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Minggu, 20 Mei 2012

JJ Project

25 May:

Rookie group JJ Project made a big first impression earlier today with their debut performance of ‘Bounce‘ on Mnet’s M! Countdown.
In support of the group, their fellow JYP Entertainment members displayed their support on Twitter.
2PM’s Taecyeon tweeted, “Good job on the first broadcast, we were all watching from Japan, we’ll be looking forward to your future promotions“.
2PM’s Junho tweeted, “JJproject has finally debuted~^^ Even though it was their first stage they weren’t nervous, great job, from now on Fighting!!
2PM’s Nichkhun tweeted, “‘Bounce, Bounce, c’mon Bounce’ is on repeat in my head~ They performed so well on their first stage~ They’re so so good!!!! Keep it going!!! Fighting Tomorrow!!
2PM’s Junsu tweeted, “JYP’s rookie JJ project had their debut stage today! Saw the performance, it was so exciting!! bounce~ bounce~ Fighting! @jbjyp @jrjypkeep goin on!!
Wonder Girls Yenny tweeted, “JJ Daebak!!!!! B-B-Bounce! So exciting~~!!! Fighting, Jin Young and Jae Bum!!
Miss A’s Fei tweeted, “@jbjyp @jrjyp JJ – Saw your first broadcast ^^ You guys were so good on stage. I wanted to cheer you on in person… it’s unfortunate T T Fighting for tomorrow, and the day after! Bounce…
Miss A’s Jia tweeted, “JJproject You debuted today!! kekeke I was overseas so I couldn’t see your stage but~~ kekeke work hard! Fighting!!^^
Miss A’s Suzy tweeted, “JJ Project Saw your debut stage, It was really really awesome considering it was your debut stage. Reminds me of my debut!!!!!!! JB, Jr. Fighting, Jin Young, Jae Bum fighting!
2AM’s Seulong tweeted, “JJ’s song is so good T T Bounce~~~~ Bounce~~~ Let’s go!!!”
These rookies looked like veterans as they took to the stage and despite all the bouncing and shaking in the choreography, they gave a solid vocal performance.
Check out their MR Removed performance below!
Source: allkpop

24 May:

JYP Entertainment‘s rookie duo JJ Project recently received over 1 million views for their “Bounce” MV in just two days of its release.
JJ Project’s MV for “Bounce” has been gaining explosive attention online since its release and even reached #4 Most Liked, #10 Most Viewed, #7 Most Discussed, and #4 Most Favorited video worldwide on YouTube. In South Korea, JJ Project’s debut music video ranked #1 on all four charts. JJ Project’s debut album also recently hit #10 on iTunes‘ ‘Top Dance Album‘ chart as well.
JJ Project has surpassed everyone’s expectations for a rookie group with this accomplishment and has fans further anticipating their debut stage.
Congratulations, JJ Project! Make sure to check out JJ Project’s debut stage on ‘Mnet Countdown‘ on the 24th, and catch the music video below if you missed it.
Source: TVDaily via Nate - allkpop

JYP Entertainment‘s new rookie duo JJ Project has released behind-the-scenes footage for their ‘Bounce‘ album jacket photo shoot.
‘Bounce’ has received a lot of love, ranking on charts soon after its release, while its music videoreceived over a million views in two days.
Check out the photo shoot for the album’s jacket below.
Source: allkpop

JYP Entertainment‘s hot new rookie group JJ Project participated in an interview with Newsen where they briefly talked about their life as JYPE trainees. As many of you know by now, both JB and Jr. were chosen as the top winners from JYP’s 5th Auditions back in 2009, and the two ended up debuting together as a team.
JB said during the interview, “Up until now, I had a goal that I wanted to achieve so living as a trainee wasn’t so hard. The hardest thing was that I used to live very freely, but as a trainee, I had to adhere to lesson and practice schedules. It is obvious for this kind of career, but i think it was hard because I lived very freely prior to.
Jr. added, “Because I am the youngest out of three, I was always extremely loved, so living away from my family was very difficult and lonely. I didn’t have many friends in Seoul so I only went back and forth between the office and school everyday.
As everyone already knows, JYPE is famous for emphasizing the importance of education. Not only do they receive lessons in singing and dancing, their trainees and artists receive special lessons in language, reading, and even sex education. J.Y. Park himself recently made an appearance on SBSHealing Camp‘ and stated, “There’s a mandatory reading list for the kids. I made Rain read and scrap newspaper everyday. If their grades are low, they become disqualified as trainees.”
J.Y. Park also said that the trainees receive sex education, and JB and Jr. were no exception. JB stated, “When people hear sex education, they think of weird things, but a professional instructor comes in and gives us a very legitimate lecture”. He also added, “We receive sex ed about once or twice a year.
Not only do the trainees receive sex education, they also receive mental and psychological care so that they can be prepared for different situations that they may face during their careers as celebrities. JB said, “It helped me a lot during my trainee days. I learned to have control over my mind in any kind of situation.
Although the trainees may seem like they are being chained to the office, Jr. stated otherwise. He commented, “Time management, practice times, and other general things are very structured, but they do not impose in our personal lives. I liked that they gave us space.
Jr. also added, “If I tell them that I have something that I want to learn, they teach me. They care a lot about their artists.
Source & Photo: Newsen & JJ Project official Twitter - allkpop

22 May:
After making a strong debut on Dream High 2 and with their debut album, ‘BOUNCE‘, JJ Project is jam-packed with skills acquired through JYPE’s long practice hours and rigorous training.

