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Senin, 13 Februari 2012

Dream Team

25 Mar:

2AM‘s Jokwon revealed how he felt about participating on KBS 2TV‘s ‘Dream Team‘.
Jokwon, along with fellow members ChangminJinwoon, and Seulong, guested on the March 25th broadcast of ‘Dream Team’, competing against Dream Team members MarcoChoi Sung JoSung WoongHan Min KwanShawn Lee, and Kim Dong Joon. During the recording, Jokwon stated,“This is the first time participating on ‘Dream Team’ after my debut. I am very thrilled.”
MC Lee Chang Myung then asked, “When you watched Dream Team Season 1, who did you like?”Jokwon revealed, “I liked Jo Sung Mo.”
On this day, Jokwon participated in the obstacle challenge with Changmin, but unfortunately was eliminated.
Source: TV Report via Nate - allkpop

20 Feb:

On the February 19th episode of KBS’s ‘Dream Team 2‘, twenty celebrities gathered for a special matchmaking ‘couple special’.
During the episode’s opening, NS Yoon-G and Lee Pani caused quite a stir as they revealed their sexy bodies.
In particular, Lee Pani’s colorful leopard print bathing suit showed off her long legs and curves, while NS Yoon-G’s cropped top and short shorts showed off her killer abs and S line. Naturally the males on the show were not complaining.
Meanwhile, this episode of ‘Dream Team 2′ also features MBLAQ‘s Lee JoonF.T. Island‘s Jong HunX-5‘s GhunChoi Sung JoSon Ho Young, Tim, Han Min GwanHuh Kyung Hwan, Seo In GookZE:A’s Dongjun, Announcer Park Eun YoungJeon Se Hong, Kim Ji WonJewelry‘s Ye WonRainbow‘s Jae KyungJang DoyeonKim Jung Min, and Kim Hye Young.

Source: Naver - allkpop
14 Feb:
X-5‘s leader Gun made his first variety show appearance on the February 12th edition of KBS 2TV‘s hit show, ‘Dream Team‘.

During the recording, Gun showed off his skills during the five-part obstacle, and even kept up duringMarco‘s ‘Bending Arm’ competition. Gun’s good looks and fit body, as well as his superior athleticism, gave him bonus points from the appreciative viewers.
Despite his impressive performance, not everything went according to plan for Gun. While competing against his opponents, the ‘Happiness Sharing N Campaign’ team, Gun struggled to score during the ‘Bounce Shot’ portion of the five-part obstacle competition, much to his disappointment.
To show Gun support, fellow X-5 member Junwon made a visit to the arena and cheered on his member with a homemade poster.
Meanwhile, X-5 is currently gathering much attention through their promotions for “Do You Want To See Me Go Crazy“.
Source: OSEN via Naver - allkpop

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