are no “We are starting to think of living independently”. “Dorm life has been too long” members, after discussion there are also no members who have indicated they want a break from living in the dorms.
- Do members living in one dorm still carry their own individual lifestyles’ mindset?
There are no such members, in the dorms, we have a housekeeper who helps us to cook and clean, and take care of us. If we were to leave here and start living independently, I don’t know what I will do. In actuality, this year I have been worrying over the military thing, I’m worried that my room will be snatched away.
- Any hopes of what the company will do to the dorms?
Eeteuk: The 12th floor dorms’ dining table and chairs could be changed, since we were trainees we’ve been using them and now they feel uncomfortable. Hopefully we can get chairs with backs. When using backless chairs while eating, the waist will feel very painful, haha.
Sungmin: It would be great if the 11th floor’s television could be changed to a bigger and grander one.
Ryeowook: On the 12th floor we are now pooling money to buy a new television, from a 20 inch one to a 50 inch one.
Source: Sports Seoul 
Chinese Translation by: Rachelmu
English Translation by: @snugmin for @raichanxd only


Credit: Lotte Duty Free Official Website | Shared by. Blue★Princez @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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5 June:
Lotte Magazine (June Issue)
Credit: Won88 (jadoresungmin) 
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Credit: 디씨 슈퍼주니어 갤러리 (@sun98531)
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17 May:
ANAN Polaroid's

All Images, Reupload and Posted by: uksujusid (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)
Credit: mizza (wwmisa) 

Credit: qhyunie.tumblr.com

Yesung, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun & Leeteuk ANAN Interview

eeteuk “I wanna try to be a newscaster”
Leeteuk, who always shows his cohesive ability as a leader. Is this charisma is for an ordinary president ?!
“I always wanted to be a member of Parliament when I was young. Simply because of one reason, the annual salary is high (laughs). I also dreamt of being a programmer or a professional baseball player, but since I was a TV lover, I started to consider working in the entertainment world. My role in SJ is the ‘center’. Not only for being in the middle, but also to remain neutral. For example, when the members are divided into 2 different opinions, I will listen to both sides and try to find the best solution, that kind of role.”
Doing activities as an MC for TV programs with his direction ability.
“Its hard to believe, but I was really a silent person before my debut. As I started as performer, I only thought of being a singer, but suprisingly I can do MC after I tried once (laughs)… I’m sorry, but I really have interest in newscasting now. In Japan, most artists appear on the news program as newscaster. When I heard of this, my desire also got turns up.”
You’re turning 29 years old soon. Isn’t it time to think about marriage already ?
“Ah, yes… Honestly, I’m still troubled either to get married or to stay single. But of course I’m gonna feel lonely if I were 50 years old but still single. Maybe after 8~9 years… If i want to get married, a woman with a pure heart and full of knowledge will be good. I once thought that my type would be a typical beautiful lady, but when I think more and more about it, I realised that I’m more attracted to the individual looks of a person.”
If you were to analyse your love style ?
“As I always said, romantic. The type who will always drag along the past. People always said, ‘A man live by eating on his own memories’. Yes its me. I wrote a song ‘All My Heart’ for our 4th album, and it was exactly because of these reasons (laughs).”
Song that live up your spirit ?
“Our 3rd Japanese single Opera, and Way. The lyrics in Way is about hope and aspiration, it’s so beautiful and it gives me hope. I really love it, so please try and listen to it !”
Things that you must bring when you go overseas for work ?
“My Japanese notebook. I’m in the middle of learning *Hiragana now. I’m always so happy when Japanese fans talk to me in Korean. Wouldn’t they be happy too if I talk in Japanese ? I will learn and remember faster, so please wait for me !”
*Hiragana – There are 3 types in Japanese writing which are Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji (chinese character). Hiragana is the most basic one.
Shared at sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by uksujusidTAKE OUT WITH FULL AND PROPER CREDITS 

