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Kamis, 24 Mei 2012


25 May:

It looks like B.A.P‘s Zelo‘s amazing dance skills are something he’s possessed since childhood!
On May 24th, an online community board shared an old video of Zelo showing off his dance skills. Considering that he’s only 15 years old now, the video had to be taken quite a while ago as he looks to be much shorter than now.
The video was revealed to have been recorded during his first year of junior high school, as TS Entertainment revealed, “The video is indeed Zelo. It was at a school festival during the summer of his first year of junior high school when he was 12 years old. He had to perform on stage after a sudden request made by his teachers and classmates.”
The impromptu dance show was put on in complete freestyle, an amazing talent for anyone of any age. Since elementary school, he was revealed to have taken dance lessons at an academy four hours away every day to train in b-boying and rap.
Fans commented, “He’s a good dancer no doubt, but it’s kind of cute seeing him so short like that”, “He’s like a robot”, “So this is where Zelobot began”, and “While I was dancing childish dances, Zelo oppa was.. daebak!”

Source: allkpop

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