JB (Lim Jae Beom, 19), and Jr. (Park Jin Young, 19) were the winners of the 5th JYPE Auditionback in 2009. But with their skills and idol-like images, the duo were already being recognized and garnered a tight fan-base even before their debut.

Jr., the younger one of the group commented,”In 2009, during summer break, we auditioned for the 5th JYPE Audition. Me and JB hyung auditioned together and placed 1st. And from then, hyung and I officially started getting trained and working as singers.”
Even as a rookie, Jr. showed phenomenal acting skills in Dream High 2, playing a lovable character with a southern Korean accent. In addition, his dancing skills caught the public’s eye during Dream High 2. Even After School‘s dancing machine leader, Kahi, admitted that she fell in love with Jr.’s dancing.
JB, the older of the group said, “[Since the audition,] we took language and dancing lessons for 2 years. We’re learning Japanese and Chinese, but I don’t think we are up to a high level yet. I think we need to work on it a bit more since the words are so foreign to us.”

From the start, JB and Jr. bears the burden of having the same names as the legendary singer, Lim Jae Beom, and a singer-producer, Park Jin Young. And because of that, the public are expecting great things to happen in the near future.
There is no meaning behind it. Our real names are Park Jin Young and Lim Jae Beom. But since we are rookies, we won’t have our own original colors. So we just combined our first initials, J and J,” JB said.
Jr. added, “You can think of us as like a continuously evolving project team rather than a unit team. Being given the same names as legends can be considered as a fate or homework. We have to work harder if we want to live up to the name. It’s intimidating, but I want to grow and become like J.Y. Park and Lim Jae Beom.
JB revealed that many successful artistis and groups of JYPE were the biggest supporters and promoters for the JJ Project. Not only did CEO JYP give advice, but artists such as Se7en*, 2PM,2AMMissA, and Wonder Girls passed on their share of experience and knowledge to the rookie duo.
He commented, “The seniors taught us a lot. As singers, and even as life mentors, they gave us a lot of advices. I think 2PM’s Junho hyung and Taekyeon hyung worries the most. So I think we have to work harder
Watch JJ Project at 5th JYPE Audition:
Source & Photo: Nate - allkpop

The music video for “Bounce“ from JYP Entertainment‘s new rookie duo JJ Project has been getting an enormous amount of attention worldwide.
Soon after its release on May 20, the MV reached #4 Most Liked, #10 Most Viewed, #7 Most Discussed, and #4 Most Favorited video worldwide on YouTube. In South Korea, JJ Project’s debut music video ranked #1 on all four charts. JJ Project’s debut album also recently hit #10 on iTunes‘ ‘Top Dance Album‘ chart as well.
Members JB and Jr. liven up their classroom in the ”Bounce” MV, showing a funky and colorful performance that makes viewers want to bounce and shake along with them.
A representative from JYP Entertainment stated, “We are grateful for the massive attention JJ Project has received internationally. We are currently preparing for their debut stage, which will exceed everyone’s expectations. We ask for your continued love and interest.”
Congratulations, JJ Project! Make sure to check out JJ Project’s debut stage on ‘Mnet Countdown‘ on the 24th, and catch the music video below if you missed it.
Source: Naver, Star News via Nate - allkpop

19 May:

Rookie group JJ Project have made a big first impression with their new album ‘Bounce‘.
The album is full of tracks that embody JJ Project’s overflowing energy and liberal spirits, effectively displaying the lively charms of the youthful teenage members.
The album contains 4 tracks including: “Bounce“, “Hooked“, “Before This Song Ends” (ft. Suzy), and the instrumental version of “Bounce”.
Check out the tracks below and let us know which one is your favorite! Remember to support bypurchasing the music!
Before This Song Ends (ft. Suzy)
Bounce - EP - JJ Project
Source: allkpop

The long wait is finally over, JYP Entertainment‘s latest group has now arrived!
After releasing numerous teasers, JB and Jr. of the JJ Project have finally debuted with ‘Bounce‘.
These hot rookies are bringing some swag with a bit of punk and hip hop style. It seems JYP Entertainment is experimenting in new musical genres as they also incorporate some rock n’roll, hip hop, electronic, and dubstep sounds in their music.
Check out their hot MV below! Remember to support by purchasing the music!
Bounce - EP - JJ Project

Source: allkpop

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