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Rabu, 22 Juni 2011

Lady Jane

15 November:

The fierce and feisty Lady Jane is back with her new album, “Jane Another Jane“, and it looks like she’s taking on the retro-pop feel with her title track, “Janie“!
Her newest effort combines powerful lyrics with an infectious beat that is sure to remain inside your head for a while.
Check out the music video below and remember to support by purchasing the music!
Source: allkpop

23 September:

Lady Jane, who’s also known as Simon D‘s girlfriend, has just dropped a surprise release featuring her childhood idol, Tony An!
Their duet track is called “Partner“, and it contains cute lyrics about a couple’s love and nervousness with each other. Lady Jane and Tony An’s sweet vocals resulted in a song with a lovely blend of harmonies.
“Partner” was produced by Kim Jin Hwan, who not only wrote the lyrics to the song, but composed and arranged it as well. Kim Jin Hwan is known to receive support and recognition from big-name artists like Super JuniorSNSDLee Seung Gi, and Bada.
Check out their song below!
Source: Naver - allkpop

26 July:
Singer Lady Jane flaunted her sexy, S-line body by posting a recent picture of herself gracefully posing next to gagman Kwak Hyun Hwa.

On the afternoon of July 26th, Lady Jane uploaded the photo and tweeted, “With the very elegant Hyun Hwa unnie.”
The photo displays Lady Jane wearing a summery and fashionable pink-patterned dress, while Kwang Hyun Hwa stands tall in a beautiful V-neck blue dress that had a navy blue belt-like design to complete the look.
Netizens didn’t hesitate to express their envy for their sexy S-line, as they wrote comments such as, “Their S-line isn’t a joke”, “I’m so jealous of their body”, “Their faces are pretty, but their bodies are prettier”, and “What are your tips on maintaining your body?”
Source: Star News via Daum via allkpop

22 June:

On June 22nd, indie singer Lady Jane released her new digital single, “Love Treatment“!
“Love Treatment” was composed, written, and arranged by Humming Urban Stereo’s Lee Jirin. They first met in 2006, as Lady Jane featured in Humming Urban Stereo’s second album as a guest vocalist.
The electronic pop track is an upbeat song that tells the tale of lovers misunderstanding each other.
Hip hop duo Untouchable makes a rap featuring, so check it out below!
Also remember to support by purchasing the music.
Source + Photo: OSEN via Nate via allkpop

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