Shindong ANAN Interview

Shindong “I want to do a talk show with my own name !”
Shindong, the talking prodigy who always laughs while answering for the interview no matter what question.
“If I wasn’t a Super Junior member, I would probably be a businessman, especially in direct-selling. I’ll go to each house and say, ‘Pin~pon, Hello miss would you like to try on this product ?’. Don’t you think I will sell well ? (laughs).”
The cool ‘Super Show’ must also have some funny episodes right ?
“When we went to Singapore in February, I performed a dance in a girl’s clothes. It was a performance where I showed my silhouette while changing my clothes live on stage behind the pole, but it only had the front. Since the venue had audiences sitting on both sides of the stage, my act of changing clothes was completely visible to them. And to tell the truth, the response was really good than the usual (laughs).”
Shindong who is also the DJ for radio program ‘Shinshimtapa’ is somehow interested in working behind the scenes.
“When I go overseas and couldn’t do the live broadcast for radio, I record the program and send it back to Korea. I wrote the script, do the talk, mixing and compiled them all together. I do it all by myself, and it was quite fun. And for performance, me and Eunhyuk are actually involved in the production for our Super Show. We discuss with the producer on how to make the lighting shines better, or things we had imagined and the director will reform them. It feels really nice. I also want to try and do the stage production for our hoobae someday.”
Aiming for the best TV show
“I’m now able to do blueprint. The title for my TV show will be ‘Shindong Show’. I will call a guest, and we gonna sit and talk first, and the guest will perform his/her special skills to the audiences, that kind of show. It’s my dream to do it with a large-scale in a large venue.”
Things that caught your attention lately ?
“I am naturally born as a machine maniac. I am really interested in the computer construction and programming lately. To be the next Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, I am now reading everything about their biography. Steve Shindong, coming soon !?”
If you had a week for break, what would you do ?
“Can I receive the money as well ? (laughs). I want to go to all amusement parks around the world, and dominate all the famous roller coasters. I’ve been to Universal Studio Japan in Osaka. WaterWorld was the best ! I want to challenge Fuji-kyu next time.”
Credit: @syazureq
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Sungmin ANAN Interview

