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Senin, 27 Juni 2011


27 June:

A Korean group named KINO is reportedly making waves over in Japan, as they were recently acknowledged by a KBS special titled, ‘K-Pop Makes the World Dance‘.  The group is unique in that they’re under a different ‘Hallyu system’ that debuted them in Japan right from the get-go.
The five members formed in September of last year through an audition process that saw over 1,000 potential members.  Comprised of Yang Haemin, Joo Jong Hoon, Kwak Yong Hwan, Noh Sung Hwan, and Baek Seung Jae, KINO has been promoting on the streets of Shinjuku and Shinokubo.
They’ve since grown into a formidable band and are considered a specialty of Shinjuku, and they’ve even been nicknamed the ‘TVXQ of Shinjuku’ for their growing popularity.
KINO performs three times a day at a K-pop live concert hall and have reportedly performed for over 60,000 people since their debut.  The members are all fluent in Japanese and are skilled in showing off their various talents, such as dance.
Their first mini-album, “Actually“, was released in March and sold out within a week of its release.  All 500 of their mini-concerts have been sold out, in addition to eight of their official concerts.
KINO will be crossing over to Korea next month and will be holding their first Korean showcase at the KT Olleh Square Hall.
Source: BNT News via allkpop

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