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Rabu, 29 Juni 2011

Block B - BoM

5 August:
On August 4th, BoM’s rapper Tagoon shared a series of photos with the members of Block B from backstage at a music program.

Tagoon’s known for having trained with Block B under Brand New Stardom, and has a slew of pre-debut mixtapes he’s worked on with the boys. Although he debuted with BoM under Y2Y Contents Company, he’s maintained his friendship with Block B. Both had even shed tears after reuniting on a music program for the first time with their respective groups.
Tagoon said, “I went through arduous training with the members of Block B. I couldn’t help but tear up at the thought of the years we trained together and at the thought of being in different teams, but standing on the same stage. We’ll be engaging in friendly competition to ensure that we’ll meet at the top together. Please give a lot of love to BoM and Block B.”
His agency commented, “Tagoon was in the final line-up of Block B and even completed recording with them, but because of personal reasons, he briefly took a break from his training before meeting us. We hope that you’ll show interest to both groups.”
Source + Photos: TV DailyStar Today via Nate - allkpop
29 June:

In time for Tagoon’s upcoming debut with ballad group BoM, netizens recently discovered his cover ofJustin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River” with former groupmate and Block B member, Park Kyung.
There are already dozens of mixtapes featuring the two running around online, which fans have been scrambling to find ever since Block B’s debut. 
As it is an unofficial release, the boys bring some fire into their lyrics with this cover.
Although Tagoon doesn’t have a mixtape of his own out yet, netizens thought that this cover was enough proof that he could stand alone, especially since he’s now in a group that focuses in ballads only.
Check it out below, and stay tuned for Tagoon’s debut!
Source: Soundcloud via allkpop

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