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Selasa, 29 Mei 2012


30 May:
Hello Venus‘s Ara has posted up a behind-the-scenes photo taken from the set of After School‘s new music video filming!

On May 30th, Ara wrote on her Me2day, “Right now, we are at our role model! After School unnis’ new track! Music video filming set~.”
She continued, “Their new track is honestly daebak!! Even though I am a girl, I feel that I could fall~ in~ love! @_@ I can’t show you everything yet so here’s a shot of our members’ backsides as they stare at the filming scene… I hope you understand…. Kyaah!! So cool, so cool~!!”
Fans were warmed to see the Pledis Entertainment juniors show such support for their seniors and commented, “Looking forward to it!”, “Even their backsides are pretty”, “I hope Hello Venus does as well as After School!” and “Hello Venus will do just as well!”
Source + Photos: Ara’s Official Me2day = allkpop

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