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Kamis, 30 Juni 2011


22 May:

SM Entertainment revealed on the 22nd that they will not cast any contestant from SBS‘ ‘K-Pop Star‘.
A representative from the SM camp confirmed, “Unfortunately, SM has decided not to cast any of the finalists from ‘K-Pop Star’”.
Meanwhile, K-Pop Star finalists Baek Ah Yeon and Park Jae Hyung plus winner Park Ji Min wereconfirmed to enter JYP Entertainment as trainees. Park Ji Min’s debut is already in progress.
Finally, there are rumors that Lee Seung Hoon and Lee Hayi will sign with YG Entertainment.
Source: OSEN - allkpop

26 Mar:

SM Entertainment, one of Korea’s largest entertainment companies, has recently announced that it would be issuing approximately $881,000 worth of new shares for its artists. As a part of their capital increase through a third party allotment, SM Entertainment artists will become major shareholders of the company, thereby effectively owning a piece of their company.
On March 26th, SM Entertainment announced the plan through DART Financial Supervisory Service, which will provide SM artists KangtaBoATVXQSuper JuniorGirl’s GenerationSHINeef(x),Go Ara, and more of approximately $881,000 worth of SM Entertainment stock.
SM Entertainment will issue 22,120 new shares of stock with each individual share valued at 44,550 won (approximately $39 – $40 USD) each.
Kangta, BoA, and most of the Super Junior and Girls’ Generation members will be receiving 680 shares each (value of around $27,200 for each member), while SHINee and f(x) members will be receiving 340 shares each (value of around $13,600 for each member).
SM Entertainment released a statement saying, “This capital increase represents a strengthening partnership between the company and its artists, and we hope that as shareholders, our artists will share and take part in the vision and growth of the company.
They continued, “We are expecting a global growth of the company through this renewed partnership with the artists.”
Source: Starnews via Nate - allkpop

14 January:

SM Entertainment has just revealed to allkpop that they’ll be holding their SM Global Auditions in five different countries this year!
SM is famous for producing many of Korea’s top K-Pop stars, such as BoATVXQSuper Junior,Girls’ GenerationSHINee, and f(x). A few of those stars were discovered through the SM Global Auditions, such as Super Junior-M‘s Henry, a finalist of the 2006 Global Auditions, and f(x)‘sAmber, who participated in the 2007 U.S. auditions.
For this year, SM will be holding auditions in South KoreaJapanChinaCanada, and the United States. The American audition dates and locations are as follows:
- Saturday, February 18th: New York, New York
- Monday, February 20th: Chicago, Illinois
- Sunday, February 26th: San Francisco, California
- Saturday, March 3rd: Los Angeles, California
Auditions are open to anyone and there is no application fee.
Applications can be sent via e-mail to: 2012usa@smtown.com2012canada@smtown.com, or YouTube (www.youtube.com/audition)
Finalists will be given the opportunity to sign an exclusive contract with SM Entertainment. This contract will cover all initial costs in launching a musical career.
For more details and information, please check the SMTOWN official website.
Source: allkpop

13 January:

SM Entertainment, the label that’s home to major K-pop artists such as TVXQSuper JuniorGirls’ Generation, and more will have their own SM Entertainment booth at ‘MIDEM 2012‘ in Cannes, France.
The Marché International du Disque et de l’Edition Musicale (MIDEM) is the largest music industry trade fair in the world, and has been taking place every year in France since 1967. The event brings together musicians, business people, and others from all over the world to “showcase new artists, musical trends and music-related products.”
This year, the ‘MIDEM 2012′ will be taking place in Cannes, France from January 28th to the 31st, and SM Entertainment will be holding their own booth to meet with internationally-acclaimed musicians.
SM Entertainment has been attending the MIDEM for the past 15 years studying the international music market, securing the copyrights of famous artists’ songs at the MIDEM, but this is the first time that SM Entertainment will be opening their own independent booth. In the past, they acquired music samples from Europe and the US, or joined with another corporation to open a joint-booth, slowly expanding their name and presence.
Seeing that a Korean entertainment company is able to confidently set up a corner at the largest music industry trade fair in the world proves just how much K-POP has impacted the world. SM Entertainment is more determined than ever, and they’re prepared to make a break through in the international music market.
MIDEM representatives remarked, “SM Entertainment has been attending the MIDEM even before the MIDEM name carried any weight. Their efforts have paid off, as they’re now able to come independently and open their own booth.”
Source & Image: SportsKorea via Nate | Allkpop
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9 November:

Credit: SMTOWN @ youtube
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10 October:
On October 10th, SM Entertainment revealed that they’ve signed a partnership agreement with the worldwide mobile app service, ‘Kakao‘.

