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Jumat, 24 Februari 2012

Strongest K-POP Survival

13 Mar:
Actress Go Eun Ah shared the reactions of her brother, MBLAQ‘s Mir, listening to her rap for the first time.

At the press release for the new drama, ‘Strongest K-POP Survival‘, Go Eun Ah giggled as she said, “Mir was speechless when he heard my rap.”
She continued, “My brother is MBLAQ’s rapper, but I’m also playing the role of a rapper. I call him up first and let him listen to my rap for the drama beforehand. He gives me a lot of advice, but is also speechless too.
In the drama, Go Eun Ah plays the role of Ji Seung Yeon, a cute tomboy with talent and a passionate soul. Due to some circumstances, Seung Yeon hides the fact that she’s a girl and joins a boy idol group. She’s the baby of a musical family and has been sweeping concours as a musician, but she dreams of being a hip hop warrior.
Go Eun Ah added, “I’m wondering if I should release a duet with my brother through this opportunity, but he’s still speechless.
‘Strongest K-POP Survival’ will portray the lives of those who dream of being an idol and will show their side of the story that not many people are aware of. The cast includes Park Yoo Hwan (JYJ Yoochun’s brother), Go Eun Ah, Hong Kyung Min, Park Hyo Joo, Kwak Yong Hwan, Jewelry’s Kim Eun Jung, Jin Hyuk, Cho Yoon Woo, B.O.M’s Tagoon, ZE:A’s Kevin, Song Sae Hyun, and more. Catch the first episode set to air on March 19th!
Source+Picture: Star News via Nate - allkpop

23 Feb:
The cast for the nation’s first K-POP drama ‘Strongest K-POP Survival‘ has officially been finalized.

Actor Park Yoohwan will be playing the role of fictional idol group ‘M2‘ leader Kang Woo Hyun who captivates Hallyu fans with his killer smile and unique charms.
His character is a top idol that looks polished on the outside, but possesses a violent and selfish personality off the stage. Park Yoohwan is famous for being the younger brother to JYJ‘s Park Yoochun and has starred in major projects such as ‘Gyebek‘, and ‘Thousand Days’ Promise‘ only a year after making his debut. He has showcased some raw, emotional acting abilities in ‘Thousand Day’s Promise’, being selected as the ‘Most Anticipated Rookie of 2012′, and he is sure to display his strong acting skills in ‘Strongest K-POP Survival’ as one of the main characters.
Actress Go Eun Ah has been selected to play the role of pianist ‘Ji Seung Yeon‘ who dreams of becoming a hip-hop legend. Go Eun Ah has starred in her share of movies, drama series, and variety programs and is receiving much love and support from viewers. Not only is she beautiful and possesses the perfect figure, she is also hilarious, which adds to her overall appeal. In ‘Strongest K-POP Survival’, Go Eun Ah will be playing the role of an average tomboy who is born with a talent and a passionate soul. She unexpectedly ends up cross-dressing as a male to join the all-male idol group.
ZE:A‘s Kevin will be playing the role of M2′s Junior member Kang Changmin who thinks the world revolves around him, and dreams of becoming a solo ballad singer.
Kevin has made his acting debut in MBC‘s Moon-Sun and through this new drama, he will prove that he is more than capable of being an idol actor. All eyes are on Kevin, as he will be playing the role of a character name Changmin who studied Voice in college, and he will have to showcase both his vocal talent as well as his acting abilities.
Lastly, member Kim Eunjung of girl group Jewelry will be playing the role of super star ‘Ria‘, a top celebrity that represents the entire nation.
Her character ‘Ria’ debuted into the K-pop scene as the leader of a girl group, but is the only one that made it to the top after the rest of the members left the music industry. Through her character ‘Ria’, Eunjung will showcase some new charms she has never displayed before. This is her first attempt at acting, and she is determined not to disappoint.
The first episode of ‘Strongest K-POP Survival’ is scheduled to air on March 12th through Channel A.
Source & Image: HK via Nate - allkpop

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