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Minggu, 20 Mei 2012


5 July:
Starting on July 7th, VIXX has announced that they’ll be going on their first fan signing tour in Korea since their debut.

The boys will be in Seoul before traveling on to Daejun on the 14th and Incheon on the 15th to meet with as many fans as they can nationwide. Their company expressed, “We decided to hold these fan signings due to the unending requests made by their fans. We hope to repay their passionate love and support through these events.”
Excited fans expressed their anticipation by commenting back, “Really looking forward to this first fan signing”, “See you at Gimpo Airport”, and “Please come to the countryside as well!”
For those that can’t attend, footage of their first fan signing will be shown through the July 10th episode of SBS MTV‘s ‘Diary‘.
Source + Photos: Star N News via Nate - allkpop

14 June:
VIXX‘s N had a sweet message for his fans on Kiss Day, June 14th KST.

He tweeted, “You guys, sweet sweet night~ N-night! Muah (^з^)-☆,” and shared the photo above. N and fellow VIXX member Ravi sent their fans to bed with adorable kissy faces.
His fan service has since gathered a lot of attention.
Followers on Twitter commented, “Kiss Day fighting,” “VIXX fighting,” “You two look good together,” “I’m going to lose my mind,” and “I was getting sleepy studying late at night, but now I’m wide awake.”
Source+Picture: N‘s Twitter - allkpop

29 May:

Rookie group VIXX has been stirring up interest with the release of their debut music video for “Super Hero, and to help their new fans get more acquainted with the group, they have revealed another video featuring footage from behind the scenes.
The video has just been released through the group’s official YouTube channel, “RealVIXX”, and documents the members throughout the filming of the music video.
Take a look below!

Source: allkpop

27 May:

Rookie boy group VIXX recently had their debut stage on MBC‘s ‘Music Core‘ and are quickly rising to become the next hottest rookies of the year.
Viewers were impressed with the level of expertise they showed in their vocals and performance, and quickly exclaimed that they had the potential to become big stars. Search portal rankings reflected the same interest, as immediately after their debut, VIXX ranked at the top of live search charts.
The group aims to become a combination of the best voices and visuals as a team of great heroic value to the industry.
If you haven’t already, check out their “Super Hero” stage below!
Source: OSEN via Nate - allkpop

23 May:

New Jelly Fish Entertainment idol group VIXX has released the music video for “Super Hero“!
The members of VIXX had to fight their way through a tough competition process on reality program ‘Mydol‘ to debut, going from 10 to 6 final members. The group’s members and name were decided upon by viewers.
Check out the previously released teasers here, and VIXX’s debut music video “Super Hero” MV below.

Source: allkpop
21 May:

As mentioned earlier, the 10 contestants on Mnet‘s reality program ‘Mydol‘ have been whittled down to 6 final members who have been given an official name VIXX.
The final members of VIXX, who are under Jelly Fish Entertainment alongside Sung Si KyungSeo In Guk, and Brian, were chosen through viewer votes alone, and the group’s name was decided on by votes by viewers as well.
Last week, the group unveiled their first two MV teasers, now they have released a third video teaser to gear up for their upcoming debut on May 24th with “Super Hero“, check it out below!
If you missed their other teasers watch below:
Source: allkpop
Upcoming boy group VIXX has launched a special event for their fans!

Through their official Twitter and fan cafe, the boys will be personally releasing download links to their songs and teaser music videos before their official release online.
On May 20th, Jelly Fish Entertainment explained, “We wanted to create an event that will allow the fans to feel closer with the members. As a present, we’ll be sharing the file downloads for their second teaser video before its official release.”
VIXX previously starred on Mnet‘s ‘Mydol‘ and showed their debut survival process by competing against ten members before finally becoming the six member group they are now.
The group will be debuting with their title track, “Super Hero“, on May 24th. Until then, check out their official Twitter (@RealVIXX) for goodie links!
Source + Photos: SPHK via Naver - allkpop

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