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Kamis, 02 Februari 2012

Gag Concert 2012

21 May:
Comedian Shin Bora dissed yet another celebrity – this time Girls’ Generation’s unit group, TaeTiSeo.

On the May 20th broadcast of KBS‘s ‘Gag Concert‘, she yelled, “Girls’ Generation“, making the crowd taken aback. Shin Bora then complained, “Girls’ Generation’s TaeyeonTiffany, and Seohyun. Taking out each of their front letters, they formed TaeTiSeo. That name is lame.”
She then joked, “Then what about 2NE1‘s Gong MinzySandara ParkPark Bom, and CL? Should they be called Gong San Park Shi? Right now Gong San Park Shi is saying, ‘I am the Best“.
Comedian, Shin Bora is famous for her disses against celebrities on Gag Concert. In the past, she has made fun of numerous celebrities including Lady Gaga.
Do you think TaeTiSeo’s stage name is lame? Or was Shin Bora’s joke lamer?

Source + Photos: starnnews via Naver - allkpop

20 Mar:
On March 18th, Tony An made a surprise appearance on KBS 2TV‘s ‘Gag Concert‘.

During the program, Tony An stated, “My profile says I’m 175cm (~5’9″)”. Comedian Hwang Hyun Heewittingly replied, “I’m 168cm. Take off your shoes.”
After Tony An took off his shoes, he became similar to Hwan Hyun Hee’s height, causing the audience to burst out in laughter.
On March 19th, Tony An tried to defend his case through Twitter, tweeting, “I’m over 170cm.” He added,“Did you enjoy ‘Gag Concert’ yesterday? I’m on my way to practice for tomorrow’s ‘Sketchbook‘. Tomorrow, I’m singing ‘Memories’ Song‘. I don’t know if I’m allowed to sing this song.”
Meanwhile, Tony An is currently collaborating with his agency’s new boy group SMASH and is promoting as one group.
Source: Newsen via Nate - allkpop

With the current controversy surrounding the issue of sasaeng fans, comedian Choi Hyo Jong made some hilarious jabs at the behavior of sasaeng fans on the latest episode of ‘Gag Concert’.
On March 18th’s broadcast of the segment ‘Praying Mantis Kindergarten’, Choi Hyo Jong’s character, Loan Shark, was asked, “What do you have to do to become a celebrity with lots of fans?” and he replied, “That’s not hard at all. All you need are solid skills, natural talent, and ability to keep your fans happy.
He continued, “After you’re done with your schedule, you’re going home, but someone grabs you. When you’re doing your business in the bathroom and when you are sleeping, someone’s next to you. In those situations, all you have to say is ‘Thank you, I was lonely.’”
He continued saying, “You call the Chinese restaurant to order jjajangmyun, and before you order you hear, ‘Here’s your jjajangmyun oppa’. It’s your fan! Right as you get a new cell phone, you get a call right away asking, ‘Oppa, why did you change your number?’
Choi Hyo Jong sarcastically commented on sasaeng fans saying, “They are people you are grateful for because they always stay by your side.
Choi Hyo Jong warned to never get angry at the sasaeng fans by saying, “One day, what if this life becomes too hard and you want to get angry at your fans? Be careful. They might have a recorder.
He concluded by leaving a message to the sasaeng fans out there, “Like how you leave space for safety while driving, it is important that you leave your oppas safety space too.
You can watch this skit below.

Source: Osen  - allkpop

5 Mar:

Boy group B.A.P guested on the most recent episode of ‘Gag Concert‘, which aired on March 4th.
Currently promoting their follow-up track “Secret Love“, B.A.P took advantage of this ‘Gag Concert’ appearance to have a rap battle with comedian Hwang Hyun Hee.
One comedian embarrassed Hwang Hyun Hee by stating, “Hwang Hyun Hee said that idols who have no talent and just dye their hair need to leave the entertainment industry“.  Hwang Hyun Hee tried to look nonchalant and responded by saying, “Yes, I agree. Idols must be judged by their talent.”
As soon as he said those words, B.A.P walked on stage and questioned, “We don’t have talent?
Hwang Hyun Hee and B.A.P broke out in a battle. Hwang Hyun Hee awkwardly sang Kim Gun Mo‘s “Wrongful Meeting” in a less-than-perfect way. Then, Bang Yong Guk spit some perfect freestyle rapping with Zelo‘s beatboxing as his melody. Following the tradition of the corner, Bang Yong Guk moved on to the task of taking Hwang Hyun Hee’s shoes, which are always full of padding to make him look taller. Bang Yong Guk involved the crowd as he yelled, “I say shoes, you say take it off!” The members grabbed Hwang Hyun Hee and forced the shoes off of him.
Maknae Zelo, who was standing next to Hwang Hyun Hee, is only fifteen years old, but is 182 cm tall, which made the height difference between him and the comedian very big.
This episode also featured miss A as guests.

Source: allkpop
6 Feb:

On the January 5th episode of KBS’s ‘Gag Concert‘, singer Jay Park made the audience laugh through a variety of antics with a surprise appearance.
During the ‘Sensitive Castle’ segment of the show, Jay Park served as a rogue samurai hilariously karate-chopping his way through the other “warriors”.
When comedian Kim Junho made the comment, “You’re really good looking..if you become part of ‘Gag Concert’ I will save your life”, Jay Park answered, “Don’t be silly” and looked at his palm for the rest of his lines.
After creating some laughter by stumbling on his Korean, Kim Junho asked if he had a final wish before he had to drink deadly poison.
Jay Park replied that he wanted to dance and cleverly spilled all the poisonous drink on the floor.
You can check out Jay Park’s clip at Gag Concert starting 3:17 below:

Source: Star - allkpop
2 Feb:

On January 29th, idol group MBLAQ made a surprise appearance on KBS‘s ‘Gag Concert‘, where they made their audience laugh with their wit.
The boys came out dressed like ninjas, and their aggressive entrance startled the cast. The cast yelled out, “Who are you!?“, and two ninjas responded by throwing off their hoods and introducing themselves as MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and G.O. The audience cheered wildly for the boys, which inspired the cast to yell out their own names.
The comedians played on how similar their names sounded to Lee Joon and G.O, but when they were met with silence, one castmate muttered, “Why am I not getting applauded [like them?]“, causing the audience to laugh.

Later on, comedian Kim Jun Ho angrily took Thunder by the shirt. Thunder responded by saying, “My sister is Sandara Park,” causing Kim Jun Ho to promptly let go with an apology.
Immediately after, Mir stepped forward and Kim Jun Ho once again grabbed his shirt. But Mir yelled,“My sister is Go Eun Ah,” and Kim Jun Ho was once again forced to let go.
At this point, Seungho stepped onto the scene which prompted Kim Jun Ho to ask, “Is your sister pretty too?” Seungho replied, “I have a younger brother…” causing the audience to laugh. Sighing, he continued, “It’s true that they only like girls.”
You can watch MBLAQ”s skit on ‘Gag Concert’ along with their short performance of “It’s War” below!

Source: Newsen and Xportnews - allkpop

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