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Kamis, 09 Februari 2012

miss A Album

23 Mar:

Popular group miss A, who had recently gained much love for their latest album “Touch“, has released a special Chinese language version of the album.
Set to be sold in Taiwan and Hong Kong, this release will consist of the original tracks plus a Chinese version of the single ‘Touch‘. Furthermore, the album will include a DVD that holds the music videos for both language versions of ‘Touch’.
miss A has a history of success with their Chinese language releases in Taiwan, as their last album “A Class” topped the album charts with its title single ‘Goodbye Baby‘ reaching #1 on Taiwan’s biggest music portal, ‘Ezpeer‘.
This special release is expected to be a hit as ‘Touch’ was already introduced to Chinese fans throughChina’s largest music site ‘Yinyuetai through a special featured introduction on its main page. Furthermore, the music video for ‘Touch’ received explosive interest and Chinese fans responded by commenting, “The Chinese version of ‘Touch’ exceeded my expectations” and, “The Korean members have really good Chinese pronunciations!
In regards to this album, the miss A members said, “We are glad that we can introduce ‘Touch’ to our Chinese fans with a Chinese language version. We hope that we have many opportunities in the future to meet with our Chinese fans!
Source: allkpop

21 Feb:

In just one day, miss A has garnered over a million views on YouTube with their latest song, “Touch“!
On February 20th, miss A made a hot comeback with their new mini-album, ‘Touch’. Their title song (also titled “Touch”) achieved an instant all-kill on various music charts, and furthermore, its music video immediately hit #1 on the famous Chinese music video chart, Yin Yue Tai.
Adding to this explosive popularity, the music video also recorded over a million views on YouTube on the same day.
Representatives of AQ Entertainment released a statement saying, “Since YouTube is a platform used by fans from all over the world, we are thankful for the vast interest that miss A’s new song has attained. Please look forward to their live performances, which will be even more dramatic than the music video.
In related news, miss A will be making their first live comeback on February 23rd’s episode of ‘M! Countdown‘.
For those of you who have not yet seen the awesome music video, check it out below!

Source: allkpop
20 Feb:

Last night, the ladies of miss A unleashed their highly anticipated 4th mini album and music video forTouch. The mini album has been dominating the charts and now they’ve released more videos to satisfy the hunger of their fans.
A special making of video along with a dance tutorial video for “Touch” were recently shared online. The making of video contains some NG scenes where you can see the girls laughing at Fei‘s wig falling off in the middle of a dance routine. The girls also carefully explain the difficult choreography for “Touch” in the second video.
Check them out below!

Source: allkpop

miss A have just released their latest EP, ‘Touch‘, and it’s already burning up the charts!
‘Touch’ is comprised of six tracks, which work together to showcase a more mature and feminine side to miss A. Their title track “Touch” has skyrocketed to the top of real-time charts such as Olleh,Mel0nMnet, and Bugs to reach #1.
“Touch” was written and composed by JYP Entertainment‘s J.Y. Park, who was inspired by the theme, “A love that blossoms from pain“. The song lyrics express the feelings of a person who once possessed a withered heart, but is now able to feel again thanks to this person who has touched their heart.
AQ Entertainment (a sub-label of JYP Entertainment) stated, “miss A will promote a new image and charm with this album. Please look forward to the drama-like performances of ‘Touch’.”
The girls will make their official music program comeback on February 23rd.

Source: allkpop
19 Feb:

miss A is back with a fierce new album entitled ‘Touch‘!
Comprised of six tracks, miss A has drawn top producers to help work on their album, such as Fuego,Ursula Nancy, and Billion Dollar Baby. The girls will be promoting “Touch” as their title track, which was created by JYP Entertainment‘s J.Y. Park.
Check out their mini-album below, and don’t forget to support the girls by purchasing their album!
01. “Touch”

02. “Lips”

03. “Rock n Rule”

04. “No Mercy”

05. “Over U”

06. “Touch (Newport Remix)”

Source: allkpop

miss A tantalized their fans with four intriguing teasers over the past few days, and now they’ve unleashed the full product!
On February 20th, the girls released their latest mini-album ‘Touch‘ along with the music video for their title track. “Touch” proved to be a visual treat, as the girls began the MV with kaleidoscope effects before diving into their sharp choreography. JYP Entertainment also catered to international fans by providing English subtitles within the video.
Check out their MV below!

Source: allkpop

15 Feb:

Following the first MV teaser released yesterday, miss A has just revealed a second preview for their comeback track “Touch”, this time featuring Jia!
With the same romantic and haunting aura as the previous teaser, Jia alluringly sits at a wooden piano with a bouquet as a mysterious male figure walks by and touches her arm softly.
miss A’s comeback is scheduled for February 20th. Until then, check out the teaser below:

Source: Youtube - allkpop
14 Feb:

AQ Entertainment has drummed up everyone’s excitement for miss A‘s impending comeback with a series of concept photos and a still-cut preview, but today marks the biggest preview yet: a music video teaser for the ladies’ comeback track, “Touch“!
The MV teaser features the foursome’s maknae Suzy, who walks through an abandoned room with a lost expression on her face. After stepping through rose petals scattered across the floor, she touches a white rose boutonnieres pinned on a suited mannequin, and watches it bleed into a dark shade of red.
miss A is scheduled to return next week on February 20th. Until then, check out the romantic and tragic teaser below — just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Source: Youtube - allkpop
9 Feb:
Talented girl group miss A have just released a still-cut from their music video set!

It’s been revealed that miss A, who are expected to make a comeback later this month, wrapped up their music video shoot on February 3rd and 4th at a studio in the Namyang area. miss A fans were invited to the set through a special fanclub event that allowed them to hang out with the members and get a sneak peek at what’s to come.
The still cut that was revealed on February 9th captured miss A’s signature performance style — a unique mix of sexy and confidence combined with strong moves. In the photo, the members are seen wearing white lace costumes, a direct contrast to the black leather outfits from their last promotions.
JYP Entertainment‘s sub-label, AQ Entertainment, stated, “We are preparing for a great comeback with the best music and performances to meet the expectations of our fans. In fact, miss A’s new music video was shot in the presence of their fans, so the members completed the shoot on an energetic and happy note. We ask for your anticipation.

Source: allkpop

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