Representatives of SM Entertainment revealed, “We’ll be putting out a new music platform within Kakao Talk and use the synergistic effect of the Hallyu wave to create a standing board for a global music market.”
Through ‘Kakao Talk’, SM will be providing a variety of live content to their userbase all over the world.  Through their partnership, SM will also be working to improve and advance the mobile platform for the global market.
CEO Kim Young Min stated, “I’m looking forward to creating a new music platform for Kakao Talk users and creating a new type of music content market.”
Source + Photos: Star News via Naver - allkpop

26 September:

Singers from SM Entertainment recently participated in the Korea, China, and Japan joint concert.
Singers, including, Kangta, Super Junior, f(x), Super Junior M, and Zhang Li Yin drew cheers from over sixty thousand Asian fans.
Kangta, Super Junior, and f(x) attended the concert as Korean representatives, and Super Junior M and Zhang Li Yin attended the concert as Chinese representatives.

Tse Nicholas, 12 Girls Band, and more from China and EXILE, Kuraki Mai, and Happiness from Japan also took part in the concert as well.
The concert will air during China’s biggest holiday, Double Tenth in October, on Chinese CCTV.

Source: Starnews
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30 August:

SM Entertainment has officially confirmed that they will be taking their ‘SM Town Live World Tour‘ to NYC this October!
On October 23rd, SM Entertainment artists will be heading over to the Madison Square Garden in Manhattan, New York to perform for a 15,000 member audience!  The Madison Square Garden in particular is regarded as a ‘dream stage’ by singers, as only the best worldwide stars like Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and the likes have performed on it.
Considering the successes of their past concerts in L.A., Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, and Paris, they’ll have no trouble selling out seats in no time for NYC.  Stay tuned to allkpop for further updates!
Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Naver - allkpop

26 August:

SM Entertainment has announced that they will take legal action against Moroccan singers Tiralinefor plagiarizing Super Junior’s hit track, “Bonamana“.
On August 26th, a SM Entertainment representative stated, “Our music staff listened to the Moroccan singers’ song, ‘Matal Maghribi‘, and decided that it was definitely plagiarized. We will contact the company that has publishing rights to the song and take neccessary measures.
Tiraline had revealed “Matal Maghribi” through their MySpace page on February 7th, but the song only recently became a hot issue due to recirculation amongst outraged Super Junior fans.
Stay tuned to allkpop for more updates on this issue.
Source: Star News via Nate - allkpop

24 August:

Due to the intense interest surrounding a supposed “leaked demo” of SNSD’s new single, representatives of SM Entertainment were forced to release a statement in order to clarify the issue.
Recently, a video was posted on YouTube under the caption “SNSD 3rd full album demo song leaked“. Netizens discovered that a song called “Hiccup“ by Andrew Jackson was listed under SNSD’s name on the Korea Music Copyright Association website. It led them to visit Andrew Jackson’s MySpace page, and after hearing the track, fans began to believe that SNSD’s demo song had indeed been leaked.
SM Entertainment representative explained, “This song will not be included in the album that SNSD will be releasing in Korea soon. The future of this song has not yet been confirmed.
In the end, the supposed ‘leaked demo’ was only a track buoyed up by speculation and rumors. At this time, the video has been erased at SM’s request.
Meanwhile, SNSD is currently promoting in Japan while preparing for a comeback in Korea.
Source: Sports Chosun via Nate - allkpop

On August 23rd, SM Entertainment announced that they had opened a K-Pop training center in Osan, Kyungkido.
Tentatively named the ‘SM Studio, International Entertainment Academy‘, the company held a signing ceremony with the city of Osan. Both parties expressed their hopes of advancing the Hallyu culture through this new establishment.
The event was attended by the governor of Gyeonggi-do, Kim Moon Soo, the mayor of Osan, Kwak Sang WookLee Soo Man, and SM Entertainment’s CEO, Kim Young Min.
The city promised SM Entertainment the support needed to foster and train K-Pop stars, including help with the establishment, administration, and development of related content.
‘SM Studio’ is expected to be completed by September and will be open by the end of the year.
Source: X Sports News via Nate - allkpop

