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Senin, 21 Mei 2012


28 May:

As expected, Leessang has completely taken over the digital charts with their eighth comeback album, ‘Unplugged‘!
According to results revealed by iChart for May 28th, Leessang’s “Someday” topped the weekly charts for Melon, Mnet, Olleh Music, and Bugs, while “My Love” is at the top of real time charts.
A majority of the tracks off of their album have managed to take over the top 10 rankings on most digital charts, demonstrating the duo’s dominance in the digital music market.
There seems to be no competition in sight for the duo, as it’s actually their own songs that are contending for the top spot. The album charts for May are nothing short of complete dominance by Leessang.
Their decision to change up their musical style with each new album release has been well received by the public, especially since they had already stacked up public recognition with frequent exposure through variety shows.
‘Unplugged’ itself took three long years to produce, with instruments being imported in to create the album’s distinctive vintage sound.

Source: allkpop
26 May:

Yesterday, Hip hop duo Leessang unveiled their 8th full length album, ‘Unplugged‘ along with themusic video for their title track “Someday. Now, they’ve released the music video for the track “Pursuit of Happiness“.
The track is different from the rock unplugged sounds of “Someday” and is more in line with Leessang’s hip hop roots. The track features Jo Hyuna of Urban Zakapa.
Leessang’s ‘Unplugged’ is killing the charts in Korea and was released in celebration of their 10-year anniversary since the group was first formed. Through this album, the duo plan to show the true sound of analog music that is hard to find in music these days. You can support them by purchasing the music.
Check out the MV below!
Source: allkpop

25 May:

Hip hop duo Leessang has unveiled their 8th full length album, ‘Unplugged‘ along with the music video for their title track “Someday“!
Their 8th album was created in celebration of their 10 year anniversary and has been in the works for the past three years.
Before the release of their album, Leessang revealed two of their songs “Humility is Hard” and “My Love” which have both climbed the charts with release, demonstrating Leessang’s appeal to a wide range of audience.
Their title track “Someday” marks the duo’s first rock ballad. With the teaser video featuring Yoon Do Hyun already having been released, anticipation has been rising for the full version.
Having released their album, Leessang will be launching ‘Leesang Theater Season 2‘ at the Olympic Hall on July 14th and 15th.
Check out the music video for “Someday” below!
Source: Xports News via Naver - allkpop

23 May:

Leessang has released the music video teaser for “Someday” featuring rock singer Yoon Do Hyun.
“Someday” is the title track of the group’s 8th full length album ‘Unplugged‘, which will be released in celebration of Leessang’s 10th anniversary on May 25. ‘Unplugged’ includes a total of 13 tracks, and two of them, “My Love” and ”Humility is Hard“, have already topped charts after their pre-releases.
Watch the music video teaser for “Someday” below.

Source: allkpop

As expected, Leessang once again climbed the charts with their newest release, “My Love“.
The hip-hop duo pre-released “My Love” from their eighth formal album, ‘Unplugged‘. The song immediately soared to the #1 spot on Korean music sites such as MelonCyworldBugs Music,Soribada, and more.
“My Love” is Leessang’s second track to be released off their new album after “Humility is Hard“. The members have decided to first drop these two tracks to give fans an idea of how musically diverse their new album would be. After displaying an upbeat, fresh sound and energy with “Humility is Hard”, the boys showcased a completely different talent with “My Love”, an emotional hip-hop ballad track.
Their pre-released tracks, which immediately swept the charts, upon release are also receiving high praise from fans who are now more eager than ever to get their hands on a copy of their eighth album, ‘Unplugged’. The public is also curious to know if this new album will be able to surpass the success of their past album ‘AsuRa BalBalTa‘ which was a major hit last summer.
“My Love” sings of a man who learns how to love from a woman who loves him unconditionally. The sentimental lyrics and the romantic melody is sure to capture the hearts of fans everywhere.
Give it a listen below, if you haven’t heard it already and tell us what you think!
Source: allkpop

Hip hop duo Leessang recently pre-released “Humility is Hard” from their upcoming eighth album ‘Unplugged‘, leaving listeners reminiscent of the 60′s and 70′s. Now, they’ve released another track titled “My Love“.
Different from the fresh and upbeat “Humility is Hard”, “My Love” is a hip hop ballad and is a song that sings of a man who learns to love from a woman who unconditionally gives him everything she has. The track has a rather mysterious and dreamy ambience that pairs well with the romantic and sentimental melody.
With this new track, Leessang proves that they are more genuine about their music than ever before, and that they are truly one of Korea’s biggest hip hop icons.
Give it a listen below!
Source: Melon - allkpop

 22 May:

Leessang is expected to achieve another all-kill.

The hip-hop duo who recently pre-released “Humility is Hard will also be pre-releasing “My Love” from their 8th album, ‘Unplugged‘.
“Humility is Hard” climbed to the top of the charts immediately upon being released, and continued to rank high for a full five days. Fans are now curious to know if “My Love” will have the same sort of staying-power.
Different from the upbeat, fresh sound of “Humility is Hard” that left listeners reminiscent of the 60′s and 70′s, “My Love” is an emotional hip-hop track that sings of a man who learns how to love from a woman who gives him everything she can. The romantic, sentimental lyrics flow upon a foundation of a trendy jazz groove, and the sounds of the acoustic guitar and sensual piano melody further adds to the romantic ambience of the track.
After introducing “My Love” to their fans, Leessang will officially release their 8th formal album ‘Unplugged’ on May 25th. This album is a high-quality project that has been in the works for the past three years, and with it, Gil and Gary are ready to once again prove that they are sincere musicians.
In related news, Leessang will also be holding ‘Leessang Theater Season 2‘ at Olympic Park on July 14th and 15th. Tickets go on sale starting May 25th.

Source: allkpop

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