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Kamis, 24 Mei 2012

Shinhwa Broadcast

27 May:

Shinhwa‘s Eric revealed that he was put in a very pitiful state because of his fellow members.
On one segment of the May 26th broadcast of jTBC‘s ‘Shinhwa Broadcast‘, the Shinhwa members parodied KBS 2TV‘s ‘Gag Concert – Four Things‘ with ‘Shinhwa’s – Six Things’. During this segment, the members expressed the frustrations and complaints they possessed.
To win the competition, Eric confessed a somewhat exaggerated frustration he had against the members. Eric said, “I am very unfortunate. We’ve worked hard since we made our comeback in four years. When we finish our recording for today, the members and I get a vacation lasting exactly two nights and three days. Hence, I was so excited and asked Hyesung and Junjin to play Starcraft with me. However, they all refused. Even though I am the oldest out of the members, they neglect me. Since I am abused and shunned by members all the time, I feel depressed again today. It looks like I will be spending my first 2 nights and 3 days vacation at home with my dog Gomdori“, causing the viewers to explode in laughter.
The hilarious ‘Shinhwa’s – Six Things’ segment starts at the 3:13 mark below.
Source: Newsen - allkpop

On the most recent episode of jTBC‘s ‘Shinhwa Broadcast‘ Shinhwa‘s Andy declared that he would release a nude album without the Shinhwa members.
The May 26th broadcast of ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ featured debates in which the members competed against each other to win the title as the “God of Speech”. As mentioned previously, the Shinhwa members held a debate discussing whether they should release another nude photo album. (Shinhwa, who shot a nude photo album 11 years ago, remains the first and only idol group to have ever done so)
Kim Dongwan who was on the team that had to argue for the idea said, “We shot the nude photos during our 4th album when Andy was absent. Andy was left alone in Seoul. Therefore, we need to take Andy and shoot a nude photo album one more time“, to which teammate Junjin added, “I agree. Andy is Shinhwa’s cute guy. Many fans want to see Andy’s muscles. I think fans will like it more if we take a nude photo album with Andy“.
Subsequently Andy hilariously stated, “Objection. You guys took a nude photo album without me. Hence, the five of you can release a nude album. I will release one by myself,” causing the members to laugh at his explosive declaration.
Dongwan, who was momentarily shocked by Andy’s statement, said, “Then your personal nude photos can be the on the appendix pages following after our member’s nude photo album“, generating laughter from the members.
Source: Newsen - allkpop

Shinhwa‘s Junjin hilariously showed dissatisfaction towards the group leader Eric.

On the May 26th episode of JTBC‘s ‘Shinhwa Broadcast‘, the members of Shinhwa had a debate to pick the ‘God of Harsh Talk’. One of the debate topics was “Shinhwa’s leader must be changed”, which made leader Eric slightly uncomfortable.
Shin Hyesung, who was on the team that had to argue for the topic, stated, “Were our opinions considered when we first selected the leader? Eric became the leader just because he is the oldest member and the tallest.
He added on, “I am not saying that Eric should not be the leader. I just want to have a democratic election to pick the leader.
Lee Minwoo, member of the team that had to argue against the topic, countered, “We can’t change the leader. Eric has been doing well as a leader. We shouldn’t be saying things like this, instead we need to give Eric applause for carrying out his position as a leader well.
Junjin then hilariously responded, “There’s a saying that goes, ‘leave when people applaud for you’. I’ll clap for Eric now, so please leave!” causing the set to roar in laughter.
Source + Photo: News via Nate - allkpop

25 May:
In 2000, Shinhwa became the first idol group to release a nude photo album and the boys were asked if they would do it again.

Shinhwa recently filmed an episode of their JTBC variety program ‘Shinhwa Broadcast‘, where they set out to find out which of the members had the most eloquent speech.
During the ‘Speech Channel – Speaking God‘ corner, the members were required to discuss certain topics without letting their heart rates exceed 120. When debating whether or not to release another set of nude pictorials, members JunjinKim Dongwan and Shin Hyesung had to argue for another nude photo album, while EricAndy, and Lee Minwoo had to speak against it.
Though the members were unable to hide their shock upon hearing the unexpected question, the members quickly got into a heated debate.
Kim Dongwan tried to argue for another photoshoot saying, “Our bodies from 13 years ago and now are very different.” On the other hand, Eric argued, “We don’t have idol bodies,” while pointing at Hyesung.
Eric criticized the way Shin Hyesung’s body looked back when they shot their nude photo shoot 13 years ago, but Hyesung hilariously explained, “I was suddenly kidnapped to East Asia [for the shoot] without even being given any time to prepare.
Catch this episode of ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ on May 26th at 10:55PM KST.

Source: OSEN - allkpop

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