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Rabu, 22 Juni 2011


8 September:
Girl groups, KARA and Rainbow, gave their holiday greetings.

KARA and Rainbow sent out out their greetings, “Our nation’s great holiday Chuseok is nearing. We hope you have a full and fun holiday, and always be happy”, and flaunted their beauty in the traditional Korean dress, the Hanbok.
In the revealed picture, KARA and Rainbow showed a never-seen-before traditional look that brought out their innocent, traditional beauty.
KARA has recently revealed their new, Korean album, “Step”, which has gone on to reach an all-kill on various music charts as soon as it was released. Rainbow, on the other hand, has touched down in Japan with their Japanese debut track, “A”, which has hit number one on Recochoku’s daily chart, as well as hitting number 1 on the weekly chart on the first week it was revealed.
Source: allkpop
6 September:
 On the evening of September 6th, Rainbow’s Go Woori promoted fellow labelmate, KARA through her personal Twitter page.  She left a cheerful message saying, “Lalalala~~ Wow I keep singing the lyrics all day long, Kara’s new song is the best! Fighting!

She also posted a photo of herself with headphones on and raised her thumb indicating how awesomeKARA‘s new song, ‘STEP‘  is.
In addition, netizens responded back to her post, ” Your so pretty and cute…” and “KARA, Rainbow fighting!
On a side note, KARA made a comeback with ‘Step‘ six days ago.
Check out the music video below if you have not!
Source + Photos: Twitter via OSEN - allkpop

21 July:

KARA’s Gyuri and Rainbow’s Hyun Young were chosen to sing a track for the OST of MBC’s drama “Love is Elsewhere.”
The track is titled “Indecisive” and earlier in the week, a teaser video introduced fans to their collaborative work. And now, the full MV has finally made its appearance!
Check out the lovely DSP Media cross-collaboration below:
Source: allkpop

22 June:
Rainbow’s official Facebook page recently shared new photos taken directly from DSP Media’s MT trip. ‘MT’ stands for ‘membership training’, and it’s usually a trip taken to strengthen bonds and friendships.

Judging from the pictures alone, it seems like the girls had quite the trip planned; they went bungee jumping, rode banana boats, played dodgeball, and raced against each other. What especially caught the attention of fans was that they were all makeup-free and exuded a genuine happiness in the photos.
Netizens commented, “Their bare faces are so sweet looking”, “I want to see them both on stage!”, and“Look at Seungyeon’s bungee jumping pose!”
Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via NaverFacebook via allkpop

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