Sungmin “When I see her clumsy figure, I suddenly feel like hugging her”
Sungmin, who heals all the girls around the world with a cute puppy-like face and an undefeated charms of his, is also a very warm guy inside.
“In the gym, I always choose the songs with overflowing fighting spirit and aggressive as my background music to cheer up myself. It’s because bodybuilding is my way to fight against myself.”
Looks like your childhood dream was to be a translator around the world.
“Rather than saying it’s my dream, it was actually my parent’s wish. But isn’t all people have their own pleasant way to live ? I realised that I actually don’t have any interest in study when I entered high school (laughs). I love dancing and singing, so I decided on my own that I want to be a singer.”
Tell us your experiences as an actor before combining in a group.
“The charm of being an actor is, you get to know every kind of people and characters. I want to continue my activity as actor, and I also want to try working in Japan’s production. I really love a Japanese movie called ‘Udon’ and I was deeply moved by the simple theme used in that movie.”
Your role as a person in charge of saving in Super Junior.
“I’m especially strict about conservation of energy. I hate it when the lights, heaters or televisions were left on without being used, so whenever I realised it I will automatically switch them off ! And because of that, the electricity bills in my dorm is only half compared to the other dorm. I’m a guy with full of ecenomics sense (laughs).”
Then you are really reliable if you get married !
“I actually have a strong desire to get married. I can’t wait to look at my ‘Chibi Sungmin’ who’ll look just like me. Absolutely cute isn’t it ? I will drown him/her with all my love. And I will be a dad with full of family support and services.”
The condition that you want in your wife ?
“The one who cooks well and have a similiar taste with me. It’s okay if she’s not perfect with house chores. If I see her clumsy figure eventhough she had tried her best, I will suddenly feel like hugging her. I’m the type of guy who will always protect my woman.”
Super Junior song that you love the most ?
“‘Believe’. Its a song from Exile that we did a cover, but the melody is so good, and the lyrics wrote by Heechul is really beautiful. The most important thing is, I sang the last part of the song ! That’s the bigget reason why I chose this song (laughs).”
Reveal the member’s secret !
“Ryeowook actually have a very cool thought about love, and because of that we gave him a name ‘Kim Binha’. If we write it in Kanji, it will be ‘金氷河’, which means a guy who is like a *glacier.”
*Glacier – I think the glacier here means a cold and cool personality. Maybe ><
Credit: @syazureq
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16 May:
Femina May Issue
Credit: 爬爬jessie
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10 May:
ANAN no. 1806
Credit: Momo-Min (citrouille_12) 
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6 May:
Credit: @AsasSmile (super thanks for sharing ^^)
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Japanese Magazine
Credit: @asassmile
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Credit: @asassmile
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25 April:
Love Life Photoshoot - Femina Magazine
Credit: 黑人建州  Via Geng-Bao.net
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22 April:
JJ Japanese Magazine
Credit: @MsJONHO 
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8 April:
JMEN Hongkong Magz.
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24 Mar:
Japanese Magazine
Credit: 小林-日本 
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23 Mar:
Hanryu Pia 4issue Japanese Magazine
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3 Mar:
Credit: @MilletDaO
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故事First Story 
This is a legend story- not translating
It takes some considerable courage to cut away most of my hair as I have not had such short hairstyle for a long time. (Hair here is analogous with emotional ties, troubles etc., so cutting away his hair is like severing his worries etc.)
To appear with a new look, would it give others a chance to make a big fuss or criticize again?
I met many fans during this trip to Italy, some students, some non-Chinese speaking Chinese, some native Italians. They waited from day to night, and my first reaction was ‘In this freezing weather, if their parents knew of their actions, how hurt and worried they would be for their children; and then I ask myself on how I deserved such tremendous support and love, as well as what I should do so as to not disappoint the love that so many people have for me’.
In the numerous awards I have received so far, popularity among fans played a huge role. At times when I reflect on myself, I become unsure of what to do in return. What should I do to become the hangeng in their heart (referring to fans)? Some fans will deny any new change which I attempt to make in myself. In such instances, I often find it a little ironical. Are you me or am I me? Even though I am an idol, it does not mean I cannot be the real me, I too have some bad habits and I want my fans and people around me to feel and see the real me, not some empty packaging that a typical idol has.
The truth is that the more you care, the more cautious you become, leading to a loss in the real self and moving further away from your original intentions. In that case, I might as well choose to live for myself and live up to my own expectations. There was a time when I only wanted to act, so desperate that I would have taken any role that came along. But due to countless reasons, I lost the chances, and I feel so bad deep down, asking myself over and over again why it is not me. The funny thing is that when I stop grudging over the roles and left it aside (the desire to act), loads of scripts and role invitations came through the door, ironic isn’t it? Now that I think back, the reason is that I am a much more enriched and matured person now than I used to be, so what I am saying is—when you have something valuable in you, people will definitely see it.