23 November:

SM Entertainment is fast approaching the 1 trillion Korean Won ($868.7 million USD) mark in market value.
The closing stock price on November 22nd came out to be 60,100 Won (~ $52.21) per share; the highest value for the agency yet. If the value of SM Entertainment is calculated from this price, the label would be worth 995.9 billion Won ($865.2 million).
If the stock value rises by 250 Won ($0.22) to bring the price per share up to 60,350 Won ($52.43), SM will reach a value of 1 trillion Won.
With the value of music related stocks skyrocketing these days, SM is expected to go beyond the 1 trillion Won mark.
SM Entertainment has experienced a tremendous surge in market value this year. Their stock price increased by 220% in this year alone. In the beginning of August, they recorded a price around 20,000 Won (~ $17.37) per share. By the end of August, the price had jumped to around 30,000 (~ $26.06) Won per share. September and October recorded 40,000 (~ $34.75) and 50,000 Won (~ $43.44) per share, respectively, and on November 22nd, they reached a new record price of 60,100 Won per share.
Source: Newsen - allkpop

22 August:

According to SM Entertainment, they are currently discussing the possibilities of an SM Town concert in New York this October. On August 22nd, an official from SM Entertainment told Newsen, "We have received inquiries about performances from all over the world. Currently there are discussions for a New York concert in the United States."
The official continues, "There are many other places in discussion in addition to New York, but there isn't an official deal yet."
SM Entertainment went on their first world tour last year and visited Los Angeles, California for the first time, which turned out to be very successful. In September, SM Town will be visiting Japan and performing as well after months of delay due to Japan's natural disaster in March.
Source:  Newsen | Koreaboo
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30 July: MTV NEWS - Taiwan SM Official Store opening
source: @Youtube
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22 July:

On July 22nd, SM Entertainment revealed that they would be showing SNSD’s “2011 Girls’ Generation Tour” globally through their official Facebook accounts.
Through SM Town and Girls’ Generation, fans will be able to check out not only the performance footage, but pictures of the girls backstage and videos from their press conference.  This is surely a treat for fans that weren’t able to attend the concert themselves.
The girls will also be using their new Facebook page to converse with fans all over the world.
SNSD’s tour will head over to Seoul on July 23rd and 24th.
Source: TV Daily via Nate via allkpop

9 July:

SJ-M member Henry (inset) yesterday appeared at a specialty store in Taipei,
which made the street packed full of fans
SJ-M Specialty Store Fans Packed to Exploding
SM’s specialty store with Korean idol group Super Junior-M (SJ-M) as the attraction opened in Taipei yesterday. They even invited SJ-M member Henry to cut the ribbon at the opening of the SM specialty store.  Due to there being numerous fans, the police requested that the activity be halted.
Almost Out of Control
Yesterday more than 1,000 fans were squeezed to exploding at the rear of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store Taipei Station’s XuChang Street, there were fans who ran and vied with cars for the road, there were arguments as fans jumped the queue.  As the situation almost became out of control, the police forced into the store to request that the activity be immediately stopped. Henry only appeared for 12 minutes but was forced to quickly leave. Henry, whose mother is Taiwanese, did not even forget to do promotions while he was inside the store, he said “I hope everyone comes to the store often, the fans can only be bought here in Taiwan!”
Source: Apple Daily
Translated by: purple_princess
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29 June:

SM Entertainment and Avex Taiwan have been working together for half year on the project of opening an SME exclusive store in Taipei, and the day is finally coming as Avex Taiwan announced today that the store will be opened in July.
SME artists including SNSD, Super Junior, DBSK are probably the most popular K-Pop stars in Taiwan at the moment; the explosive popularity is amazing.
As fans are sad about Super Junior’s Siwon and Donghae’s leaving after finishing filming for the Taiwanese drama “Extravagant Challenge,” this great news revealed by SME and Avex Taiwan made fans all light up again. This shop would be the first SME exclusive store outside of Korea; all SME artists’ official products will be available here, and the location is at the heart of Taipei city which would be easy to access. According to the press release, some special events are under preparation for the grand opening as well.
In addition to the opening of the exclusive store, the anticipated “Super Show3 3D” film will hit theaters in Taiwan on August 26th. SME is surely dominating Taiwan, at least this summer!
Source: Yahoo Kimo Taiwan | Credit: soompi
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