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Kamis, 23 Februari 2012

Her Story

23 Feb:
Dal Shabet member Jiyool recently wrapped up filming for a new called ‘Her Story’, where she plays the lead female role.

Jiyool plays a girl named ‘Hanna’, a 20 year old student who snaps pictures of places that hold special memories of her boyfriend. The idol will unveil a new layer to her acting repertoire by playing a sweet, caring girlfriend — an image that’s drastically different from her femme fatale character in Dal Shabet’s “Hit U” MV.
‘Her Story’ will mark Jiyool’s first role in a big screen production, and fans are looking forward to seeing how Jiyool will build upon her experience. So far, Jiyool has starred in the music videos for 4men andMi‘s “That Man That Woman” as well as Dal Shabet’s “Hit U”. She’s also taken on smaller roles in the movies ‘Wonderful Radio‘ and ‘Papa‘.
‘Her Story’ will take part in the ‘Junju International Film Festival’, ‘Busan International Film Festival’, and ‘Seoul Worldwide Film Festival’.
Stay tuned for more updates on Jiyool’s debut movie!
Source + Image: Star News - allkpop

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