So my first story is actually not about cutting hair, but about letting go, learning how to let go at the right time.
第二個故事:小蝸Second Story: A little snail
Another story- not translating
When a singer performs on stage, you will be in the limelight. You can barely open your eyes under the bright lights. No one can imagine how bright it can be on stage, even I feel extremely excited when I am on there, as if my whole body’s blood vessels are dilating and experiencing burst of adrenaline rush. 3 minutes later after the performance, when I walk down to the corner of the stage, that corner is as dark as one can imagine. My real life begins when I get off the stage, that’s the real, me. The thundering applauses received are only for the glamorous appearance which I put on when I am on stage, but when I am home alone, I am no different from anyone else.
The period before my departure from SJ is probably one of the most conflicting times of my life. During that time, I would not even dare to look at myself in the mirror, letting the day pass by as it is, living in denial and running away from the troubles, always hoping that it will improve tomorrow. This continued until my bottom line was crossed—honestly, my self-denial during this time also left me incredibly exhausted and drained.
The paragraph tells about a story about a snail—the meaning is that life in unfair in many ways, we may not come from good families or have strong backgrounds, but life has its way of evening it out in different ways.
第三個故事:大武  Third Story: My kingdom
When > was aired, a conversation took place
Reporter: ‘what do you think of his fan movie?’
Hangeng: ‘have you watched the movie?’
Reporter: ‘not yet’
Hangeng: then why do you call it a fan movie?’
Reporter: ‘because everyone says so’
Hangeng: ‘sorry. Please watch the movie before interviewing me.’
‘Everybody says so’—this mentality is very scary. There are people who love to criticize other people relentlessly, but they will never understand the real efforts and feelings of their subjects because they are not in the first person’s situation, and worse still, most of their criticisms are given without communicating to understand the whole picture—so you can imagine how harsh these criticisms can be.
Another story:  Moral of the story is not to make assumptions or judgements about other people just because the other party choose to keep silent on the matter. (My words: for all the gossips revolving around hangeng recently, please do not make any judgements unless hangeng says it personally)
《大武生》當中有一場是“二奎”這個角色的愛恨情仇最終情緒爆發的戲,以為我沒有專業學過表演, 所以在開拍之前,我跟大S,吳尊,洪金寶大哥,高曉松都一一討論過以怎樣的形式去呈現,才能讓人物形象更為飽滿,我們試驗了很多種方法,也拍了很多條,可是好像都不是我想要的,最後我們決定用最簡單的方法來決定——如果我就是孟二奎,我的第一反應是什麼?憤怒,嘶吼,大哭大鬧,特別直接情緒的表達,然後那場戲一下子就對了。
During the shoot of My Kingdom, there was a scene of ErKui (hangeng’s role) exploding and lashing out all his emotions. I have never received professional training on acting, so before the shoot, me and the rest of the crew were discussing on the best way to express this scene. We tried many times but they did not reach up to my expectations. Finally, we decided to use the simplest way—what would I do if I was in ErKui’s position? Yell? Rage? Make a big fuss? And it turned out that the most instinctual reactions could express the emotions in the most natural way.
In the past 2 years, I learnt on how to better express myself, conveying me ideas to people, telling them what kind of person I am, and not just through words, but through actions.
A lot of people think that I will act in an idol drama or definitely sing a fast song—then the more I should do something unexpected that will surprise people. I like Jazz, Rock, and I will infuse these elements into my music. My dream has always been to be a good actor, not a good singer, and I don’t hide it or strive to have legendary achievement in music.
Shortcut is never a path I chose or will choose to take—this is hangeng’s third message.
Forth story: 28 years old
The question most frequently asked recently is ‘do you feel that the CCTV Gala Spring Festival has boosted your popularity, and that your hard work has finally paid off?’
My answer is no, I have never viewed myself as an extraordinary person. My greatest joy now is to do what I like, choose what I want, have greater freedom for development. I think I am actually quite lucky; there are many others who work much harder than me. This is only the beginning for me, there will be many more obstacles in the future, and I will put my best in everything I do.
Do I sound too formal?  I think time will cure all problems.
I turned 28 on the 9th February, a rather awkward age. Am I matured? Even my co-workers complain of me being too childish at times. But can I really still be like a child? Eat when I am hungry, sleep when I am sleepy, make a big fuss when I am unhappy, and let all troubles disappear when I am happy.
In my Beijing concert in 2010, I once mentioned in the Because of Dream VCR that ‘I think I am an ordinary man who has walked an extraordinary journey.’ For example, I don’t like to celebrate birthday because I think it’s just an excuse for people to party and have fun. Without birthday, we can still do so can’t we? I don’t like to exaggerate and this has to do with my rather quiet reserved nature.
During the flight to Italy, at the customs in the airport, I and my crew were called into a small room for investigation. Most people were rather irritated, but I didn’t feel so- Just give the customs what they want, that easy. My view is ‘By right, these procedures are perfectly normal. You are unhappy because you have not been granted the shortcut way. In this modern day, we must strive to simplify our complicated life and not exaggerate it, because our emotions and desires have already been magnified.
