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Minggu, 20 Mei 2012

G.NA Album

23 May:

Earlier sexy songstress G.NA released her new mini-album ‘Bloom‘.  Just a few moment ago she revealed the full music video to title track, “2HOT“.
The music video hosts a bevy of chiseled firemen who seem to be so distracted by G.NA’s sexy moves, they are completely ignoring the fires raging all around them.
G.NA stands proudly at the center of all the commotion, with her come hither stares and sultry choreography.  The bright colors and Old Hollywood-inspired styling plays up her sexier, feminine side.
Watch G.NA spunky new music video below:
 Source: allkpop

22 May:

Singer G.Na who became a hot icon after releasing her past hit songs “Black & White” along with “Top Girl” has returned with her third mini-album, ‘BLOOM‘.
G.Na has actively participated in putting this new album together, helping to write and compose some of the songs. Her title track “2Hot” written by hit-makers Kim Do HoonLee Hyun Seung, and Choi Gab Won consists of an electronic sound, and the brass along with the deep bass help tie the dynamic sound together.
The singer collaborated with singer Jay Park for the hip-hop track “Green Light“, a song where two individuals attracted to one another play hard to get. G.Na also released an English version of her first #1 hit “I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better” on this album, and it features none other than B2ST‘sYong Junhyung.
G.Na has returned to the K-Pop scene with not only a more mature look, but a more developed sound and high-quality album that should be a pleasant listen this summer season.
Check out a few songs from her new album below!
Title Track [ 2Hot ]
[ Green Light ] ft. Jay Park
[ Brother, Sister ] ft. Sangchu
[ Quit It ]
[ I'll Back Off So You Can Live Better English Version ] ft. B2ST’s Yong Junhyung
Source & Image : Melon - allkpop

20 May:
Ahead of the official release of her comeback music video for “2HOT“, G.NA has gone ahead revealing a new teaser image for the release!

Surrounded by chiseled firemen, G.NA stands proudly at the center in an adorable Hollywood-inspired outfit that plays up her sexier, feminine side. A lot of transformations have been made for her comeback, the most obvious being her two-toned pink ‘doll hair’, which she’s also sporting in the photo.
“2HOT” features a retro melody in a musical style fashion that gives emphasis to a sexy choreography that will definitely be turning heads.
Check back for the release of G.NA’s third mini-album on May 22nd, as well as the album jacket pictures she’ll be releasing up until the date!
Source: allkpop

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