What is my greatest gain over the past 28 years—the greater the number of applauses the more I can calm myself down and see what I truly desire. As to how I will turn out in the future, let nature take its course.
I don’t have the greedy thought that when someone recalls me in the future, they will say ‘Hangeng, not bad.’
第五個故事:人生的秘Fifth story: Secret to success
一個年輕人離開故鄉去創造自己的前途。他動身前去拜訪族長,請求指點。老族長說人生的秘訣只有六個字,先送他三個:不要怕。 30年後,這個從前的年輕人已是人到中年,有了一些成就,也添了很多傷心事。歸程漫漫,到了家鄉,他又去拜訪那為族長。才知道老人家已經去世,家人取出族長留給他的一封信,還鄉的遊子這才想起來,30年前他在這裡只聽到人生的一般秘訣,拆開信封後,裡面赫然又是3個大字:不要悔。
The morale of the paragraph is that in order to succeed in life, do not fear and do not regret.
For my graduation in high school, I did a dance piece titled ‘beginning of conquest’. 10 years later, I am still on the conquest journey—5 years after debut and I am still receiving award for best newcomer, isn’t this comical? 3 debuts before I stand on a stage which belonged to me, to sing a full song by myself, can’t this be considered a long conquest? But I have never feared or regretted before.
When I was in school, the most inspiring sentence to me was ‘begin everything from the most realistic and practical point.’ Hence in school, we would wake up at 5a.m. and train till 10a.m., kicking each leg high up into the air for 1000-2000 times a day. The teacher will observe you with a wooden cane and hit you should you slow down. I couldn’t feel my own leg after the training, but could not complain at all, because this might result in punishment should the teacher hears it.
So if you ask me for the secret to success, there is none. All the things and people I have encountered and experienced, no matter how plain, including all the hardships which I endured before, all come to enrich me and establish who I am today. The amount of experience and understanding of life far surpasses most other 28 year olds would have, and this is the greatest treasure of my life, because they allow me to find the correct directions—to me, this is more than enough.
I am a very traditional person who wants to get married and have children in the future. Yet, I am also very inquisitive and love to explore new things, play new games, meet new people, attempt new breakthroughs in my work, to achieve more possibilities. But the most important thing is not whether I like old or new things, but that after each accomplishment, I slow down to reflect on myself, to see what I have gained or lost in the process. When that’s done, with my original intentions and all my new gains, I clear everything and start a new journey afresh as a newcomer.
第六個故事:梁朝Sixth story: Tony Leung
Hangeng: ‘What’s up Dad?’
Hangeng’s father: ‘Can’t I just call you even if there isn’t anything?’
Hangeng: ‘Oh, then I don’t know what we can talk about…’
This is the normal conversation between me and my dad. We talk when there is something going on, and end the call once the matter is resolved. Before every departure and after every arrival, I will send him a message to report my safety.
Before I became popular, I always looked forward to the day of success, when I can buy a big house for me parents to live in comfortably, so that they don’t have to work hard anymore and can enjoy life. When I have achieved that do I realise that material satisfaction cannot make up for the emptiness in their hearts—parents’ perception of happiness may just be having dinner with you and have a chat afterwards.
A while back, Tony Leung posted a journal of his holiday activities on Weibo (Chinese twitter). (Tony Leung is hangeng’s idol)
When I first read the post, my first reaction was that: ‘Gosh, he is my idol after all. Isn’t that how I choose to spend my vacation? I would give myself a month’s break every year for vacation and this is how I spend it—I watch TV programs or advertisements to see which place seems interesting, and then I buy a ticket and fly over straight away. I don’t even bother looking for travel agencies and just book any hotel. If I don’t know what I am going to do, then I may just stay in the hotel or sunbath at the beach or have a drink at the local pub—the point is to do whatever I desire. In real life, it is very impractical to act on his own desires; hence we are often very unhappy in real life.
When I am unhappy, I will not speak and choose to exercise, and then I feel very happy. Then, my appetite returns and I eat something, following which I take a hot shower and then lie on the bed, drinking a bottle of Mengniu Sour Milk. I would feel very comfortable and extremely happy then—it’s that simple. Watermelon, strawberry, grapes, kiwi fruit, pineapples, pomegranate, green apples, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, sweet potatoes….if I can choose, I want to eat loads of vegetable and fruits at every meal, because this replenishes all my Vitamins, ions and trace minerals—all which revitalises the body. Drinking water helps to moisturise your skin, so eating a whole variety is also bliss. So kids, don’t be picky with your food. Haha, I suspect myself of doing some kind of commercials. So back to my main point, the morale of my last story is for everyone to learn how to pursue their own happiness, no matter how simple it may be.
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SuperJunior Japan Official Magazine -first issue vol.1- is Not for sale, it’s free If you’re a member of JAPAN ELF Official fan Club.

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A little while back, Super Junior’s Siwon was seen in London for an undisclosed photoshoot and that photoshoot has now been revealed to be for GQ Korea.
GQ Korea has revealed some stills from the shoot, which depict Siwon as a chic, yet somewhat cold city man. Siwon can be seen holding up a cigarette in the first picture, while in the second picture, he is leaning quite casually against a boat (tugboat?). In the third picture, Siwon exudes a charismatic aura while sitting down at the table.
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